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A new academic year, a new pile of application letters and another round of difficult choices, but this year's Language Leaders have been appointed and suitably 'badged up.'

So welcome to the role...

Agnes and Emilia (3CC) Charlotte and Rayna (3AP) Emilia and Maisie (4MG)  Lynn and Saanvi (4AF) Molly and Annie (5AG) Charlie and Imogen (6MW) Jesnu (6AB)

language tree opt

Have you read the thoughts of the 2018-19 Language Leaders about their role and language learning in general? They had some interesting points of view and opinions. You can read it here on the Spanish blog



Congratulations to the new Language Leaders who are now sporting their long awaited badges with pride!

Welcome to the team Joseph, Poppy, Amy, Rayaan, Sara-Louise, Natalie, Gurmukh, Aíne, Inayah, Jesnu, Lily, Rushil, Lara and Mariah.


Congratulations to our new Language Leaders who wrote some lovely letters of application and were selected after much discussion and deliberation. There were so many excellent applicants that there are 2 Language Leaders per class this year. 
Well done Skye and Annabel, Katherine and William, Evan and Kai, Alys and Ruby, Summar and Olivia, Thea and Maahi, Zaisha and Everneisha, Hannah and Elliot, and Louise and Riley.

The first two items on our agenda this year are Language Bags, and Deutschklub.


Following the success of the Language Leaders last year, a new school year brought a new round of applications. Once again all KS2 pupils were invited to apply for the post by submitting a letter explaining why they wanted the position and what they felt they could offer.

This year, the outgoing Language Leaders were involved in the selection of their successors. Following their deliberations (which were long and detailed including some interviews when they weren't sure who to choose) at least one Language Leader was appointed for each class with a few having two.

So congratulations to Scarlett, Roman, Beau and Tia, Hollie, Sofia and Kirstie, Olivia and Amsa, Maddie, Rohan and Freddie and Josh and Yousaf, the Whitehouse Common Language Leaders 2016-17.



In September, all KS2 pupils were invited to apply for the post of Language Leader by submitting a letter explaining why they wanted the position and what they felt they could offer.

Most classes have one Language Leader with Y3 classes having two each.


Year 3 and 4 Language Leaders - Daisy, Sofia, Charlie, Giorgiana, Isabelle, Sebastian, Ruby, Freya
Lang Lead 34 website opt


Year 5 and 6 Language Leaders - Joshua, Yousaf, Rohan, Reinart, Kayron

LangLead56 opt

We also have a ‘Special Language Squad’ who are called into action on special events such as the Connecting Classrooms visit from Colegio Esperanza.


'Special Language Squad' - years 3 and 4 - Jonathan, Jaya, Jiya, Holly and Bel
Specilal squad 34 opt

The Language Leaders meet every fortnight to discuss how they can promote and encourage languages at Whitehouse Common and support Spanish learning. In discussion with Señora Stevens, they have begun to consider their role which will be developed into a "job description."

They began by drawing up this mind map of ideas:

language laeder mindmap


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