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Settling into Nursery

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Hi All

Welcome to our Nursery Blog.

We have been so proud of the children settling into Nursery life so well. We have been busy getting to know the routines, trying out different activities and making new friends. Please enjoy  the photos of our first few days.



Monday 25th  is our Come and See our Nursery at 3pm.

A busy time!

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Hi All,

A busy two weeks! Health week was a real success we enjoyed visiting the life caravan and meeting Harold the Giraffe who taught us how to keep clean, healthy and safe. We had great fun on our sports day. Thank you for coming to cheer us on! We also manged to squeeze in a trip to Hatton Country World. We had great fun meeting lots of different animals and trying lots of rides. 

Apologies we havn't put as many photos on as usual. We had a few internet problems when uplaoding the blog. More next time.


health 2life chealth

sports3sports 4sportsa 1

trip3trip 5trip2trip6trip2


Living Things around our Nursery

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We have had such fun in our first two weeks of finding out about Living Things. We have enjoyed finding out about the parts of a plant, planting our own sunflower seed, finding out how to look after it and watching it grow. The shoots have already come out. I wonder who's will be the tallest? We also collected plants and natural materials to make our own sculptures and patterns.

plantssun fictcountingartart1 art2patterns

Mini beasts has been a favourite too. We loved hunting for minibeasts in Abigail's Garden with our maginifying glasses and making a model of our favourite mini beast out of clay. Digging for worms was also very popular!

minimini bclayworms


Nursery is closed Wednesday 21st June and Friday 23rd June

The Nursery trip is on Friday 23rd June. Information letter going  home on Monday.

Sports day - Thursday 22nd 11am -11:30am and 2:40pm -3:10pm.


Captain Conjecture

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Hi All

We have have enjoyed finding out about how people keep us safe. We loved dressing up as doctor's. nurses and using the medical equipment in our role plays. We were lucky to have a a vist from Nurse Elizabeth. Nurse Julie and in the afternoon Nurse Becky who looks after newborn babies. The aght us so much about their important jobs.

nurse amnurse pm


This week Captain Conjecture has been helping us with out counting, shapes and problem solving. We loved finding out how many cubes tall his space rocket was and working as a team to decorate and picture of him. Many of us built a space shaip for some of his friends with the lego.

countingcapt con space rocketspaceship

Enjoy half term break.

See you all on Monday 5th Jun,  we look forward to seeing Captian conjectures spacerocket designs. 

People Helping Us

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We have had such an exciting few weeks finding out about people who help us. We were so lucky that some of our parents, Chief Inspector Burton, Seargent  Burton from West midland Police and Station Commander Flannagan from West Midland Frire Service. gave up some of their time to vist our classroom and tell us all about their important jobs. We have learnt so much from their visit. Thank you To them for coming.

police talkpolice vanhand cuffssiren

dexter dadengine 1

enginein the cab

toolshose 1

hose 2

We also have found out about people who help us at home and in our community. We tried out many of their jobs and tasks for Mums and Dads, Postal Worker, Lollipop person, Refuse colectors.

lollipoppolice dress upfixing  

Easter Celebrations

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Welcome back everyone,

Photos of the Easter celebrations we enjoyed in our last week of Spring Term. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our Easter Bonnet Parade-what fun! We also enjoyed a variety of other Easter treats expecially making chocolate Easter nests, yum!

bonnet 1 bonnet parade bonnet pm easter egg hunting egg painting games paint nests nests pm nests3 easter nests

Reminders - Please bring 20p for Toast in the kitchen on Thursday 27th April. 

New Summer targets have been sent home this week. 

The New Summer Newsletter was sent home at the end of last term (labelled), if yours did not make it home or has been filed amongst all the drawings and paintings sent home please let us know so we can give you a spare.

Please label green jumpers and cardigans.

Farewell to the Francome family who are leaving for Yorkshire this week. We wish you the best of luck.

