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Sunday - el domingo - el diumenge pt 3

It's very late and still can't add any photographs as my camera (Señora Stevens) is downloading the 480 (yes really!) photographs and videos from today. However, thought you'd like an update.

Since last post, Miss Harper, Mrs Dixon and Señora Stevens have been in a fairy wood - El Bosc des Fades - which was such a great experience that they're going back tomorrow!

They've also visited the Barcelona Aquarium and saw lots of fish, sharks and other sealife.

Then they went to Tapa Tapa and ate some sealife (amongst other things!) before wandering back up Las Ramblas and collapsing in their rooms.

They're all still working now but need to go to bed so -


Goodnight - Buenas noches - Bona nit

Sunday - el domingo - el diumenge pt 2

Miss Harper, Mrs Dixon and Señora Stevens are currently having a short break after an action packed morning / afternoon of travelling around Barcelona.

They visited the Sagrada Familia this morning and were absolutely astounded by the beauty of the place. They were also very excited to discover some people dancing in the square outside - there was a band playing and the people just started dancing the typical Catalan dance, the Sardana. So excited in fact that they got off the bus they'd just boarded and ran to get some dancing on video.

After that, they had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon seeing more sights.

Now they've had a little rest, Miss Harper, Mrs Dixon and Señora Stevens are off to find the fairy grotto that Miss Greenwood so wanted to visit in February when she was in Barcelona with Señora Stevens, and are then going to the Aquarium (hoping noone has decided to have a party today!)

Photographs will have to follow later as ALL of the cameras have flat batteries from taking so many photographs and videos!


CCBarcelona* has had its inaugral meeting in Farggi in Plaça de Catalunya.

Can you work out which of your teachers - Miss Harper, Mrs Dixon and Señora Stevens - had which cake?



*Cake Club Barcelona ;o)

Sunday - el domingo - el diumenge

Itinerary for the day

Tour of Barcelona

Visit la Sagrada Familia (lots of steps!)

El Bosc des fades

Vell Port



And at some point we may actually eat...



Saturday - el sábado - el dissabtes

teacher on a wall

Whilst you were all having a Saturday lie in, Miss Harper and Señora Stevens were up bright and early to go shopping. Not for clothes, but for resources that can be used in our lessons at WCPS. They were very excited in several shops, especially by the tiny door to get into Imaginarium.

Then they went on a metro, a funicular train and a cable car to get to Montjuïc Castle. Señora Stevens was a bit scared on the cable car but there were wonderful views all over Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Mrs Dixon had got up early too and was on her way to Barcelona so, after Miss Harper and Señora Stevens had walked back down the very very big hill via the Olympic Stadium, the Miró museum, lots of steps and some gardens, they met Mrs Dixon back at their accommodation.

Barcelona view

They let Mrs Dixon sit down - but only for a few minutes before they were off again to investigate the Port Vell and the beach. A trip to the Aquarium was postponed until Sunday as there was a private party and they had shut half of the fish away from public view!

The day finished with dinner on a terrace overlooking the sea, underneath a sculpture of a fish. Delicious! And, after Señora Stevens' impeccable sense of direction (!) led them to the metro, they arrived at their accommodation ready for a good sleep before Sunday's adventures.





Teachers eat paella

What the travellers did next...

Friday afternoon saw Miss Harper and Señora Stevens moving house (now staying put until they come home), fighting with internet connections and then going to the zoo.

Once more Señora Stevens proved that, whilst she may be able to speak Spanish and Catalan, she is not so good at simple things like reading closing times and heading off in the right direction but they arrived in the end having walked in a circle!

Barcelona Zoo has lots of the same animals as our zoos in England but it is very different. You'll soon see all the photographs and video but one of the biggest differences was how close you could get to the animals. Worringly close sometimes!

They made very good use of their time, staying until they were asked to leave as the zoo was closing, and then went home to change before witnessing a mass demonstration in the main square, having dinner in a beautiful plaza and collapsng into bed with aching feet ready to start again on another adventure tomorrow.


Hasta la vista - Until soon - Ens veiem

Barça! Barça! Baaaarça!

Two very excited teachers set out this morning to catch the metro to Zona Universitat (once Señora Stevens had made the ticket machine work!) and visit one of the places that many of you wanted them togo - el Camp Nou. Including Mr Worth. (Note from Señora Stevens - I've bought you a present as a consolation prize!)

They spent the morning at there, looking around the museum and actually going inside the stadium - Señora Stevens was actually jumping up and down and nearly crying with excitement! They took hundreds of photographs (not an exaggeration!) and even videoed themselves. They have thought of lots of ideas of how we can link FCBarcelona and the Camp Nou into our learning - PSHE, Art, sport, languages, Community cohesion, and so on! Señora Stevens even thought of a maths challenge that would take a long time!

They've just moved home for the rest of the trip, and are off to the zoo now.

More from the intrepid travellers later!Fins ara - See you later - hasta pronto


Miss Harper and Señora Stevens turned paparazzi tonight as they discoverd that the Hugo Boss store in Barcelona was expecting some special guests.

To celebrate 30 years of the brand sponsoring McLaren, Hugo Boss had invited some famous people to the store including Pedro de la Rosa and Lewis Hamilton.

Miss Harper and Señora Stevens were so excited to have been wandering past when all the

excitement started and they stayed until they had some great shots of various people arriving and posing. They're still trying to work out who some of the people were but they did see Alex Corretja who is a tennis player and Gema Mengual who is a synchronised swimmer!

Here's Señora Stevens' shot of Lewis Hamitlon. Look how close she was!! More pictures - and a video! - when Señora Stevens and Miss Harper get back!


Hem arribat - We've arrived - Hemos llegado

picMiss Harper and Señora Stevens have arrived safely in Barcelona without getting lost!

They've found their hotel for the night, and started looking around and taking photographs to be used in resources for school.

They've also planned a very busy schedule of things to see and do over the next few days, and are hoping that Mrs Dixon is feeling energetic when she arrives!

Tomorrow they're planning on visiting the Camp Nou, the zoo and the beach (for educational purposes!) as well as two bookshops where they've been told there are some great books and resources that might make our learning even more interesting at WCPS!

Fins demà - Until tomorrow - Hasta mañana

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