100 years - Lest We Forget

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Poppy title

Last week we took part in a range of activities centred around Remembrance Day and we focused on the meaning and symbolism of the poppy.

We planted poppy seeds in the school grounds and hope that we will see them grow in the summer and spread across the school site as a part of our outdoor learning environment and as a reminder of the learning that we have done.

P1240547  P1240554

We learnt about the origin of the poppy as part of Remembrance Day, found out how poppies sold for Remebrance Day are made and watched an animation to help us understand its significance.

As part of our activities, we wrote on our simple Poppy poems and created artwork of poppies including a small installation inspired byt the display at The Tower of London in 2014.

P1240568 P1240574

P1240589  P1240585

We were very proud of the work that we produced and it helped us to reflect on a key part of the history fo our country.

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