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Trip to Hatton Country World

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What a fantastic day!

On Tuesday a group of nearly seventy of us: children, parents/carers and teachers set off for Hatton Country World in Warwickshire. Despite a lot of traffic we were in high spirits as we arrived...

Coach small

We were so lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful sunny day making it possible to enjoy all of the facilities at Hatton...

Feeding animals 2 small

Feeding animals small

There were animals to feed and mountains to climb... well maybe not mountains, but we had great fun!

Inflateable small

Strange we didn't see our teachers slide down the inflateable. Maybe they weren't brave enough!

Living Things

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This half term we are thinking and learning all about Living Things.

We planted cress seeds and even made a tiny scarecrow so that the birds would stay away. These seeds have now grown into something that we can eat!

We have learned all about what plants need to grow and looked around our school environment for different sorts of plants.

Labellin flowers small

scarecrows small

Healthy Lifestyles

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We have had a fantastic week learning about how to keep ourselves healthy...

We have used our maths skills to investigate and compare the size of vegetables and their weights.

weighing veg small

Long veg small

We have learned all about our bodies, inside and out, and used our matching skills to label some large drawings...

body small

We actually drew around each other to get such large drawings!

We have used our ICT skills (we enjoyed our ICT week last week so much) to create healthy meals on the I-pads...

i pads meal small

We have used some new resources like this large Eatwell Plate that taught us all about what to eat.

new mat small

We have chosen foods and made our own healthy lunchboxes.

lunchbox small

It is only Thursday and the Healthy Lifestyles Week is not over! Tomorrow is our Sports Day and the sun is going to shine!!

Fun with ICT

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We have had an amazing week working with ICT and having a great time with our learning!

Using the microwave we made jelly - well, our letter of the wek was j! We were amazed that the microwave did what we told it by giving it instructions!

microwave small

We were so good at giving instructions by pressing buttons, that we were able to move the Beebots around aswell!

beebot 2 small

Beebot small

We had fun with torches...

Torches small

The I-pads are great for writing letters on and drawing pictures too.

ipads small

we also had our very own "Nursery's Got Talent" stage where we tried out the Easyspeak microphones and the cameras.

A favourite, particularly with the boys, was when we used the Remote Controlled cars.

Remote cars small

We have also been practising for our Sports Day which we are hoping that Mums, Dads and Grandparents are able to come to on Friday 5th June. See you then!


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We have continued our work looking at People Who Help Us and in particular the Police.

Look at how much fun we had looking for footprints...

finding foor print clues small

fingerprints small

We looked at our fingerprints closely too.

We really enjoyed pretending to be Police Dogs and taking part in an Agility Dog Training Class.

dog training small

People Who Help Us in the Community

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For the past couple of weeks we have had a really busy time thinking about all the people who help us in our communities.

We have had many visits including a nurse who brought a first aid kit with lots of bandages in, a dietician who told us which foods were good for us and which were not so good and a fireman who showed us some special heat resistant clothing. We have learned so much and had some fun too! Look at us trying on the fireman's clothes...

Firefighters small

We have learned about the role of a dentist and how to clean our teeth properly.

dentist 2 small

dentist 3 small

We would like to thank our visitors for coming in to see us. 

People Who Help Us at School

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We have continued our People Who Help Us topic, but have been thinking particularly about the people who help at school.

We have been very lucky with lots of visits and visitors this week...

We popped down to the kitchen to see what Mrs Kingston our cook was doing and while we were there we enjoyed a snack of toast!

Mr Horne came in to tell us about his work and we were even able to help him by picking up some litter and mending some broken things.

Tools small

Mrs Hawksworth took us into the school garden where she has a shed with lots of gardening tools and we planted some seeds. It's important work to make the school look beautiful!

Mrs H visit small

Mrs Juniper came into to talk about the Walking Bus and other ways of keeping safe around roads and traffic. We had lots of fun dressing up as Lollipop people and crossing people over on our zebra crossing.

crossing the road small

More fun next week!

People Who Help at Home

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Welcome back. Didn't the glorious sunshine make our Easter holidays even better? We hope you had a great time with your families and didn't eat too many chocolate eggs!!

This week we began our new topic which is People Who Help Us and in particular who helps us at home? The children have been cooking, cleaning and washing for much of the week!

washing up small

We have also been thinking about this week's letter of the week which has been f.

So we have been planting flowers...

Flowers small

and making fans.

Fan small

We must also mention that our current Role Play is a school so we have been doing a lot of extra learning!

Writing small


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For the past few weeks Nursery have been engaging in a number of exciting Pirate themed activities. The children's enthusiasm has been fantastic and we are all experts now at talking "Pirate" (Arrrr!)

We have been digging for treasure....

digging for treasure small


Searching for treasure by following clues...

treasure trail small

And making pirate maps...

making a pirate map small

We have of course still found time to celebrate Red Nose Day and make our Mums something special for Mother's Day!

Happy days!


Dressing up

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This week has been both busy and exciting in Nursery with two Dress Up days!

Firstly, on Monday, we celebrated the start of our new Pirate topic by dressing as pirates for the day. The children had much fun taking part in pirate activities...

Outdoor 1 small

outdoor 2 small

We have many more piarate activities planned for the coming weeks so look out for more photographs next time.

We also celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and dressed as our favourite book characters for the day. We were able to choose a book to take home in our "Book Swap Shop", made book marks and shared our favourite stories with Year 3. What's more, every child was given a voucher to spend at a book shop worth £1!

Book characters 1 small

Book characters 2 small

Thanks to our parents for providing two fabulous costumes for the same week!

Revisiting Ten Town

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Following our holiday we have spent the week brushing up on all our maths skills... We have been back to Ten Town and also have been searching the school for shapes!

shape 2 small

Our shape work in the classroom continued...

shape 3 small

Shape 1 small

It was great to see our old friends from Ten Town once again like King One and Tommy Two and we are really impressed with how many of our children that can count, recognise and match numbers and write their numbers correctly too. Well done to Nursery!

numbers 1 small

numbers 2 small

We have been amazed to find so many shapes and numbers in and around our environments. I wonder if the children will spot any at home or out and about ? Please come and tell us about your investigations...

Celebrate it's the Year of the Goat

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This week we have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We found out how the quarrelling animals decided who the year would be named after - by having a race... 2015 is the year of the goat or sheep!

We held our own Dragon Dance Parade in the playground.

dragon dance parade small

We were able to provide our own "Chinese style" music for our dragon to dance to...

music small

Obviously no celebration is complete without some special food! The children were really keen and enthusiastic to try everything on the menu!

food small 

We have done many other exciting things including making dragon puppets, lanterns, a role play Chinese restaurant, sending New Year cards and counting coins into lucky red envelopes. As always our work has been supported by ICT...

ict small

lanterns small

story small

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