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Year 5 enjoyed celebrating WBD this year and all got into the spirit by dressing up! We had a jam-packed day doing lots of activities around reading and focussing on our author, Liz Pichon (who writes the Tom Gates series of books).

We kicked off the day by joining Year 1 for some shared reading of their favourite books, followed by researching Liz Pichon and creating a fact file all about her. We then took inspiration from the Tom Gates covers to complete some symmetry work in Maths and our own 'doodles' for a book cover all about ourselves!

We also had some DREAD - Drop Everything And Read, which is always good to do!

Excellent Work (Week Beginning 6/3/17)

Sutton Observer Article

We are delighted to share with you that our Eco Team were in the Sutton Coldfield Observer this week, to celebrate being awarded the Green Flag Award! Please see the article below.

Eco team1

Eco team2

Eco team3

Litter Picking in Rectory Park

This afternoon our Eco Team went litter picking in Rectory Park!

We met Hollyfield and New Hall's Eco Teams there. Once we had introduced ourselves we learnt Hollyfield's litter picking song, which is sung to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the mountain':

If you see a piece of litter pick it up,

If you see a piece of litter pick it up,

You can make the world look greener, by picking up the litter,

If you see a piece of litter pick it up!

We then mixed with the other school's Eco Teams and collected litter from around the park. Well done to the Eco Team for a wonderful afternoon :). Thank you to Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. Hawksworth for joining us and making our visit possible.

Excellent Work (Week Beginning 27/2/17)


newsletter boy

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Little Red Languages website


Little Red Languages is a website full of amazing animated stories, songs and poems in English, French, German and Spanish, specially designed to engage the imagination of young learners and develop a lifelong interest in language learning. We are very fortunate that we have been upgraded from Sra. Stevens’ personal account to a whole school account by the owners as they’ve heard how much the children at Whitehouse Common love their language learning. 


You’ll need the user name and password to access all the songs, stories and rhymes, and this will be communicated via planners on our return after half term. if you can’t wait until then, you can view samples on the site http://www.littleredlanguages.co.uk straight away.

Whether you want to practice your Spanish reading and listening, learn some German or French by enjoying Rottkäpchen or Petit Chaperon Rouge, or simply fancy listening to a story or song in English, we think you’ll enjoy this site!

eTwinning - The Odyssey of Words

The Magic Mascots eTwinning project has already featured on the wesbite, but it's not the only project in which Whitehouse Common is particpating.

The Odyssey of Words is a project created by Linda Alexopoulou in Greece. In this project students are going to have an adventure. It is about the adventure of the words that were born in Greece, adopted into the Latin language and afterwards, travelling through time, introduced in plenty of European languages either unchanged or slightly changed. Therefore, students are going to take an interesting wander into European languages, seeking the common Greek and Latin roots of lots of words that Europeans use in their everyday lives.

6HJ enjoyed the presentation that Linda prepared about animals and their names in Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and English. We looked at the definitions and the origins of their names - did you know that chameleon is a compound word in Greek that means 'lion of the ground' and that dolphin comes from the Greek word delphis meaning 'newborn animal' and is very similar to delfis which means 'small pig of the sea'? Having discussed the etymology of some animals, they made animal masks and researched how to name them in a variety of languages as you can see below.



The next part of the project is based around mathematical language and involves a competition!


Lo que aprendimos en español - (Primavera 5 y 6 2017)

We've reached half term so it's time for another update on Spanish at Whitehouse Common!

los colores2017
Let's start in Y3 who have been working on colours this term. In their last two lessons, they studied a poem called Los Colores. It was a very cross curricular lesson with clear links to Literacy - phonics and similes - and Maths - sequencing and Venn diagrams to sort phonics - as well as Art - colour mixing. And they also showed some mental agility as they took the stroop test, made popular by Dr Kawashima's Braintraining on the NintendoDS! Bobby in 3MW is the current record holder; he was so fast that he nearly beat Sra Stevens! Having completed all these activities, thinking about the sounds and structures of the poem, they used dictionaries, glossaries and word lists to rewrite the poem in pairs. Lots of BLP skills were demonstrated as they collaborated, made links and got thoroughly absorbed in the task. Some of the poems are below; can you work out what they mean?
poem1 poem2
poem3 poem4

Secondly, Y4 have been working hard on their speaking skills, writing and performing dialogues in Spanish. They had to think back to Y3 to recycle questions they learned then as well as using their recent learning to find out about their partner's name, age, birthday and health. Once more, lots of enthusiasm was demonstrated with plenty of volunteers to perform for the class. ¡Muy bien hecho Año 4!

Finally Y6 wrapped up their unit on  Los deportes  with some extended writing. They completed a comprehension on a model text then used their exercise books and other reference materials such as dictionaries, word mats and vocabulary keyrings to draft a paragraph or two which we then discussed, corrected, added to and then polished before writing a final version. Sra Stevens is very pleased with the resilience and focus shown by many of Y6 in producing work that would be impressive at KS3.

deportes2 deportes4

Once more, Y6 demonstrated how their English literacy skills are very applicable to their Spanish (and other language!) learning. In the next article on the website, you'll find out about some work 6HJ did for one of our eTwinning projects based on etymology!

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