Mexico Day 4 Colegio Esperanza

We have been made extremely welcome and been given our own room at Colegio Espenaza where we can leave our things for the day and rest... Although rest has not been possible - there is far too much to see and enjoy! Time to reflect though has been important as we have been able to discuss what we have learned and ideas to bring back to you at school. We have lots!
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The children are so welcoming,often buying us sweets at break time. They wave and greet us throughout the day making us feel almost like celebrities! There is also the Union Jack and Mexican flag displayed in school. Displays around the school also include information about the patron saints.
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We are now much more familiar with this fascinating setting. The school is built in a quad formation with the playground in the centre. There is no grass! No field! The only children who use the playground are those who are timetabled to play football. The other children sit around the outside of the quad eating their snack and chatting. We thoroughly enjoyed joining in as cheerleaders today whilst an inter - school style football match was played. We taught the children English chants and they taught us theirs.
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We have been impressed with the behaviour of the fourth graders who are the same age as our year five children. They have been learning to recognise, spell and say the names of some animals in English. They then compared these using the correct comparative language.
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The weather here is glorious... Like a scorching hot summer day in England however in Mexico they still wear trousers, jumpers and jackets!

We have visited a town called Chignahuapan which is about an hour and half drive from Santa Ana. Here we saw beautiful churches, market stalls selling handmade textile items and baubles a plenty! This small town hand makes beautiful Christmas baubles.  The Christmas tree in the centre of the square was an amazing sight to behold!

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The catholic faith is very important to many Mexicans and the churches here are beautifully ordained with statues and paintings. This huge statue of Mary with Jesus in the church we saw tonight was breathtaking.
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Another long day filled with amazing experiences and finding out so many fascinating facts about this amazing country, it's heritage and working with amazing staff and children.


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