Autumn Term Spanish exploits!

spanishAt the end of the Autumn Term it seems right to look back and share some of the highlights of our Spanish learning.

Year 3 have begun their formal learning of Spanish with great enthusiasm, demonstrating that they already know some Spanish and that they are ready to learn more. They're brilliant at answering questions about themselves,  love speaking games including Find your partner, and our catching skills are improving as the squishy ball comes out most lessons to help us take turns! Taking part in rhymes and stories has also been a hit, and in the lad up to Christmas they enjoyed acting out the story of El Pequeño Petirrojo as you can see below!


Year 4 began the year comparing the days of the week in other languages and using the story La Oruga Muy Hambrienta to learn the days of the week and revise opinions. They then changed the caterpillar to a monster and wrote the story of El Monstruo Hambriento using a bilingual dictionary to find out suitable vocabulary for a mosnter to eat - very imaginative ideas they had too! They are now confident to write the date in Spanish and Señora Stevens will be looking for this in their books from now onwards!

Year 5 have focussed on talking about families, imaginary and real, and wrote some wonderful descriptions of families using singular and plural verb forms. They also enjoyed the story of El Nabo Enorme, using Talk for Writing to memorise it and then rewriting it with their own vegetable and characters. They also enjoyed acting it out with props - some budding thespians were certainly discovered!

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Year 6 have worked on talking about sports this term and they concluded the term by writing a letter about their sporting likes and dislikes as well as those of friends and family, presenting it on a Lego person. Photos of that to follow as they're not quite finished..

And we mustn't forget KS1 where the chidlren ahve also been learning some Spanish, and it's not just the children who have been learning as you can see below!


Looking forward the Spring Term, we're very excited that we will be having visitors from Spain in March and will have an opportunity to show off our Spanish skills!

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