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Stay and Play...u.u.u.umbrella

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Hi All,

We had a great time enjoying an umbrella parade for phonics Monday. Our umbrellas were tricky to put up. We looked so colourful, lots of people around our school asked us what we were doing. We loved it when Mrs Edmunds turned on the hose to make the rain!


Thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Nanas and Granddads who came to our stay and play session, what a great turn out!. We look forward to more visitors tomorrow.




World Book Day in Nursery

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Today we celebrated World Book Day!

In Nursery we had a host of book characters including Alice in Wonderland, the Cat in the Hat, Mr Bump and many more...

Edie HattieHenry Jude

We enjoyed lots of stories today including Mrs Parkes' favourite story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and some stories read by Year 3 children.

Group sm

Everyone had a lot of fun!

Spring Walk

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Despite the rain, sleet and snow we have had some sun this week and so Nursery decided to go for a walk to search for signs of Spring.

spring 1 sm

Spring 2 sm

We were amazed to find so many Spring flowers already looking beautiful around our school!

Spring 3 sm

O,o,o,o..octopus phonics fun

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Hi All,

Welcome back after our half term break. We have had lots of fun learning our letter of the week 'O'  and it linked really well to our new theme Commotion in the Ocean. We have been doing lots of octopus work. We have been very busy counting octopus arms, pegging arms on in our finger gym, exploring the octopus's garden in our small world area and reading stories and poems about octopus too. We even worked as a team to make a giant octopus to hang in our new Sea Life roleplay. It was hard work stuffing his legs with recycled shreded paper into old school tights. The next day we stuck on his suckers and hung him up we thnk he looks brillant!


Fire! 999

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Hi All,

We were so lucky when Sutton Coldfield's Red Watch Fire Service visited us last week. Mrs Edmunds kept it a surprise just in case they had an emergency call out. The Fire fighters brought their Engine and showed us all the tools and equipment they needed to bring with them. We got to try on the breathing masks. We thought they smelled a bit strange. Mrs Edmunds tried on Ellie the fire fighters uniform....we all thought this was funny! They told us about the special materials and colours on the uniform. The best part of our visit was using the hose to give the play ground (and some Mum's and Dad's) a bit of a soak.


We are enjoying our own firestation role play in the Nursery. We also ecplored materials for some of activities and loved going in the dark den with a torch to explore 'reflective' materials.

ff 5ff6ff7


Holiday travels

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Hi All

We enjoyed sharing photos from our holidays with our friends last week. We talked about how we travelled there and looked for the destination on maps and the globe. We also made passports after a visit from George's Dad told us how important they were.We loved going camping in the tent on the deck after Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Hampson finally erected the tent!


We have enjoyed some woodland art in last forest schools. We looked at Andy Goldsworthy land sculptures and then tried some of our own. We enjoyed doing some Hopa Zome Japanese art which involves using a hammer to bang out the natural plant dye of plants to make a print on paper or cloth. We loved using the hammers.


We have also enjoyed usiing our new binoculars to look for Birds in the Great British Bird watch survey. We also got some new light up mark making whiteboards to encourage our mark making- they are so much fun.


More visitors

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Another fantastic parent visit this morning. George's Dad who is a pilot popped in to tell us all about his job as apilot of passenger planes. He also described another types of planes as well and what passengers need to do in the airport.different kinds of planes and what they are used for. We loved looking at the photosgraphs he brought to show us and trying on the mini version of his uniform. Thank you so much.

georgegeorge 3george 2

Special Visitors

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Dear All,

We enjoyed our first week of our Travel and Transport Theme last week and it was made extra special thanks to our two parent volunteers who popped into to Nursery to share their knowledge with us. Harriet's mum brought Hatty's Grandad's special book that shows photographs and information of a lifetimes work of Fuller and Sons freight and haulage buisness. Carter's Dad also popped by to talk to us about his job as a train conductor. We found out lots of information about trains and the rails and the tasks of a conductor. We also learnt alot about keeping safe on trains and on train platforms when travalling by rail around Birmingham.

THANK YOU so much for giving up your time.


Dinosaur Stomp

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Hi All,

Happy New Year! Nursery have had a brillant start to the new year. We loved talking about our Christmas news with our friends and teachers. We have been learning the letter sound 'd' last week and so had lots of dinosaur fun. We were particularily good at copying rhythms and patterns on the percussion instrument to match the rhythm in the book 'Dinosaurumpus'. We loved making ankle musical instruments to stomp our feet to the beat of the music.

m6m1mm3m4m5bellbell feet

In Forest activities we enjoyed learning about British woodland animals. We played a game were we had to find the matching animal from clues. We also loved playing the animal movement game where we explored how foxes, deer, squirrels, sparrows and hedgehogs might move around the woodlands and why.


A Windy Day

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Hi All,

Please enjoy the following past weeks photos. We found out about the Three Pigs learning to describe the characters in the story in our Puppet Theatre and then writing about the Big Bad Wolf. We thought of lots of fantastic describing words. We became investigators in Nursery on Wednesday and explored the strength of sticks, straw and brick after we built our own pig house and then tested our structures with 'The Big Bad Wolf' hair dryer. It was very exciting and encouraged lots of talk about textures and materials. Friday was extra windy so for Forest activities we decided to make a simple kite and have a Windy Walk around our school grounds. Mrs Duckers enjoyed her first days wiith Nursery and loved teaching 's' and making a snowman picture with them.


Ten Town Celebrations

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Enjoy the pictures of our Ten Town Party. We had lots of fun dressing up, making party food and Ten Town games, like pass the parcel, Ten town sstatues and pin the nose on Eric Eight. King One sent us letter and some certificates too.

tt4tt1tt2tt3tt5xtt7tt8tt9tt11tt jamttme


Ten Town Activities and Den Making

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Hi All,

We have had such fun learning about all the character numbers from Ten town. Here are few of the fun activities we enjoyed along with our counting and number writing.


Making Jam tarts and trying out fiona Five's obstacle course. how many jumping jacks can you do?

ice9practise6snowmen5nina sand7

We loved exploring melting in the ice tray..brrrr... Practise makes perfect on our IWB and counting snowmen buttons.Building a recycling centre with Nina Nine was very popular in our sand tray.

10 hands 1110 meal 11writing n1map8

We loved making Tia Ten's sparkly clean hands and practising our number formation. Her Chinese Restaurant was a popular role play - Dumpling soup anyone? And we loved making numbers in Tia Ten's lucky red glitter. The children loved finding out where China and the other countries of the world were on our giant floor map.

den 311den 411den11tent3hot choc11

We enjoyed Den building In Forest Friday activities. We triend all sorts of different ways to build. It really developed our team building, sharing and communication skills. WE looked forward to our hotchoclate at the end. 

Ten Town Party snaps to follow soon.

Reminder to send in Star Costumes for the Christmas Performance in a named bag. Please write names on outfits as well. Thank you.




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