A Blast from the Past!

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This week in Year 1, we were very lucky to have a visitor to help us with our topic work.

Toy visit 1

Jack's grandma came to see us and shared some toys from her childhood. She told us all about toys from the past and we shared the things that we noticed about how the toys were different from the toys we have today.

We looked at different dolls, a football game and books and puzzles from the past.

Toy visit 2   Toy visit 3   Toy visit 4

Toy visit 5        Toy visit 6

It helped us to understand more about how toys have changed over time and it gave us the chance to ask questions.

We can really see now how both artefacts and people can help us when we want to find out about the past.

We look forward to using and applying the things we learnt in our written work over the next few weeks.


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