Terrific Tamworth

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As part of our 'Reign Over Me' topic, Year 4 ventured outside of Whitehouse Common to visit one of the countries few, intact, motte and bailey castles. Upon arriving at Tamworth Castle the children took part in three workshops: 

  • running of a Tudor household
  • artefacts and relics
  • self-led tour of the castle throughout the ages

The pupils had the opportunity to dress as the Tudors did, to set a dining table for Lady Ferris and look into what the Ferris family would have eaten. The artefacts workshop allowed us to look at the cutlery they would have used, how the Tudors learnt in school, their daily routines and how all of this shaped our lives today.

The self-led tour gave us time to explore and take charge of our own learning. The castle has many rooms, all of which have been set up to represent different periods that the castle has survived through.

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