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Whitehouse Common is an Eco School. We follow the Eco Schools’ programme to give our pupils a wider understanding of the world and the environment we all share. Eco Schools is an international organisation operating in over 50 countries, encouraging and educating children to be environmentally aware. In the UK, Eco Schools is overseen by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation.

There are nine topics that form the structure of the programme: Energy; Litter; Water; Waste; Healthy Living; School Grounds; Transport; Biodiversity; Global Perspective.

We have been following the Eco Schools programme since 2009, gaining our Bronze and Silver award, culminating in being awarded Green Flag Status in 2012. In July 2014 we successfully renewed our Green Flag Award. The school continues to develop its Eco work, spearheaded by the Eco Team. We hope you find our page interesting.


10 New Balance Bikes

As part of our ongoing partnership with Sustrans, Mrs Goode attended a Balancability course.After Easter we plan to run Ditch the Stabiliser courses for all those young riders who would like to get rid of their stabilisers. To support this we have been given 10 new balance bikes isnt that wonderful? Here is Rachel our Bike It Officer assembling them in readines for Reception and Nursery to use.

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 P1020164 - Copy  P1020168 - Copy

Bird Watch, Minutes and Agenda for 11 February 2014

Well done to everyone for braving the cold this week tom carry out the bird watch. Unfortunately not many birds showed themselves, however we did spot a magpie building its nest in a tree by the Yr 2 classrooms.

On Monday 3 February and Tuesday 4 February we shall be doing the assembly. We shall be presenting the energy savers certificates for KS2, KS1 and Foundation stage. We shall also be awarding Snowy the Polar Bear to the best energy saving class in the school to keep until Easter.

To read our minutes of our meeting on 28 January {please click here}

To look at the agenda for our next meeting {please click here} Next meeting it back working hard again on our environmental review.

Minutes of our meeting 14 January 2014



Dear Eco Team and Readers

Thank you Izzy for writing these minutes. To read them please click here

At the last Health and Safety meeting the Governors approved an energy policy based on recommendations from the Carbon Trust. This will also be shared with the Full Governing Body for their approval. So keep energy saving.

Agenda for 28 January 2014

agenda iconDear Eco Team and Readers

Well done for your hard work last meeting on our Environmental Review. It is not yet complete so we will continue working on it in February.

Next meeting we will be carrying out our birdwatch, so take a little time to look at your bird books and see if you can identify some garden birds that we may see.

For a look at the next agenda please click here

Mrs Hawksworth


The Environmental Review

Dear Eco Team

This is the questionnaire i talked about , please have a look and see if you can answer any of the questions. click here

I look forward to hearing your answers at our next meeting

Mrs Hawksworth

Happy New Year Our Work Continues!

Dear Eco Team and Readers

Happy New Year to everyone. We have alot of work to do this term, some lots of fun, some bits will be hard and will need your effort and concentration but it will be worth it!

Our mission this Spring is to renew our Eco School Green Flag Award. Our first task this term is to carry out an environmental review. This is basically a questionnaire that we will answer together. If there are activities we need to do and are not yet doing we can put them on a list and make an action plan.

I shall be posting the questionnaire on this page for you to look at and putting a copy on the Eco Team notice boards.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 14 January 2014 usual time straight after lunch click here for the agenda. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Mrs Hawksworth

Eco Buzz Autumn Term 2013

eco beeWell done to the Eco Team for putting together some superb articles for our Eco Buzz, they certainly reflect the committed work carried out across the school.

To read the Eco Buzz [please click here]

I look forward to our meeting in the New Year which will take place on Tuesday 14 January. 2014.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Mrs Hawksworth

Eco Team Agenda 3 December 2013

This meeting we will recap on what we have achieved this term and use the ICT suite to create our end of term newsletter known as the Eco Buzz.

To read the agenda [please click here]

Minutes of Eco Team Meeting 19 November 2013

Wasn't it great to welcome Hollyfield Eco Council to our school last week. They have sent us some lovely thank you letters. We have asked everyone to send in their used stamps to help Hollyfield raise money for the RNIB. Lots of stamps have come in already which is great.

To read the minutes of the last meeting click here

Look for the agenda for next meeting on Tuesday 3 December 2013

Meeting with Hollyfield Eco Council

On Tuesday 19 November our Eco Team were delighted to welcome the Eco Council from Hollyfield Primary School. It was lovely to meet them and hear all about their projects they are focusing on this year.  Currently they are concentrating on saving used stamps to raise funds for the RNIB Royal National Institute for the Blind.  We have been invited to join forces and save stamps as well. We will give them our stamps in the New Year so please everyone, as your christmas cards come in save the stamps and bring them in!.

Here are some photos of the visit.



resizes 2

P1020129 - Copy

Agenda for 19 November 2013

Dear Eco Team and readers

We are very excited to be welcoming the Eco Council from Hollyfield Primary School next week. Have a look at the agenda for next and Eco Team members please note you will need your lunch early, we shall collect  Hollyfield Eco Council at the Acorns entrance then we are meeting in the Acorns 2HB Classroom at 13:15. Please click here.

Keep up the good work everyone. Hopefully our clothing collection will earn enough to buy bird food for this winter.

Mrs Hawksworth

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