Christmas is Coming!

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Today in Year 2 the most peculiar thing happened...

Mrs. Dodd delivered a special parcel to both of our classes, addressed from the North Pole! 

Photo 01 12 2017 10 52 45 1

We eagerly waited whilst Mr. Vickers and Miss. Hughes opened them up, revealing two mischievous elves!

They also contained a sealed letter, explaining who they were! The elves had been sent by Father Chirstmas! We needed to give them a name to activate the magic...

2JV chose "Elfred" and 2KH chose "Henrietta"! 

Here they are!

Photo 01 12 2017 15 29 23Photo 01 12 2017 13 56 39

I wonder what mischief they will get up to over the following weeks...

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The Year 2 Team

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