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Nursery outdoor learning area

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We have really enjoyed using our outdoor area in nursery and were very lucky to have Councillor Margaret Waddington to open it officially and our picture even appearred in the local paper!!


We  painted Freddie 4 on the glass panels during Ten Town week.


Spanish Day in Nursery!

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Nursery enjoyed tasting Spanish tapas on Monday as part of their celebrations for the European Day of Languages. The children also took part in lots of activities that involved rojo and amarillo (red and yellow!) including colour sorting and painting Spanish flags. 




Elmer Week

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Nursery have been having a fun and colourful time this week learning all about our favourite elephant Elmer.

Here are some of our beautiful pictures:


Our new outdoor play area!

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We have returned after the holiday to find the men hard at work building our new outdoor play area.

building play area

building outdoor area

It came together very quickly and was completed on Friday afternoon ready for the new week ahead. How exciting, and the children have now got a fabulous outdoor play area that they can enjoy all year round. We'll post more pictures next week of them exploring their new surroundings both indoor and out!!

Pictures 14th January 2011

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What have we been up to in Nursery?

At the end of last term, Mrs Allen paid us a visit to present these two little girls with their 100% attendance award certificates.

100% attendance awards

Since our return after the Christmas break, we have been singing lots of Nursery Rhymes. The Role Play has become Nursery Rhyme land..
Nursery Rhyme Land

We have been building walls for Humpty Dumpty.......

building walls

Humpty Dumpty's wall

........and then pretended to be Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall!

Humpty Dumpty

This little boy is Incy Wincy Spider..........

Incy Wincy Spider

.........and this little girl is coin rubbing with the money to buy '5 currant buns'!!

coin rubbing

These children are making the currant buns for the Baker's shop!

making currant buns

In the midst of all the singing, this little girl sits quietly looking through her Learning Journey and reminding herself of all the things she has done in Nursery since September!!

Learning Journey

Pictures 10th Decemeber 2010

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What have we been up to in Nursery?

Christmas has well and truly arrived in Nursery. We have been sponge painting folders ready to put work and cards in.......

sponge painting

........and we have made Christmas cards.

making Christmas cards

We decorated our Christmas trees........

decorating the tree

decorating a tree

........and made snowman biscuits.

making snowman biscuits

The role play has become Santa's workshop and house; the children have been vey busy in there!

Santa's workshop

They have also been dressing up as Christmas characters..........

dressing up

dressing up

and finally, we made Reindeer food to encourage them to our front doors on Christmas Eve!

reindeer food

Pictures 26th November 2010

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What have we been up to in Nursery


The whole school has celebrated freindship week this week so I have taken some pictures to show you our children enjoying activities with their friends.

These girls were having a right old chat!!.......

chatting with a friend

........while these girls shared a picnic.....

picnic with friends

........and these girls shared afternoon tea!

tea party with friends

Oh dear, send for the doctor!! His friends are taking good care of him!

playing doctors

This little girl is being a good friend and helping the children to put their coats on!

helping with coats

These girls enoy the Interactive White Board together.

Interactive White Board

We drew ourselves playing with a friend.

drawing a friend

We have also introduce 'Kipper' to the children through various stories and here the children are sitting with their friends to paint a picture of Kipper....

painting Kipper

.......and these children are making toys for Kipper from playdough!

playdough with friends

These children are cutting out shapes to make shape pictures of Kipper.

cutting out shapes

We made sock thing from socks!!!.......

making sock thing

making sock thing

...........and we washed socks and hung them out to dry!!

hanging out the washing


Pictures 19th November 2010

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What have we been up to in Nursery


This week we have completed our journey through 'Ten Town' and therefore there have been many number activities on offer.

This little boy is sorting numbers........

number sorting

...........and these boys are weighing and balancing numbers!

balancing numbers

We've been making numbers with playdough........


.........and a washing line with Ten Town vests to hang in order! (not sure they're in the right order yet!!)

washing line

Looks like the 'Theiving three' vest is dry!

Theiving three!!

