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In the first week back this term, we enjoyed a trip to West Midlands Safari Park. This was to launch our new topic of dinosaurs. We took a tour around The Land of the Living Dinosaurs to see life-size models of some of creatures which would have roamed the earth millions of years ago. It was fascinating! The models allowed us to understand what they different dinosaurs would have looked like and our brilliany guides shared lots of facts about what the different species ate and some of their individual characteristics. We also saw some real fossils which have given clues to archeaologists about the past.

Dino 1  Dino 2

Dino 3  Dino 4

Dino 5  Dino 6

Dino 7  Dino 8

Dino 9  Dino 10

Dino 11

In the afternoon, our learning continued as we used some equipment in the Safari Academy to become fossil hunters ourselves. We dug fossils from beneath the sand and then had to identify what the fossils were. This helped us to understand about how real life objects buried over many years can bring the past alive and teach us about it today.

Fossil 1  Fossil 2

Fossil 3

In the academy we reflected on some of our learning about the dinosaurs and used the facts we could remember to answer questions - we learnt such a lot! It was great! We look forward to using all of this learning in more activities back in school as we conctinue with our topic work.

Finally, we also were lucky enough to have the chance to get a closer look at some of the insects which are kept at the Safari Park (a millipede and a stick insect). Some of us were even brave enough to touch them!

Stick insect  Millipede

What a truly memorable day out we had.....we are now well equipped for even more dinosaur discoveries!

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