Commotion in the Ocean

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We have loved reading rhymes and poems about animals that live in and by the ocean this week from the book Commotion in the Ocean and it has inspired some lovely art work which we have displayed all over the Nursery. We particularily enjoyed creating a sea creature fromm all the recycled materials you sent in. 

display fish 2display fishdisplay fish 3fish artfish art 2shape fishshape fish 21


Teddy Targets are due back now, please write a comment and send back. 

Easter Bonnet Parade is next Thursday 6th 9:05 am (Acorn's Hall) and 3:00 pm (Nursery Playground)

Outdoor playtime with Parents/Carers on Mondays will be changing to THURSDAYs after the Easter break.

Newsletter will be out shortly with all our updated information.

Finally, last  Friday we had a sad farewell to one of our afternoon families who have moved to the south of Birmingham here is a photo to remember him.


Ahoy! Pirates Ahead

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Nursery has been super fun and exciting these last few weeks. Pirates has been such a great topic to get our imaginations going. Pirate dress up day was a real success. Thank you for you support the children looked fantastic! We loved looking for clues around our school grounds on our treasure hunt and we found X marks the spot. We have also enjoyed counting treasure into the treasure chest, making pirate boats, digging for treasure, making coins from golden playdough hanging up the pirates pants in our pirate ship role play and many more...

dress uprole playcountingmapspirate plateplaydoughpirate boatcleanboatstreasuredigging

We are collecting yoghurt pots and small boxes please place in the small bin at Nursery's entrance.

Red Nose Day is on Friday 24th of March, please come wearing a hint of RED and contribute £1 to this worthy charity. Thank you

Chinese New Year fun

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We had a great week finding out about Chinese New Year. We made lots of crafts linked to China and the Year of the Rooster and we have been busy cooking in Tia Ten's Chinese restuarant role play. We loved making a group dragon tand doing a chinse new year dragon dance. Many of us were very brave and tasted some delicious chinese food too.

dress upsbanquetcooking with ricelanterns 1goup dragonrooster

Thank you for coming to Parent Consultations we hope they were informative and answered all your queries. If you need any more feedback please come and see us anytime or come along to the Parent Outdoor Play session every Monday 11:00am onwards for AM Nursery or 2:45pm onwards for PM Nursery.

Porridge and more!

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A terrific two weeks in Nursery. Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been a real hit, especially making, tasting and eating porridge like the Three Bears. We have also had a visit from Freddie Four this week which was lots of fun. We loved listening to his story, going on a number hunt and packing his bag.

1 porridge1 porridgeb

1 freddie41 freddieb

We have also been busy learning new letter sounds, practising our names and we love mark making activities, especially outside with the chalks!

1 insects1 name

1marksb1 marks

We have also been challenging ourselves learning some Spanish greetings and trying to match rhyming words, However there is always make time for fun - like dress ups!

1 spanish1 rhyme

1 dress ups

A Nursery Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We have got off to a busy start at Nursery this Year. We loved bringing in our toys for Toy Share day. We did so much talkng about our favourite toys and they did everything with us,  painting, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, outdoor play and  even sat with us at snack time.

toys am 2writing pm

toys amtoys pmtracks pmtoys am 3

We also welocmed four new children to afternoon Nursery. They are settling in so well and all our older children are being so kind and helping them learn the Nursery routines.

new enew hnew ppnew r

Traditional Tales

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We have been busy finding out about materials during our theme on Traditional Tales. The Gingerbreadman story and the The Three Little pigs were our favourite stories and have helped us find out about the different properties materials and what happens when they change. We did some floating and sinking with the Gingerbread man, built the Three Little Pigs house, explored what happens to biscuits when they fall in water, we used a cool hairdyer on some sticks, bricks and straw to explore which material is the strongest! That was fun. We loved exploring flour and water in our messy tray but the Thre Little Pigs role play was our favourite.

gingerbread play doughfloat and sinkcooking gingerbreadIWB3 little pigsapplaeshousematerials 1roleplay

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