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World Book Day

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We had a great time celebrating world book day in Nursery last week. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters- don't we look fantastic?!

File 01 03 2018 10 22 32

File 01 03 2018 14 38 26

File 01 03 2018 14 38 44

File 01 03 2018 15 29 34


Chinese Celebrations

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We thought you would enjoy the photos of our last week of Spring 1 term when we found out about Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday.

We loved creating Chinses dragon puppets, tasting fried rice and prawn crackers. dancing to Chinese music and making our own drum. We found out it was a Spring festival and made some beautiful blossom pictures.

chinese 1chinese 4chinese3chinese 5chinese d 2chinese 6

We also enjoyed making pancakes, cooking pancakes and eating them when we found out about Shrove Tuesday. We then had a pancake race. It was such fun!

pancake 2pancake 3pancake 1

Nursery Fun

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Hi All,

We have been enjoting learning our letter sounds the past few weeks. Thank you for all the contributions from home the children love sharing the objects they find around the home. We enjoyed a letter hunt outside in the sunshine and lots of craft activities. The children were especially excited by letter 'p' and enjoyed all the p,p,p, pirate activities. The gluey, glittery, green and gold 'g's' look beautiful.

letter huntletter gamepirate hatspirate dress upstreasureglitterglitter g 2

We would like to thank all who sent in photos and souvineers for the holiday worrk. The children shared their memories and experiences really well and we have decided to make a fabulous display of their travels.

Please note that parent consultations are next Tuesday and Thursday we look forward tocatching up with you and sharing the good progress the children are making.

Our New Friends and Transport!

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Hi All,

A big welcome to our new families to the Whitehouse Common Nursery blog please scroll through to read about and see some of the fun activities we have been doing through out the year. We have tried really hard to make our new friends feel very welcome and have been showing them daily our rules and routines. 

new 1new 3new 4new 5new 6new 7new 8

We have also been having lots of fun on our new theme -'Travel and Transport'....

Shapes on planes, ships, trains and cars.

shape vehicleships

Parking the cars in the correct bay - counting sets and finding the matching numeral.

A traffic jam in the blue tray.. How many?

car numberstraffic jam

Traffic light biscuits were a big hit.

tltl 2

We have been doing a lot of investigating ...

How do hot air balloons work? Mrs Edmunds showed us when air gets hot it expands and rises using a balloon a bottle full of air and hot kettle water.  And they are so pretty.

balloons 3balloons2balloons

Emergency vehicles and uniforms have reflective materials on them.Which material is the most reflective? We went in the dark den with our torches to find out...being a scientist is such fun!

torchesrorches 2

Our new Train Station role play has been very popular. Where are going today Freddy? "Barbados!"

train rp

Christmas Party Fun

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We had such a great Christmas Party. We had a very special visitor drop by and deliver some present to us. He told some great jokes and we shared som great jokes with him too. We then had fun doing dancing games and pass the parcel. We all sat down together for a Christmas feast it was delicious -even the teacher's joined in.At the end of the day we finished with the PTA Christmas disco -it was such fun.

Thank you very much for the kind gifts. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will see you all on Tuesday January 9th.

santasanta 2

parceldancing games

mince piefeast1


Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales

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Hi All,

We have had lots of fun learning all sorts of Nursery Rhymes.


Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

penniesnursery rhymes

Counting pennies in the Bakers shop. Saying our favourite rhymes with the puppets.

We have loved 'The Three Little Pigs' story and really used our scientific and technology skills to learn about materials, building and constructing.

pigs housesbuilding


We built houses with straw, sticks and bricks for our three little pigs to investigate how strong these materials were. We tried blowing them down ourselves and then we used The BIG BAD WOLF HAIRDRYER! We found out straw was very weak. WOLF HAIRDRYER  blew the straw off  the table!

stick outside house

We loved making houses so much. Some of us continoued our learning outdoors in the woods and made more stick houses.


We also enjoyed watching the leaves fall in the sunshine.

junkjunk finish

We thene made our own houses out of recycled materials. We had to explore how to attach the pieces together, using tape, glue and elastic bands.

We worked really hard and are so proud of our efforts.

We have also been working really hard on our letter sounds have a look at some of the fun activities for letters m, a and s.

letterss nakeapples asnowmen


Christmas Party Day - 19th December (Information letter will be sent home next week)

Christmas Performance - 21st December (9:25am and 2:25pm) Please send in costumes ASAP

Ten Town Party Fun

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We had a fantasitc time finishing off our Ten Town theme.

