A week to feel both mindful and inspired!

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This week we had our Inspire workshop in which we shared, with parents and visitors, the different ways we learn to read. We showed them our phonics skills (including our celebrations - do you know The Elvis? The Ketchup Clap? The Firework?) and we shared the ways in which we develop our comprehension skills through; reading pictures, Big Reading and through wringing out the text.

It was a lovely opportunity to work with our parents and to showcase all the brilliant progress we are making through our learning in class.

Inspire workshop 1    Inspire workshop 2   Inspire workshop 6

Inspire workshop 3  Inspire workshop 4

Inspire workshop 5


This week has also been Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. To mark this important event, we have enjoyed a 10 minute mindfulness activity each day after lunch to help us relax, focus and appreciate our surroundings. We have linked these to our senses and we especially enjoyed going on a Rainbow Walk to notice all the colours of the rainbow in the world around us.

As part of the week we also enjoyed a yoga session in our PE lesson and we talked about worries in our PSHE lesson, creating worry jars for our classrooms to help us cope with and address any worries we might have.

Yoga 1  Yoga 2  Yoga 3

It has been an interesting (and busy!) week but we can now use our mindfulness techniques and our balloon breathign to help us wind down and relax over the weekend!


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