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Ship Ahoy!

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Here are some more photos of the fun activities we enjoyed in our Pirate theme.

Making Maps

map making

Going on a treasure hunt and following clues around our school.

on the hunt

x marks the spot

treasuretreasure 2

And  so many otherte activities...Hanging up pirate pants, digging and counting treasure, making sparkly pladough treasures and sailing the roleplay pirate ship -Ahoy captain!

washingdigging for treasureplay dohroleplay

We have also enjoyed our 'Under the Sea' topic this week.

Bubble blowing was very popular! 

bubblesbubbles 2

 Junk modelling kept us all very busy, but look at the sea creatures we created from all that rubbish!



We love dress ups!

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We have had such an exciting week. Two days of dress ups and pretending. First of all we dresssed up as Pirates to kick start our new topic 'Ship Ahoy'. What fun we had learning about what pirates wear, counting pirate flags, visiting the Acorn's pirate ship to practice walking the plank. Lots of us enjoyed digging in the sand to find treasure and the new role play was a big hit too.

boat am

boat pm

pirate 1pirate 2

We also had so much fun on World Book Day. The Enormous Crocodile (Mrs Edmunds) read us Roald Dahl's story 'The Enormous Crocodile'. We found out about that Roald Dahl would be 100 years old this year and what a fantastic author he was. The morning Nursery enjoyed showing off their costumes in a parade with KS1. Do you recognise that witch?

book w am

squirrels book w


Celebrations in Nursery

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Another very busy two weeks in Nursery. We have finished our Bear topic last week so we decisded to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic to celebrate. We made our own teddy bear biscuit, teddy bear party hat and placemat.

teddy biscuit

bear hat

place mat

We also found out about Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). We found out where the indredients for pancake batter come from and then we mixed the ingredients while saying a pancake poem. Then we helped Mrs Edmunds cook the pancakes. We watched the batter change as it was cooked. Finally we got to eat our pancakes. Yum. At the end of the session we had a pancake race!


panacake race

We also found out about Chinese New Year. We made a roleplay into Tia Ten's Chinese Restaurant and had fun cookinmg and serving dinners. We counted gold coins into lucky red envelopes, and made dancing dragons. Some of us were very brave trying new foods in our Chinese food taste testing activity, we tried noodles, spring rolls and lychees.

chinese 1

chinese 2

chinese 3

We have had a great start to Spring term and look forward to our new Spring 2 topic, Pirates!

Going on a Bear Hunt

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Nursery have been busy these last two week reading Bear stories and finding information about real bears! Our favourite story was 'Going on a Bear Hunt' and our real bear hunt around the school grounds was a real hit. Thanks to the diggers and tractors we even had squelchy mud to walk through on our journey. We put some mud in our messy tray and some children couldn't wait to squish their hands in it. We have been finding out about Teddy bears from the past and how they are different from new teddies. We set up a bear hospital to look after the old bears! We have been learning 'p' this week and the children have loved making all things 'pirate' (we can't wait till our next topic -Ship Ahoy!) and learning facts about polar bears and panda bears.

bear hunt


bear hospital



letter nletters out

Our Bears

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Happy New Year!

Nursery have had a fantastic and busy start to the new year with our new topic 'Bear Stories'. We loved bringing in our own teddies from home to play with us in our Nursery and reading all about Paddington. Mrs Hampson brought her very old Paddington in to show us. He is 48 years old, wow! We thought his coat was looking a bit threadbare so we investigated which materials would be best to make him a new coat. We found out plastic is the most waterproof material in our investigation. This week has been very busy too cooking and eating The Three Bear's porridge and trying our favourite toppings. Sugar and honey were the most popular on the graph we made. Then of course we washed our dishes and pots in the water tray. We also welcomed eight new children to Nursery on Thursday and have been busy making friends.Finally best of all was when our, Mum's, Grandma's and childminder's came for a Stay and Play session. Thank you.

our bears

investigation 1 sml

investigation sml


washing 2

Visitors sml

Christmas Week!

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We have had a very busy week. We had so much fun at our Christmas party dressing up, dancing, playing games and enjoying a feast. We especially enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas and receiving an early gift! Thank you for coming to see us in our Chrsitmas performance, 'A Miracle in Town'. We have been practising for a long time and looked fantastic in our 'Grey Donkey' outfits.Thank you for your generous gifts. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. feast pmfeast am

santa am

show am

Run, run as fast as you can!

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In Nursery this week we have read the Gingerbread Man story. We enjoyed cooking and baking our own Gingerbread Man biscuit and loved decorating it with icing and smarties! how many smarties were on your Gingerbread Man? We also became scientists this week and investigated why the Gingerbread Man couldn't go in the water. We put a biscuit in water and observed what hapened. We thought of other ways the Gingerbread Man could cross the river. One of the morning children suggested "He could hold onto the end of a kite and float over". We explored what else could float and sink in the water tray. It was fun!

cooking small

decorating 2 small

gingerbread men small

floating small

collage small

Ten Town fun!

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Nursery has continued learning about numbers by exploring Ten Town and the characters who live there. This week we have met win Thelma Three who got into trouble with King One for taking jam tarts that did not belong to her! So we decided that we would make some jam tarts to share.

Jam tarts 1 small

jam tarts 2 small

Jam tarts 3 small

It has also been Diwali this week and we have made Diva lamps and cards. It was great finding out about how Diwali is celebrated...

Diva lamps small

Outdoor Fun!

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This week the children in Foundation have been very excited as they have finally been able to use their new outdoor play equipment!

It was only just two weeks ago that we found out that we had almost £2000 to spend on outdoor equipment. We quickly flipped through catalogues and easily managed to spend this huge amount of money on colourful scooters, cars and bikes. The children have waited patiently while Mr Horne and some very helpful (and handy) parents put everything together!

The pleasure on the children's faces is obvious from the photographs!

bikes am small

bikes pm 2 small

I bet they will love using these fabulous new resources as often as they can.

We are all special - Just like Elmer!

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This week in Nursery we have been thinking about how special we all are, and have heard stories about an elephant who is really special called Elmer. Our work has helped us to learn our colours but has been a lot of fun too.

Have a look at some of the things that we've been doing!

Blue tray rainbow small

Elliott colours small

Elmer books William small

Elmer sticking Katie small

Exploring Nursery

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This week the Nursery children have been staying for full three-hour sessions and enjoying every minute! They have all been coming in beautifully and are beginning to know our routines really well.

They have had a lovely week exploring some of our super resources...

Jack whiteboard small

All the children love the opportunity to use ICT with our interactive whiteboards and I-pads.

Rayna ipad small

They also love the more traditional Nursery activities such as reading books, play dough, writing and puzzles.

Lengano playdough small

Lois book small

Samuel puzzles small

Jack writing letters small

Welcome to Our Blog!

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welcome small 

We are so pleased with how our children have settled into Nursery life!

Each week we will try to give you a flavour of our week with photographs and comments of your children having fun!

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