We made delicious healthy fruit kebabs for Fiona Five.

1 fruitfruit 2

We made some bubbly pictures with Seal Six.

3 bubbles6 bubbles

Look at our super sir Seven shields

5 seven

Eric Eight kept us busy in the Antartic small world.

8 snow

Look at our lovely Nina Nine pets

9 animals

We loved making Chinese lanterns with Tia Ten.

10 lanterns 10 lantern 2

We had so mush fun fun at our Ten Town Party! We dressed up, went on a treasure hunt, played pass the parcel and had some tasty party treats. We loved getting our special certificates from King One for our hard work.

party 1party 2treasureparty dress

Fun in Ten Town

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Hi All,

Welcome back after half term break and a well earned rest.  Thank you to all the parents who came to see us for parent consultations we hope they were informative. The Children's number posters look fabulous and have encouraged all the children to talk about their work.

The children have loved finding out about the characaters in Ten Town we are up to Fiona Five and the children have been doing many counting and number recognition activities. We have also tried some more challenging problem solving activities too.

Enjoy our photos of Ten Town theme

zro pondwalkrunzero tray

We had a lovely walk to our own school pond. It was covered in lily pads and other plants, we could see it was a zero shape like Zero pond. We walked back but had a run down the junior hill on our way. It was fun. When we got back we made our own zero pond in the water tray. It was VERY popular!

roleplaycrown 3crowns

We enjoyed making Kin One crowns to use in our new Role play. We loved them so much some of use wore them at lunchtime too.


We helped Tommy Two clean our nursery using the litter pickers and wash King One's socks and hang them up. We had to try to find the matching pairs.

jam tartsj tarts 2

Thelma Three's jam tarts kept us busy!

cutting 4boat 2boat

We practised our cutting skills with Freddy Four making squares or rectangles for a collage. Then we had a go in his boat with a friend. Some of us even did some singing ...row, row, row your boat..

Reminders: If you havn't already done so please bring your wellie boots to school Thank you.

Christmas Fayre -24th November -PTA is collecting -please look out for messages. Thank you.

Colours, Shapes and Patterns

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Hi All,

A fantastic two weeks finding out about colours, shape and patterns. We have been very busy painting, making, and creating in our craft areas using so many different colours patterns and textures in our work. The children have been learning lots of new vocabulary too.

The Mr Men and Little Misses helped us learn all about shapes. We went on a hunt around our Nursery looking for familiar shapes and if we spotted one we took a photo on the ipad. We have also been learning to use beebots -they were very popular. Mr Messy helped us with our mark making skills and pencil grip, we also enjoyed making a Mr Messy biscuit -yum! We are looking forward to learning about Diwali on Friday and doing enven more lovely patterns.



Parents Evening  -Thursday 19th October.  To keep our school safe and secure please enter through the main Reception not our usual Nursery door.

The Gruffalo

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Hi All,

We have had a wonderful week with the Gruffalo and the other characters from the story. We have been busy making arts and crafts. Our shape characters look fabulous so we kept them for display! We also went on a Gruffalo hunt in our school woods. It was a bit scary and a bit exciting but we all enjoyed a soft Gruffalo hug when we found him. We have also been baking. Gruffalo Apple Crumble was delicious! Some we asked for more, whilst a few of us were very brave and had a tiny taste. In our cooking play tray ome of the children had a funny idea about how to use the mixing bowl.We have also enjoyed reading lots of different stories on our own or with a friend. We also had a visit to the play area builders yard. #We loved it!

Enjoy our photos.



Thank you to all those who came to the 'See My Nursery' and 'The Phonics' session. We hope they were both useful. Any questions let us know. 

Don't forget to apply for School Reception place, details on our notice board.

Settling into Nursery

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Hi All

Welcome to our Nursery Blog.

We have been so proud of the children settling into Nursery life so well. We have been busy getting to know the routines, trying out different activities and making new friends. Please enjoy  the photos of our first few days.



Monday 25th  is our Come and See our Nursery at 3pm.

A busy time!

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Hi All,

A busy two weeks! Health week was a real success we enjoyed visiting the life caravan and meeting Harold the Giraffe who taught us how to keep clean, healthy and safe. We had great fun on our sports day. Thank you for coming to cheer us on! We also manged to squeeze in a trip to Hatton Country World. We had great fun meeting lots of different animals and trying lots of rides. 

Apologies we havn't put as many photos on as usual. We had a few internet problems when uplaoding the blog. More next time.


health 2life chealth

sports3sports 4sportsa 1

trip3trip 5trip2trip6trip2


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