Igniting our Excitement for the Great Fire of London!

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We've had another fantastic week in Year 2. 

Our favourite day was Wednesday. Half way through our handwriting lesson Mr. Vickers and Miss. Hughes told us to go and get our coats... We wandered down the path and saw an enormous fire engine! Photo 08 11 2017 10 08 17 1

Blue Watch from the Sutton Coldfield Fire Service had come to visit us to start our new topic, the Great Fire of London! They told us all about the different parts of the fire engine, and how the fire service differed during the Great Fire.

Photo 08 11 2017 10 12 40Photo 08 11 2017 10 09 26Photo 08 11 2017 10 09 48Photo 08 11 2017 10 12 40

Because we were so well behaved, the firefighters allowed us to use the hose at the end! We each got a go to spray up in the air! 

Photo 08 11 2017 10 25 13 min

All the teachers and children would like to send a massive thanks to the Sutton Coldfield Fire Service for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide us with this memorable experience. 

Thansk for visiting, 

The Year 2 Team

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