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This week we were really lucky to have a visit from a lady called Lucy who works for a charity called the RSPB. We were considering how our school grounds are an excellent habitat for a lot of wildlife, and how we could possibly improve the habitats for the creatures who live there.

We used special equipment and techniques to carefully collect a range of minibeasts.

obseving carefully

Our special pots had a magnifyer on the top so that we could see lots of detail and, with the help of an identification sheet, we were able to name the minibeasts we found.

slugs small

Lucy showed us some really good places where we would find lots of minibeasts... There were lots of Leopard slugs under this slab!

minibeast house small

Of course we already have an excellent "Minibeast hotel!"

After spreading out a white sheet, Lucy shook a tree and we found that many minibeasts dropped down and we could see them easily!

caterpillars small

We learned such a lot about the minibeasts that our school grounds provide a habitat for. We will keep looking!

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