Living Things around our Nursery

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We have had such fun in our first two weeks of finding out about Living Things. We have enjoyed finding out about the parts of a plant, planting our own sunflower seed, finding out how to look after it and watching it grow. The shoots have already come out. I wonder who's will be the tallest? We also collected plants and natural materials to make our own sculptures and patterns.

plantssun fictcountingartart1 art2patterns

Mini beasts has been a favourite too. We loved hunting for minibeasts in Abigail's Garden with our maginifying glasses and making a model of our favourite mini beast out of clay. Digging for worms was also very popular!

minimini bclayworms


Nursery is closed Wednesday 21st June and Friday 23rd June

The Nursery trip is on Friday 23rd June. Information letter going  home on Monday.

Sports day - Thursday 22nd 11am -11:30am and 2:40pm -3:10pm.


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