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More Ten town Fun!

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Hello All,

We have had such a busy two weeks. We loved learning about numbers 7,8,9,and Tia Ten from Ten Town. Thank you to all the parents who came to our Play and Stay session on our last day of Ten Town. We loved it!

This week we have started our new topic about Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales. We had lots of fun singing, painting and making our favourite Nursery Rhymes.

A big THANK YOU for your donations for Children in Need and to those parents who have donated to the Christmas Fayre. 

Reminders. This time of year is VERY BUSY. Please check children's bags and look on the Parent notice board frequently for letters and reminders. Thank you.

popping seal six bubblessortuing shieldsice paintingwashing

parentsparents 2parents 3humptyincy wincytwinkl star


Ten Town

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We have had a great few days back in Nursery after our break. all the children have loved getting to know the number characters from Ten Town and the loved sharing their number posters the made at home with their family group.

We have been doing many different activities linked to the characters.

We found out about zero pond and went for a walk to our own school pond.

1 zero pond am2 zero pond am

zero pond picturepond visit pm

Practising names and numbers pretending to be King One.

writing numbers pmnames

Making Jam tarts with Thelma Three.

jam tarts

We loved making some boats for Freddie Four.

freddies boatboats

Look out for more Ten town activities in our next blog.

Reminder: We can't wait to see you next week at our Play and Stay session on Thursday 17th November.

Friends and Family

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A terrific fortnight finding out about family and friends and how they make us feel special. Thank you for sending in your family photos and pictures. The children loved talking about them and inspired some beautiful drawings and writing. We also enjoyed doing some mum and dad job -gardening was particularily popular!

We have also loved the Rainbow Fish story this week and has helped us think about how we can be kind friends. We made lots of different rainbow fish pictures, made and played in our own rock pool, and legs and fins to our playdough sea creatures.. 

Reminders: Nursery is closed on Monday 31st October we will be open Tuesday 1st November ready to find out about Ten Town! Enjoy the break. 

family jobs pmdrawing in the flour pm

fruit kebabvegetable prints

rainbow fishrainbow paint

playdough fishrock pool

Nursery Week 5

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What a brillant and busy two weeks. We have had so much fun painting, writing, building, counting, dancing, singing and cooking. Enjoy the photos below.

We loved visiting the library and choosing a new book. Don't forget to bring them back every Friday in your special library bag.

A special THANK YOU to Mrs Cooper who came for a cup of coffee and cake to support the Macmillian Cancer charity last Friday morning. 

Reminders: Please send in a family photo, print or drawing by Monday 10th October. Check bags everyday. Please label all items of clothing. Parent consultations are on 13th October slips have been sent home

library pmrerading in den pm

building pmmark making pmmac millian ammac millian james

Our First Days in Nursery

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Welcome to our Nursery Blog!

We have had a wonderful beginning to Nursery. The children are settling in so well and we can't believe how quickly they have picked up the daily routines. The children have been enjoying exploring the different activities in our Nursery such as painting, the role play,water and sand play. The lovely weather we have had has enabled us to go outside and the bikes and scooters were a real hit! Please enjoy the photos below. The blog page is updated fortnightly please take alook with your child, a great ay to develop their communication skills.

Reminder: Nursery session times will change to 3 hours starting 26th September 8:30am-11:30am and 12:15pm -3:15pm

deck ammaking pm

bikes amipad am

minibeast pmoutdoors pm

outdoors pm 2pm tay

puzzles am


Nursery Living things

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Sports day fun! Thank you for coming to watch us in our sports races.

sportssports pm

We have enjoyed finding out about plants and life cycles in our living things topic. We enjoyed visiting the vegetable gardens. The strawberries were our favourite. We also planted our ownsunflower seeds and we have enjoyed watching them sprout. We can't believe how quickly they grow.

strawberriesplanting am

planting pmsunflowers

The sunflowers and plants have inspired us to make some beautiful pieces of artwork too.


art4art 1


Hot Weather and Health Week

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We have had a brillant two weeks.

