Getting Creative in Week 1

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For our first week back after the Christmas holiday, we enjoyed completing our next Art in a Day project and designing and making puppets using our design and technology skills.


Our Art in a Day was based on the work of Joan Miro, a Catalan artist who created work in the Surrealist style. We had great fun making printing templates using a range of resources and then using these to make Miro inspired prints which we then worked on top of with crayon and wooden shapes.

Art print 1    Art print 2

Art print 3

As part of our work, we described and evaluated some of the work of Miro as well which helped us to continue devloping our art vocabulary.

For DT, we designed puppets and then built them using a variety of materials. We decorated the puppets following our designs and used our skills to make sure that our final designs were neat, bright and moved effectively.

Puppet 1  Puppet 2  

Puppet 3   Puppet 4

Puppet 5   Puppet 6

Puppet 7   Puppet 8


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