Mexico Day 5 - Colegio Esperanza

On our third at Colegio Esperanza we continued to visit classes, joining in their English lessons and talking with them about England. It was interesting to hear what they thought about England and how they imagined British children to be. We explained that we're not all blonde with blue eyes!

Señora Stevens continued to be in demand as a breaktime cheerleader, and Miss Maugham had the children trying very hard to win one of her very special Assistant Headteacher stickers. Something interesting that we noticed was that when children did particularly good work, they received a star sticker that they then stuck on their forehead!

Our break time snack today was quesadillas, a carton of chocolate milk and hot bananas in a caramel sauce. Delicious!

Rous showed us something very exciting today; not only can you see Malinche, a dormant volcano from upstairs, you can also see Popacatépetl which is an active volcano that erupted just last week! Although she (volcanoes are all female!) didn't properly erupt today, there was smoke above her crater. Don't worry though; we're a long way off if she does decide to erupt properly!

The school day finished with a fascinating exhibition about Santa Ana Chiautempan, the town in which Colegio Esperanza is situated. There were many pictures and models of the town and surroundings through the ages as well as costumes worn at 'fería', and a very knowledgebale gentleman talked us through the history in Spanish. Eveerybody learned a lot including people who had lived in or near the town for years.

We had a busy day outside of school too. In fact, we left school mid morning to visit the local market where we saw how to make tortillas using a machine and by hand as well as viewing a wode variety of stalls. We spent the afternoon looking around Tlaxcala, eating at a very famous restaurant called Desayuno Lupita where we had quesadillas and drank agua de sandia which was delicious before going around a museum of 'artesanía' or handicrafts. 

And in the evening we visited the breathtaking Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Ocotlán, a beautiful Catholic church where Ana Gloria was married and both Rous and Ana Gloria's children were christened. The beautiful historic chapel at the back of the altar was  shut for the day, but the priest opened it up especially for us and it was stunning. And when we thought the day couldn't improve, we went to Ana Gloria's house for dinner. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Mexico. I wonder what further surprises we'll encounter?

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