Our New Friends and Transport!

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Hi All,

A big welcome to our new families to the Whitehouse Common Nursery blog please scroll through to read about and see some of the fun activities we have been doing through out the year. We have tried really hard to make our new friends feel very welcome and have been showing them daily our rules and routines. 

new 1new 3new 4new 5new 6new 7new 8

We have also been having lots of fun on our new theme -'Travel and Transport'....

Shapes on planes, ships, trains and cars.

shape vehicleships

Parking the cars in the correct bay - counting sets and finding the matching numeral.

A traffic jam in the blue tray.. How many?

car numberstraffic jam

Traffic light biscuits were a big hit.

tltl 2

We have been doing a lot of investigating ...

How do hot air balloons work? Mrs Edmunds showed us when air gets hot it expands and rises using a balloon a bottle full of air and hot kettle water.  And they are so pretty.

balloons 3balloons2balloons

Emergency vehicles and uniforms have reflective materials on them.Which material is the most reflective? We went in the dark den with our torches to find out...being a scientist is such fun!

torchesrorches 2

Our new Train Station role play has been very popular. Where are going today Freddy? "Barbados!"

train rp

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