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Whitehouse Common is an Eco School. We follow the Eco Schools’ programme to give our pupils a wider understanding of the world and the environment we all share. Eco Schools is an international organisation operating in over 50 countries, encouraging and educating children to be environmentally aware. In the UK, Eco Schools is overseen by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation.

There are nine topics that form the structure of the programme: Energy; Litter; Water; Waste; Healthy Living; School Grounds; Transport; Biodiversity; Global Perspective.

We have been following the Eco Schools programme since 2009, gaining our Bronze and Silver award, culminating in being awarded Green Flag Status in 2012. In July 2014 we successfully renewed our Green Flag Award. The school continues to develop its Eco work, spearheaded by the Eco Team. We hope you find our page interesting.


Eco Team mins 27 Jan 2015

The Eco Team brought their research on trees to the meeting. When all the assignments had been read out to everyone a clear picture of the importance of trees emerged.

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Eco Minutes of Meeting 13 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone. It was great to see the Eco Team back and raring to go!.

This half term we are taking part in an Eco Schools project. The subject is the Importance of Trees.

We have over 250 trees in the school grounds including our magnificent Oak which has been professionally aged at 300 years old!

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Results of Energy Saver Month

Following our efforts to reduce our energy usage,

Mrs Hawksworth has contacted our energy supplier directly for an accurate reading of our electricity usage.

We are delighted to report that for :

The Oaks building we have made a reduction of 505 Kilowatt hours

The Acorns building we have made a reduction of 693 Kilowatt hours.

Making a total reduction of 1,198 Kilowatt hours!!

Well done everyone.  In addition to making sure that lights are not left on, appliances are turned off when not in use,doors are kept closed to keep the heat in, our new thermostats have allowed the classrooms to control their own temperature.


We shall continue to build on this success to reduce our carbon emmissions and become more environmentally friendly.

school electricity

Minutes 25 November 2014

Energy saving month continues as the cold starts to take a hold. We have liaised with our energy provider who has given an electricity usage for November 2013 and will supply the accurate reading for November 2014.

In the meantime classes have been working hard to be Eco friendly. Mr Horne has awarded our Energy Savers certificate to The Nursery, 2VT and 4AH in recognition of the way they consistently leave their classroom with appliances turned off, lights off door closed etc.

In addition 2VT as best class in the school overall were awarded Snowy our Polar Bear Energy Mascot to keep until next half term Well done 2VT!!      electric meter


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Eco Team Agenda 25 November 2014

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 November 2014 to view the agenda please click here. agenda icon


We shall be reading the meters to check on our progress and award our energy saver certificates to the most energy saving class in each Key Stage.

Energy Assembly and Minutes

This Month is Energy Saving Month as chosen by Eco Schools. So Schools across the country and across the world are focusing on saving energy(or at least not wasting energy) For November 2014.

The Eco Team gave an assembly to the whole school about energy saving month so everyone is aware and working towards our objective of using less energy this month compared with last year.

Rohan and Sharon our Yr5 Eco Team members produced an impressive powerpoint presentation which formed the basis of our assembly , and helped enormously in getting our message across. Well done to Rohan and Sharon To view their presentation

Please click here      energy savers award 1280x960 1280x960

The minutes of the meeting held on 4/11/14 just before our assembly is written here. If you wish to view

please click here

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Agenda for 4 November 2014

To read the Agenda for our first meeting after the half term please click hereagenda icon

Eco Team Minutes 14 October 2014

In this meeting we are discussing Energy Month November and how we are going to launch it in the school.

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New Eco Code

We asked the school if they would like to keep or change the current Eco Code which is posted in each class and throughout the school. The children voted to change the code and lots of new designs were submitted to the Eco Team.

After careful consideration4 designs were chosen. These designs came from children in 5JM  and 3CR .  It was decided that we should create our new Eco Code by   merging these the 4 designs


eco code sm

Hedgehog Rescue!

Hedgehog rescueOn Wednesday Morning Mrs Tarver and Miss Maltby rescued an injured hedgehog that was lying underneath one of the cars in the main car park. It looks as though it has hurt its hind leg.

The Hedgehog was carefully placed in a cardboard box, wrapped up and Mrs Hawksworth put her insulated cup in as a hot water bottle.

Mr Tarver came and took the casualty to Hedgehog hospital.

So everyone, please be on the look out and alert to hedgehogs that are moving slowly about especially in the early morning so we can  avoid accidents.

Agenda for 7 October 2014

Here is our agenda for our next meeting. We will be looking at energy and how we can save it.

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