Year Four Remembrance Day

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This Sunday is Remembrance Day and in Year Four we have been learning about World War One. We have been learning about the recruitment process and how all of the posters used propaganda to encourage men to sign up for the war. We discussed what propaganda posters were used for in World War One and we found out that they were used to; recruit men to join the arm, recruit women to work in the factories and in the Women’s Land Army, encourage people to save food and not to waste it and keep morale high and encourage people to buy government bonds.

We discussed how men were made to feel unmanly and cowardly for staying at home and how women were encouraged to pressurise their husbands, boyfriends, sons and brothers to join up. We looked at different propaganda posters and spoke about how they made us feel now and how we think it would have made us feel if we were women and men living during World War One.

We made our own propaganda posters, here are a few examples below!


IMG 0094IMG 0093

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