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Mini beasts and under the sea !

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We have been looking at so many different animals and habitats in Nursery.  We enjoyed mini-beast hunting and making clay models of our favourites mini beasts.  They are looking really beautiful now that they have been painted, the window sills are covered in worms, ladybirds, snails and spiders !! We have also really enjoyed our under the sea focus this week, painting and collaging fish, listing creatures under the sea and practising our careful cutting and writing skills. ***exciting caterpillar news*** We now have four cocoons  !!!!!!

Sunflowers and Life-cycles in Nursery

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We have been really busy in Nursery learning all about Sunflowers and Life-cycles, it has been so exciting ! Last week we planted some Sunflowers and we have been watching and watching and .....they are growing already  We painted some beautiful Sunflower pictures like Vincent Van Gogh and made some lovely sunflowers using sunflower seeds.  They all look great on our display in our nursery Garden Centre. Linking to Sunflowers we have learnt all about Life-cycles this week.  We been looking at sunflowers and caterpillars and how they change and grow. 

BREAKING NEWS  - Our special guests 'The Caterpillar Crew' have arrived and are growing EVERYDAY, we cannot wait till their next growing cycle.


A busy week in Nursery

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This week in Nursery we have been sooooo busy after returning from our lovely Easter Break. 

We learnt all about ourselves and each other and shared some of our baby photographs - gosh how much we have grown !! Wink

We have really enjoyed our new mark-making area, we have been writing labels really well on our own and had great fun in our new Baby Clinic role-play area.

We have also been making our family trees and talking about how different we and are families are.

Lastly, we had a special visit from the Ambulance Service on Friday. We had a lovely time looking inside the ambulance and setting off the siren !!!!



People who help to keep us healthy

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In Nursery we have been learning all about who helps to keep us healthy. We looked at the important job that a Doctor does and had a lovely time looking after each other.



Then we had fun being Dentists cleaning Mr Croc's teeth....


...sorting which foods are healthy and unhealthy for our teeth....


and making the nasty yellow teeth all clean and shining bright !!


Next we learned all about an Optician and made our own glasses and ...


...used our eyes to read books about animals.


We had a fun time dancing like animals to celebrate Red Nose Day 2013 and have raised money to help others keep healthy !!








People who help in our Community

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Hooray - they have arrived !!! The money that the children in Nursery and their families raised from the 'Ginger Bear Obstacle course, and the Bring and Buy sale, have purchased 4 FANTASTIC INNOTABS !!  We are really looking forward to using these amazing handheld multimedia tablets to help with our learning Tongue out


In Nursery this week we have been learning all about the 'People who help us in our Community'.  We enjoyed working in the Post Office...


...sorting out the recycling for the refuse team...


...We even made our own babies from the recyling box !!


We had a great time in the Bakers shop, currant buns were our favourite cakes Laughing



To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday we enjoyed listening to 'Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell'.  We made lists of the animals that can be found in a zoo...


...we had fun playing with the zoo animals....


and we carefully stencilled and labelled the animals.


It was so exciting on Friday when we came dressed as Storybook Characters, went to a Book Swap, and had paired reading with 3KP who were brilliant readers !


People who help us at Our School

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This week in Nursery, we have met lots of people doing very important jobs in our school.

We met Mrs Miller in the office and .....


the we had a fun time doing all of her jobs !!


We were really excited to go and meet Mrs Kingston who works in the school kitchen.....


...and then we enjoyed some delicious toast !!


We had a chat with Mrs Hawksworth who keeps our school grounds looking really tidy and we enjoyed sweeping the leaves in the beautiful sunshine Cool


Then we had lots of fun with Mr Horne who helps to keep the inside of our school clean.  Mr Horne told us all about keeping ourselves and others safe when we are cleaning...


and look at the super jobs we have done being 'Expert' cleaners !!



Celebrating 'Chinese New Year' in Nursery

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Ahoy there !! Our week in Nursery began with PIRATE day on Monday - don't we look fantastic Laughing


We really enjoyed making treasure maps and shiny coins.


We have also been celebrating 'Chinese New Year' which has been sooooo exciting. We made special red money envelopes and counted pennies into them...


...pretty lanterns...


...exploring all of the beautiful Chinese treasures and ...


...ate some Chinese food - it was delicious but the sauce was a bit 'spicy' !Surprised


Ahoy there !!

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The new topic in Nursery this week was 'Pirates'.  The children were so excited when they saw their new role play area and.....


have loved playing with all of the Pirate resources Laughing


Look at how much fun we've had making Pirate hats....


....decorating parrots....


and designing our own flags !!


We also enjoyed doing some interesting investigations into which materials to use, to make a boat that floated ....


....and had super fun using the Bee Bots to find treasure !!!


Dogger and the 'Bring and Buy' Sale !!

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This week in Nursery we have been learning about the the letter 'g' (to write - round her face, down her hair, give her a curl). 

Our friend for the week this week was Dogger and we have loved listening to his story.  Look at us doing some great sequencing work....


and making movable Dogger's with split pins.


We have also had an exciting week as Nursery had their very own a Bring and Buy toy sale. We learnt about money and did some great counting with the GIANT pennies.......


and real pennies.


To prepare for the Bring and Buy sale we made labels.....


and then we spent our own pennies in the shop !!Laughing


My name is Pinocchio.

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This week in Nursery our new sound was 'p' (to write "Down the plait and over his face"). 


We love the 'P'arachute games !!!


Our new friend in Nursery this week was 'P'inocchio.  We have enjoyed listening to the story and have learnt that we should always tell the truth and never, ever tell lies.  We have had lots of fun 'P'ainting....


making 'P'lay-dough noses....


...learning the words 'Short and Long'....


....and using these words to help us to put Pinocchio's nose into length order.


We had a lovely time pretending to be 'P'uppets too !!


At the end of the week we did some super investigations into what materials float or sink, it was great fun Wink



Kipper and the snow !!!

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In Nursery this week we have been joined by some new friends and they have all settled in really well.  They have also enjoyed all of our fun activities with Kipper the Dog.


We painted in outlines of Kipper.....


...our own interpretations using orange, white and brown......


 and using shapes.


We also enjoyed choosing fabric for Kipper's favourite blanket....


and did some fantastic investigations into 'which toys were magnetic' in Kipper's toy box.


And yes the snow arrived in spectacular fashion today so we had to have a play !! Laughing



You've got a friend in me !!

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We were all happy to back in Nursery this week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we had Maths day and we did a really good job remembering our numbers 0-10.....


....and making numbers out of playdough Laughing


Also this week we have been enjoying the Friendship activities as part of 'Friendship week at WCPS'.  We enjoyed listening to the Rainbow Fish stories and thinking about what makes a good friend.


We have shared what we like about our friends and had fun in our 'Busy Bodies' Room, being careful with others childrens personal space by cycling around each other carefully...


....taking turns at playing basketball....


...listening to others....


and sharing ideas.


We have painted pictures of the Rainbow Fish,


and we have made a beautiful Friendship Wreath which is on display in our Nursery.


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