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Get Sporty!

We have been getting ready for the summer sporting season in Year 5!

With Area Sports just around the corner we started pracising our athletic skills: sprinting, relay, standing jump and throwing.

To add to the fun we had some time playing rounders.

wk4 1


wk4 2

wk 4 3

Rapid Recall Boards!

Rapid recall

In Maths today we got to try out the new Rapid Recall whiteboards that the PTA have bought for the school. These are a super resource to help develop arithmetic skills.

The children had a great time!

Tom's Midnight Garden


As part of our English this week we have been looking at a clsasic text, Tom's Midnight Garden. We have read a short extract from the text.

Using Box It Up, we have imitated the story, innovated it by changing the setting Tom starts in, and then finally today we have started to invent our own next chapter. Discussing what could be happening next was very exciting as the children took the story in a variety of directions (none of which are even close to the actual story). We will find out tomorrow what really happens to Tom.

Classic texts 1classic text 2


Audio Books!

Please click here to listen to some audio books! They are a great way to listen to a story together. world book day

A great way to start the day!

There's no better way to start World Book day then spending some time reading! Year 5 had the pleasure of reading a variety of text to Year 1, who were a wonderful audience.

group read 1 groupread 2


We couldn't resist getting a big group photo either! How many of our books characters can you name?

year group

Time To Celebrate!

To finish off our time in South America we created our own masks. We looked at the history of the Rio carnival, how the costumes were made and how the carnival takes a year to organised.

Understanding the scale of the event helped us to understand the importance of it to the people of Rio, and for the 500,000 people who travel there to experience it.

wk 7 4wk 7 5wk 7 6wk 7 7

 The Rio Carnival starts this weekend so look out for information and clips online!


Year 5 have dressed up in brightly coloured clothes today to celebrate carnival time for our South American topic. This fits in nicely with the Rio Carnival which starts this weekend.

We have been learning how to Samba! 

wk 7 1

Samba is a Brazilian music style of infectious rhythm. It developed as urban music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

We got out the instruments and created our own carnival parade, we even took it outside (although the weather wasn't as nice as South America).

wk 7 3

As a way of recording our day the children are creating their very own movie trailers, using IMovies. They have been taking their own photos and videos to add to their trailers. We will share our trailers with each other later in the day.

wk 7 2

Keep an eye out for further updates of our carnival activities.

Bhangra Dancing

Year 5 were luckily enough this week to recieve some Bhangra lessons.

We were told about this origins of the dance and how it is ued during all celebrations.

wk 2 2wk 2 1

An 'Out Of This World' experience!

Well, what can we say...Space Camp really was a blast - Year 5 had an awesome time! 

We feel very lucky that we get to have such an amazing opportunity to take part in something like this, and would love for you to check out the school Twitter feed (accessible on the right hand side school website homepage) to see everything we got up to!

The day after, we also enjoyed Space activities - activity packs, watching Space themed films and clips and doing some PE Astronaut training!

We really enjoyed our sharing assembly this afternoon too - thank you to everyone who was able to come along! 


Lock 'em up and throw away the key!

Year 5 had a great start to their topic this half term with a trip to Steelhouse Lane prison.


blog trip 3

On arrival, we were greeted by the officer at the processing area. We were given a quick summary of the day and then we split off into our groups.

Blog Trip 1

Finding out all about the police uniform and equipment since the prison opened as a great way to see how life has progressed, as well as giving us a chance to dress up!

blog trip 2

This tunnel led to the court house on the otherside of the road. One group got quite a surprise as they looked through the door as a guard was stood at the other end of the tunnel (the room at the end of the tunnel is still used today to hold prisoners waiting to go into the courts).


A great morning had by all and a super way to get us excited about our next topic!

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