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dragons den

We had a bit of a challenge recently in Year 1, when we had to come up with a innovative new product to sell in our school shop later this term. We had to think about a great product and then pitch the idea to Mrs Allen and Mrs Millward in our very own Dragon's Den. We were thrilled to be successful! After explaining our costs and the profit which we think we can make, the dragons agreed to invest in our business! Be sure to come along to the school shop and treat yourself to one of our very special Glitz Glitter Globes - you'll not regret it!

As part of our work around business enterprise, we also enjoyed lots of maths activities linked to money. We used our counting and calculating skills to solve a range of mathematical problems. We delved into our maths resources boxes to help us using both coins and counters or cubes to represent numbers and amounts of money. We had a lot of fun!

Coins 1  Coins 3

Coins 2  Money problem 1

Money Problem 2

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