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Number, Numbers, Numbers...

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We have hasd a fantastic start to our Ten town theme. The children have loved find ing out about Zero Pond, King One, Tommy Two Thelma Three and Freddy Four so far. We have visited our school pond, made king one crown, used our sense of smell to find out if there was zero in the cup, made delicious jam tarts, made a triangle three, explored floating and sinking with Freddy four's boats. AND SO MUCH MORE.....

pondcrowncastleeasellightboxsensesthreeboat floattrayboatfred boatiwb

We have also been busy outdoors counting birdlife in our school grounds, makng nests and bird feeders.


We also made a beautiful Friendship Wreath with our soft, kind, gentle hands for Friendship Day.


Colours, Shapes and Patterns in Nursery

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We had a great time in our last two weeks of Atumn 1 finding out about colours, patterns and shapes with Elmer the Elephant and the Mr Men and Little Misses. We made colourful Elmers from an empty milk carton. Hunted for colours around our Nursery and outside. We made beautiful shape Elmers using the shape stamps and really enjoyed reading lots of Mr Men books and matching them by colour and shape. We made our own. We think they are fabulous. We were brillant at hunting for patterns and trying to copy them on Elephant masks and our whiteboards.

colourscolour matchelmers 1Elmerselmer shapesmr men shape sortMr menmaking patternslook for patternselmer maskpatterns

All About Me!

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The children enjoyed finding out about themselves and their nursery friends for our All About Me topic over the past two weeks. The familiy photos were great motivators for our communication and language skills. We have been having fun doing some tasks Mums and Dads do about the house in our role plays. We really enjoyed thinking about our special numbers and how old we were. We explored our senses too, and thought of ways to keep our bodies healthy... the fruit kebabs were a real hit!

wasing disheswashingteasenseshearingtouchfruit kebab 2fruit kebab


We have also been enjoying our new seating area for forest schools and new mud kitchen. we created some lovely Autumn tree pictures using feathers, sticks and leaves for our paint brushes. 

logskitchenautumn trees 2autumn trees

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo...

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Dear All,

We had a great time doing Gruffalo activities last week inside and outside. Our favourites where making Gruffalo playdough models, cooking Gruffalo Crumble (blueberries for purple prickles), going on a Gruffalo hunt, making Gruffalo tea in the mud kitchen and creating our own Gruffalo's from clay and conkers. Hot chocolate in the outdoor classroom was a great end of week treat!

gruffalo 1gruffalocook 2crumblecook 3out2out 1out3

Mums, Dads, Grans and Grandpa's also joined us for Gruffalo fun. Thanks for visiting us in our Nursery.

The children loved it!

stay 1stay 2stay 3stay 5

We also enjoyed sharing our favourite storybook from home and reading them with all our friends.



Our First Blog Page

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Welcome to the Nursery Blog

We will update it fornightly.

We are so proud of all the children and how well they have settled into Nursery. We have enjoyed doing lots of different activities inside and outside our Nursery.

activities 1activities 2activities 3activities 5activities 6activities 4out 1out 2out 3out 4reading 1reading 2roleplay 1washing hands

Growing Sunflowers

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We have loved our first weeks of our 'Living Things' theme. We found out about the parts of a plant, tasted different parts odf a plant and then we planted sunfflower seeds. We have loved watching them grow.

eating plantsdrawingsunflowersplanting 2plantingsunfloer grown

We have also enjoyed our letter of the week activities.

letter yxxray

Pirate day 2018

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We loved Pirate Day!! What a way to end our half term.

pirate 7pirate 1pirate2pirate 4pirate 5pirate 6pirate 8pirate 9


A Royal Wedding

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Enjoy our Royal Wedding celebratrions.

We did lots of lovely activities to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.  We made the Union Jack flag, threaded beads to make a beautiful bracelet, came to Nursery wearing aour best outfits and made delicious trifle to eat at our picnic wedding feast.

wedding flag 2wedding flagwedding braceletwedding bracelet 2wedding outfittrifle 2trifle3triflewedding feastwedding feast 2

Nursery rockpools

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Dear All,

We have been having such fun with our under the sea theme. Last week we found out about rockpools and hermit crabs. We did a lot of investigating with shells and rocks and used them in our maths activities for counting and making shapes and exploring patterns.

hermit crabhermit crab 2clay shellshapesshapes 2shapes 3junk sea 3junk searoleplay

We have really enjoyed making a rockpool in a bottle. Choosing what to go in and filling it to the half way mark. If we listen carefully they even sound like the sea.

bottlebottlesbottles 2bottles3

We have also been very busy in the warmer weather doing our outdoor activities. We made some beautiful nature crafts and we love our clay tree faces.

nature book marknature craft 2den buildtree face 2tree facetree face 3clay face

Summer Term

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Hello all,

Welcome back after Easter Break. The children had a wonderful time exploring and learning in the field and our other outdoor areas in the Springtime sunshine last week. Don't forget the children will spend most of the day outdoors on a Friday so always dress appropriately for the weather!

outdoor 1outdoor 2outdoor 3outdoor 4

We also had a great start to our Under the Sea theme for this term . We made some fabulous sea creatures for our role play from old CDs, cooled down in the water tray with a spot of fishing and  made our own sea creatures using 2D shapes.

fish discfish lightfish shapesfishing

We have loved learning the letter 'l' this week because Mrs Edmunds got the lego out! We made lots of creations and also did some printing with it.

lego 2legolego 3

Come and Play Session

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Thank you to all the Mums, Dads and Granddadswho came to our Nursery on Monday. It made us feel so special.

mum 1mum 3mum 4mum 5mum 6mum 7mum 8

Jungle fun

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We have had a great start to our new Spring theme -Down in the Jungle...

We loved making animal hatas and painting our faces to look like a favourite jungle animal. We have talked alot about colours and patterns. Our fork lion pictures looked wonderful and we could do them all on our own! We have loved doing lots of other jungle activities too and our role play is as popular as ever.

masks 2maskslionsdrawingduplo 

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