This little girl is writing numbers 0-10 with help from Mr England (he is from Sutton College and will be with us each Friday morning for work experience to support his applications to universities to study teaching).

writing numbers

On 'Eric Eight's' day, we had some sheets to cut..........



........and a race track shaped (sort of) in the shape of a number 8!

race track


As Eric Eight is a snowman, we made snowmen sweets from marsh mallows, chocolate buttons, icing and strawberry laces!

making snowmen sweets

making snowman sweets

These children are aiming 'snowballs' through a hoop! (I love the tenous links!!)

shooting snowballs

shooting snowballs

..........and we had coconut in the water tray because it looks like snow!!!

coconut snow

Onto Ncola Nine bows and this little girl sticks 9 bows onto a picture of Nicola (no tenuous link required there!)

Nicola nine bows

After a busy morning, it's quiet time with a book!


Oh and by the way - take a guess where this little girl has been (I'll give you a clue, it's not Ten Town!!)

Minnie mouse

Pictures 12th November 2010

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What have we been up to in Nursery?

As Autumn is well and truly here, we went for a walk and looked at the trees and leaves. It took fourteen children to hug this tree!

tree hugging

........and then we did some bark rubbing of the same tree.

bark rubbing

It was a very sunny day!!!

sunny day!

The children really enjoyed jumping in, and kicking the leaves!

kicking the leaves

We then settled on ground sheets to draw the trees we could see around us.

drawing trees

This little girl is drawing the leaves falling off the trees - brilliant!

drawing leaves

Later in the week we celebrated both Diwali and Bonfire night. The children made colourful coconut sweets.........

making coconut sweets

.......and there was lots of firework pictures to be created!

painting fireworks

This little girl has drawn her fireworks with wax crayon and is now painting over them with black paint to make it look like night time! (clever eh!!)

wax picture

......and these children are simply enjoying mixing all the pretty colour paints together whilst making the noises of the fireworks!!

mixing paint

This little girl is using the chalks to create a bonfire night picture......

chalk picture

.....and this little girl is making a sparkler biscuit dipping it first in hotwater (to melt the chocolate) before stiring it in the sugar strands! Yum yum!!

sparkler biscuit

We had beautiful music playing in the Nursery, and these two enjoyed a little dance!


On Monday we started our journey through 'Ten Town'. We have made 'King One' crowns!........

making crowns

.....and on 'Theiving Three' day we made jam tarts. After making real ones, the children then made some using playdough which they placed in the pretend oven! They had a great time.

playdough jam tarts

There was also flour in the tray for the children to experiment with!! (still wearing their crowns notice!!)

flour in the tray

This little girl isn't wearing her crown, but she's wearing most of the flour!!


On Friday we met Fiona Five who is a very healthy lady because she does lots of exercise and eats healthy food, so we made a fruit salad to eat at snack time!

making a fruit salad

making a fruit salad

....and finally, we had a little visitor in the Nursery this week!


How cute is he!!

Bikeathon Pictures

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What have we been up to in Nursery?

Even though it poured with rain, we were not going to have our spirits dampened and, in true Whitehouse Common style, we soldiered on with our Bikeathon. Here are some pictures of the morning and afternoon children pedalling and scooting to raise money for our new role play sheds that will be erected in the Nursery playground.

bikeathon starting line

.........and we were off.......






Mom's helped out as well!

moms help in the bikeathon

In the afternoon, we used the Nursery playground as there were less children, but the same amount of effort went into it!



Well done to all the children. The sponsor money has come in thick and fast and so far we have raised just over £300. What a fantastic effort.

Back inside the Nursery, we had spent the week learning about Elmer the Elephant to start our topic on colours. The children all helped to decorate a gigantic Elmer to display on the wall.


Isn't he wonderful!

First Week Back 2010

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Week beginning 13th September


Where did the Summer holidays go? Come to think of it, where did the sun go?!!

We are two weeks into the new year and our new children have settled well. We have been busy learning new routines and getting to know each other. Here are a few pictures of some of the children enjoying Nursery.




sorting by colour


sand play






pasta play










sitting in swivel chair


finger painting


shape sorting


finger painting

finger painting

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