Day Six -Lunes/Monday

This morning I awoke to the sound of torrential rain, thunder and lightening. The rain continued on and off all day. We spent the majority of the day continuing our course at the university, looking at reflexive verbs and how best to teach the importance of pronunciation.



Lunch was a feast of various different Basque tapas dishes shared with some of the other teachers from the group.


For me, the highlight of the trip so far was this evening when we visited Casa Batlló. This is one of the houses designed by Gaudi. It was absolutely fabulous and I’m amazed how modern a building that was rebuilt between 1898 and 1906 can be. Locals know Casa Batlló as ‘Casa dels ossos’ (House of dragons) or ‘Casa del drac’ (House of the dragon).


Everything swirls and the internal light wells shimmer with tiles of deep blue sea. Gaudi eschewed the straight line and the staircase wafts you up to the top of the building. As I’m writing this blog, three hours after my visit, I’m still blown away by how magical the house is. I’d definitely recommend anyone lucky enough to be visiting Barcelona to go and see it for themselves!




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