We loved the hot summery weather and enjoyed making a water ramp in our playground. The water felt cool and it was fun watching it slide down the ramp.

waterwater 2

water 4water 5

water 6water n

water w

We have been enjoying Health Week. We loved meeting Harold the Giraffe inthe Life caravan. He taught us all about being clean, fit and healthy. We have also been doing many activites linked to keeping healthy. Washing babies, carving soap, ordering pictures about hand washing, investigating how germs spread, learning about healthy eating, finding out about the parts of our bodie and exploring our senses. We have also enjoyed Sports day. Look out for the photos next time.

washing babiesvegetable soup

skeletonhealoth ict

life caravanlife caravan pm


We have also made some lovely pictures

painting r and jaditya pic


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We have had a very busy last two weeks to the half term. We have loved visiting people around our school as part of the People Who Help Us theme. We have helped Mr Horne tidy, fix and paint. We loved visiting the school kitchen and dinning hall with Mrs Kingston and Mrs Rogers who made us toast and showed us a special cucumber chopping machine. We loved eating our toast like the 'big children' in the dinning hall. When we got back we made our own kitchen role play and went shopping for food. We also loved finding out about Mrs Hawkesworth's job, looking after the school gardens. We helped her tidy Abigail's Garden.

m.horne amm horne pm

cucumber amkitchen pm 2

toast juniorstoast pm

garden pmgarden am

We have aslo been busy learning our letters. We made jelly for 'j' and asome beautiful vegetable prints for 'v'.

We loved the Queen's Birthday Party. Here we are all dressed up.and the yummy cakes we made.

king day amking pm

queen cakes

Have a happy and relaxing half term break.


People Who help us

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We have had a couple of fantastic weeks finding out about Health Workers, which included a visit from Praramedics Rachel and Tom and their ambulance. Wow! We loved brushing our teeth at school and finding out about dentists. We thought of lots of ways we could stay safe and keep healthy.

ambulance inambulance out

ambulance backambulance inside

We went jogging, made fruit smoothies, brushed our teeth and sorted healthy and unhealthy food.


smoothie 2dentist

ict healthy

We also found out about helpers in our community. We helped Postman Pat in the post office and delivering his mail. We found out about road safetybeing a Lollipop Person and helped the Refuse Collectors recycle the rubbish. What busy week!



Emergency Services

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Wow! An exciting two weeks finding out how the Police Service and Fire Service help us. We were so lucky to have a visit from PC Francome and PC Branton and Firefighter Dixon.

PC Francome showed us her uniform and all the diffrerent equipment she needs to carry with her. We got to sit in PC Branton's police car and turn on the blue flashing lights.

Firefighter Dixon showed us all the equipment and uniform he needs to wear when fighting fires. He let some of us try on his uniform. It was very heavy.

We enjoyed doing lots of activities but our favourites were 'Police Dog training' and testing reflective materials for a Firefighter's uniform in our dark den with the torches.

polive visitpolice uniform

police car

firefighter DFirefighter D2

police dogs in trainingtesting

fire engine

People Who Help Us at Home

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We have had a a great week finding out about 'How People Help Us' at home. We have tried some of the tasks Mums and Dads do at home to help us, washing, shopping, painting, fixing, sweeping, cleaning, cooking.......

wasing disheswashing pm


sweepingpainting fence

fixing pmshop

babies pmbabies

We also thought you would enjoy the Easter photos. Thank you for coming to our Easter Bonnet Parade.

egg huntbonnet parade

bonnet parade 2easter nests

Ship Ahoy!

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Here are some more photos of the fun activities we enjoyed in our Pirate theme.

Making Maps

map making

Going on a treasure hunt and following clues around our school.

on the hunt

x marks the spot

treasuretreasure 2

And  so many otherte activities...Hanging up pirate pants, digging and counting treasure, making sparkly pladough treasures and sailing the roleplay pirate ship -Ahoy captain!

washingdigging for treasureplay dohroleplay

We have also enjoyed our 'Under the Sea' topic this week.

Bubble blowing was very popular! 

bubblesbubbles 2

 Junk modelling kept us all very busy, but look at the sea creatures we created from all that rubbish!



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