Black Lives Matter

Over the past few weeks our children will have seen and heard a lot in the news about the events in the USA and around the world following the death of George Floyd.

The children at Whitehouse Common have always been very aware of events in the world through our daily watching of ‘Newsround’. We uphold the belief that there are ‘No Outsiders’ at our school, that none of us should be bystanders and all of the
children are encouraged to be socially aware. 

I have always been very proud of all our children who stand up for what is right and who have shown that they want to make a difference. I am sure that your children are asking you questions about what is happening in the world and will be thinking deeply about what they should or can do.

To support this, you will find below links to a key stage 1 and a key stage 2 lesson that may help you in explaining and discussing the death of George Floyd and how this has developed into protests. Please have a look through the lessons to decide which
one you feel is most appropriate to your child. There is also a covering letter from the group that has written the lessons and a survey that your child can take part in if you wish.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


Dear Teachers/Parents/Carers,

Here at VotesforSchools, we strive to promote equality and celebrate diversity in all its forms. With this in mind, we have made the decision to discuss the topic of racism this week in our KS2 lesson, to reflect the ongoing events across the world in
response to George Floyd’s death.

The lesson explores the impact of systemic racism & the changes the current Black Lives Matter protests hope to prompt. We focus primarily on the USA, particularly on the role of protesting, social media, and Government response. While these are
serious themes, please rest assured we introduce students to them in an ageappropriate way. They will also be provided with ways that they can safely take a stand through our Call to Action, so we hope they feel empowered to make
themselves heard.

We are keen to stress that we too still have much to learn about the true extent of these issues, but hope that we have provided voters with a good grounding in what is happening and why things need to change. While it may not be a subject that pupils have looked at in depth before, we believe it to be a necessary conversation. Whether it is in the classroom or at home, we hope
that the topic will prompt interesting, insightful, and impassioned discussion. We look forward to hearing what our young people have to say on this vital topic.

Best wishes,

The VotesforSchools Team

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