Our Greek partners share a Spring tradition.

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Monday was the first day of Lent for the Greeks  (7 weeks before Easter Sunday). 

They sent this message about how they celebrate: 
“Traditionally we make a calendar out of dough which helps us count the weeks to Easter. It has the shape of a woman who is praying and each foot stands for one week of the Lent.  It is not edible because it contains too much salt that is used as a preservative.
Here is the recipe and some more information about the Greek Lenten calendar!
 Some teachers create calendars made of dough especially with young learners taking their first steps in arithmetic in order to count the weeks towards a special day for them, for instance their birthday. They can take the form of anything including an animal or an umbrella.  It can be very useful especially for very young children who have started to understand the notion of time.”
We've discovered that each week, 'Mrs Lent' loses a leg until the last week when the leg is removed on Easter Saturday and placed in the special bread made for Easter Sunday. On that day, if you receive the leg in your piece of the bread, it brings you good luck. This is similar to the lucky sixpence in the Christmas pudding, or the fève in the galette de rois in France , a Dreikönigskuchen in Germany or Switzerland and a roscon de Reyes in Spain.  

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