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Whitehouse Common is an Eco School. We follow the Eco Schools’ programme to give our pupils a wider understanding of the world and the environment we all share. Eco Schools is an international organisation operating in over 50 countries, encouraging and educating children to be environmentally aware. In the UK, Eco Schools is overseen by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation.

There are nine topics that form the structure of the programme: Energy; Litter; Water; Waste; Healthy Living; School Grounds; Transport; Biodiversity; Global Perspective.

We have been following the Eco Schools programme since 2009, gaining our Bronze and Silver award, culminating in being awarded Green Flag Status in 2012. In July 2014 we successfully renewed our Green Flag Award. The school continues to develop its Eco work, spearheaded by the Eco Team. We hope you find our page interesting.


Energy Savers Award

Congratulations to 3KP, 2MW and RG for being awarded the Energy Savers certificate. Mr Horne awards this to the class in each Key Stage that are the most consistent at leaving  their classroom with the lights off, computers and electronic equipment switched off during and at the end of the school day.


A special well done goes to 2MW. In recognition of their on-going enery efficiency they have been given Snowy the Polar Bear to look after until half term. Here our Eco Team member is giving 2MW their certificate and Snowy!



Eco Team Minutes 08/01/2013

 Here are the minutes of the meeting on 8 January 2013, they were written by Rebecca, well done Rebecca!

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The Eco Team meet John Gavin to discuss the pond

John Gavin is our Schools Safety Officer. On Monday 14 January 2013 he met the KS2 members of the Eco Team to look at the safety aspects of putting in a pond. 

The main concern is to ensure that unaccompanied toddlers cannot access the area, so upgrading thefencing and gates is the most important thing to do. We plan to have new gates that do not have any foot holds so toddlers cannot climb over, and that they fit close to the ground so they cannot wriggle under!


Here are some pictures, the one above demonstrates how big the pond will be.



Agenda 22 January 2013

Click here to see the agenda for 22 January 2013.

Solar Panel Pictures

These pictures were taken by the workmen who installed our solar panels. There are 116 solar panels!

The blue boxes are where the direct current is converted to alternative current . The energy produced is used by the school first before we have to use the National Grid.

solar1 solar2
solar3 solar4


Eco Team Agenda 8 Jan 2013

The Eco Team will be meeting first Tuesday in the new year and we are going to try to go paperless!!

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Eco Team Minutes 11 December 2012

Eco-Team-LogoHere are the Eco Team minutes for 11 December 2012

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Eco Team Minutes 27 November 2012

Here are the minutes of the Eco Team meeting held 27 November 2012.

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New Eco Code

Following whole school consultation, a new eco code has been developed and is now in every classroom.

The Eco Team pooled together aspects of several designs and came up with this new eco code that you see below!


Eco Team Minutes this year so far

Here are the minutes so far for 2012. They have been written by different Eco Team members each time.







Eco Team Success

ecoflagWe are proud to announce that the school has been awarded the International Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. The paper recyclers from Yr 6, the litter pickers in Yr 5 and Yr2, the leaf clearers in Yr 4, the compost makers in Yr 3, the vegetable growers in Y2 and Yr 1 and the Dragon Planters in Reception have all played their part. Not to mention the bird feeding club, the battery recyclers, the class eco monitors and all the efforts of the Bike It team add to the Eco effort.

The Eco Team did an assembly to the whole school and shared the success that everyone in the school has worked so hard to achieve. Members of the Eco Team from Yr6 and Yr 2 gave a presentation to the Full Governing Body this week. It was an excellent presentation and the Goevernors were clearly impressed with their knowledge, enjoyment of being part of the Eco Team, and of course the Green Flag Award. Well done everyone!

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