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Hi All

We have have enjoyed finding out about how people keep us safe. We loved dressing up as doctor's. nurses and using the medical equipment in our role plays. We were lucky to have a a vist from Nurse Elizabeth. Nurse Julie and in the afternoon Nurse Becky who looks after newborn babies. The aght us so much about their important jobs.

nurse amnurse pm


This week Captain Conjecture has been helping us with out counting, shapes and problem solving. We loved finding out how many cubes tall his space rocket was and working as a team to decorate and picture of him. Many of us built a space shaip for some of his friends with the lego.

countingcapt con space rocketspaceship

Enjoy half term break.

See you all on Monday 5th Jun,  we look forward to seeing Captian conjectures spacerocket designs. 

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