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Whitehouse Common is an Eco School. We follow the Eco Schools’ programme to give our pupils a wider understanding of the world and the environment we all share. Eco Schools is an international organisation operating in over 50 countries, encouraging and educating children to be environmentally aware. In the UK, Eco Schools is overseen by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation.

There are nine topics that form the structure of the programme: Energy; Litter; Water; Waste; Healthy Living; School Grounds; Transport; Biodiversity; Global Perspective.

We have been following the Eco Schools programme since 2009, gaining our Bronze and Silver award, culminating in being awarded Green Flag Status in 2012. In July 2014 we successfully renewed our Green Flag Award. The school continues to develop its Eco work, spearheaded by the Eco Team. We hope you find our page interesting.


Minutes of the meeting held 30 September 2014

Our meeting this week was all about choosing a new Eco Code, however we did find time to pick some juicy strawberries and raspberries and saved lots of sweet pea seeds to sow next year.

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This is our current Eco Code:


Eco Code 2013

The Eco Team are asking the whole school to review the current Eco Code. Does it reflect our ethos and aims? If the school decides to change our Eco Code we will be deciding on the new design chosen from the selection of designs submitted bythe classes at our next meeting.

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The Pond

This year, Yr 1 will be studying the pond through the seasons. On our first visit we met one of the many inhabitants. We have also spotted a baby newt basking in the shallows but it was too quick for the camera!

P1020547 - Copy

P1020539 - Copy resized

Agenda for 16 September 2014

The Eco Team will be meeting on Tuesday 16 September 2014 at 13:40 which is straight after lunch for our KS2 pupils. Mrs Hawksworth will collect our Yr1 and Yr 2 members from their classrooms.


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Eco Team meeting 9 September 2014

It was great to meet the new members of the Eco Team this week. Our first meeting was about introducing ourselves to each other and learning how to look on this web page for information. We are learning to use words such as agenda and minutes so we will become confident at running our meetings along professional lines.

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At our next meeting we will be looking at our action plan drawn up in May 2014.


Agenda for 9 September 2014

I am looking forward to meeting our new Eco Team members for this year.

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Our Yr 5 Eco Team members are carrying on so they will be able to show everyone the ropes.

Our first meeting is on Tuesday 9 September straight after the KS2 lunch break.  To look at the agenda

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Building on the success of last year I am sure we will have a very exciting and productive year.

Mrs Hawksworth

Eco Team Leader

Green Flag Certificate and Assessment

We are delighted to receive our Green Flag Assessment, our certificate and of course our Green Flag. Michael Bevington joined us in celebrating our success when he came to the school to present the Abigail Bevington Awards.


The Assessors comments are written below

 SDC12495 - Copy  scan0005 - Copy  eco-schools rgb - Copy

Dear Mrs Hawksworth

Following your recent green flag assessment I am pleased to confirm that you have been awarded your Green Flag.

I would like to congratulate you for all for the time and effort that has been invested in environmental education at your school. Your award is well deserved and reflects the hard work you have put into the programme so far.

The assessor wanted us to pass on some suggestions which may help strengthen your Eco-Schools work in the future:

There were no suggestions from the Assessor.

Assessor's Comments:

"The school and in particular the Eco-Team have a very positive and proactive approach to eco issues and projects that they are involved in. I was particularly impressed with the level of communication that the Eco-Team have with the use of various media to cascade information (newsletters, assemblies, website). They are also very responsive to feedback and seek the ideas and opinions of fellow pupils. They also regularly report to parents and School Governors. They have produced an Eco page on the school website that is very easy to understand but at the same time very informative. During my visit I was made very aware of the enthusiasm and knowledge that the pupils and Eco-Team share for finding out and tackling environmental issues. The Eco-Team is a credit to the school. The school is very well kept and it is evident that there is a great deal of pride in the school, the way it looks and their attitude to the environment and community around them".

Eco Team Agenda 8 July 2014

This is the last meeting of the year. We shall be discussing the Eco Green Flag success and getting ready to present to the Full Governing Body meeting on the 9 July 2014.

To view the agenda [please click here]

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Eco Schools Inspection Success!!

On Tuesday 1 July 2014 an Inspector(Mr Sutherland) from Eco Schools came to the school to meet with the Eco Team and assess our application to renew our prestigious Green Flag Award.

Our Eco Team welcomed Mr Sutherland and gave him the Grand Tour of the school. At every point of interest a member of the team was able to talk to Mr Sutherland about all our Eco work. He was informed about the garden plots, the leaf mould, the compost, the solar panels, paper recycling, battery recycling, litter picking, and much much more. We finished our tour at the pond edgewhere lots of frogs jumped and swam about!

After further discussions with Mrs Allen, Mrs Sawbridge and Mr Horne we left Mr Sutherland to look at our evidence and of course this web page.

Normal procedure is that Mr Sutherland submits his report to Eco Schools who write to the school about the judgement in a few days time.

However, he was so impressed with the children, their in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm shone through. It was very clear that we have a whole school approach and that ethos is firmly embeded. On hearing his report, Eco Schools took the unusual step of phoning the school straight away to officially say we had passed with flying colours!!

So Well done everyone in the entire school. We can continue to call ourselves an Eco Green Flag School with pride

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the children were an absolute credit to the school. They answered all Mr Sutherland's questions before he asked them.  Absolutely brilliant!

P1020524 800x600 green flag

Eco Team mins 24 June 2014

3701740-minutes icon

The Eco Team is preparing for our Green Flag Inspection on Tuesday 1st July 2014. This is a very important day for us and we hope that the eco ethos of the school shines through and is rewarded with our Green Flag status being renewed.

Many thanks to our Eco Team members who attended the New Reception Parents Evening to give out the water bottles. This was greatly appreciated by both the parents and the staff. Well done! 

If you would like to read the minutes of the Eco meeting please click here

Eco Team Agenda 24 June 2014

To view the agenda for the next Eco Team meeting please click here

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