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Autumn Celebrations

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This week we have been celebrating Autumn in Nursery, and thinking about Diwali and Bonfire Night in particular!

We took a walk arond our fantastic school site and found plenty of Autumn treasures!

Autumn walk small

We have added these treasures to our overflowing Autumn display table in Nursery...

Thinking about all of the lovely vegetables that are harvested at this time of year and of what food would warm us up if we were chilly, we made some tasty vegetable soup and enjoyed it at snacktime.

Harvest  vegetable soup small

We learned about the Hindu Festival of Lights- Diwali, and made our own lights using clay. These are very special and called Divas. We also tasted some delicious food that might be eaten during Diwali celebrations...

Indian food 1 small

Indian food 2 small

Ten Town Party!

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This week in Nursery we have been very busy meeting more Ten Town characters.

As Eric Eight is a snowman we used our science skills to investigate ice cubes in our water tray and even had a snowball fight!

Eric Eight 1 small

The Ten Town website has continued to prove itself as a super resource. The children love using it to play games and to practise their numbers..

.Nina Nine Bows 1 small

Our Ten Town work finished with a party where we shared not only milk and fruit, but biscuits too! We had a great sing song to all our Ten Town favourites.


Wonderful Numbers!

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This week in Nursery we have stayed in Ten Town...

Our work has continued to focus on numbers and the children have met some interesting characters: Freddie Four, Fiona Five, Seal Six and Sir Seven.

We have had some fun dressing up as Sir Seven and practising bowing to KIng One seven times!

Sir 7 2 small

We have also loved using the Ten Town website to play games and to practise writing our sevens...

Sir 7 1 small

We are so good at writing numbers now that we can do them independently!

Seal 6 1 small

Our Nursery is looking very smart with all of the pictures of numbers that we completed at home with our mums and dads.

Next we we are going to visit Ten Town for the last time and are excited to find out who we will meet...

Welcome to Ten Town!

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This week Nursery have been on an exciting visit to Ten Town which is an imaginary place where numbers live. The children have met with King One, Tommy Two and Thelma Three.

Many of our activities have been number based and we are delighted to see that the children are enthusiastic about numbers....

Zero pond small

Here the children are clearing out Zero Pond which is full of rubbish unlike our school pond, which we also visited.

King One small

The children enjoyed making crowns and dressing up like King One.

Tommy Two small

The children have been practising writing their numbers as often as they can - the Ten Town rhymes for each number help. Tommy Two is a difficult number to write, but saying "Hands round to knees, then straight across please" really helps.

Thelma Three small

Thelma Three tried to steal King One's jam tarts. We didn't do that... We made jam tarts instead!

Next week we are staying in Ten Town and meeting some more numbers. How exciting!

Further Explorations

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This week in Nursery we have been exploring again. Look at how much fun we had when we visited the Tyre Park which we "discovered" next to the Pirate Ship!

Tyre Park 1 sm

Tyre Park 2 sm

Tyre Park 3 sm

Tyre Park 4 sm

As you can see we are still enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather and making the most of our fabulous school environment!

Visiting the Library

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This week the children have further explored their new environment and visited the library! Every Friday the children will go to our fabulous school library to browse and choose a book to borrow for the week. We would like to encourage all of our parents to share this story with their children and to write a comment in their Reading Record Cards,

Look at how grown up the children are:

Library 4 sm

Library 3 sm

Library 2 sm

Library 1 sm

Please remember to send your child's library books and cards into Nursery on Friday each week. We have provided a special plastic book bag for this purpose.

Bikes, Cars and Scooters!

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All of our Nursery children are enjoying exploring their wonderful new environment. We are very lucky to be able to use the outdoor areas frequently and this week we took advantage of the glorious Autumn sun and played on the bikes and scooters in Reception's playground...

bikes 2 small

bikes 3 small

bikes small

Let's hope the decent weather continues as we have so much more exploring to do. We haven't been to the Pirate Ship or Tyre Park yet!

Look at our Wonderful Nursery!

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Welcome to Nursery!

welcome small

All of our children have settled extremely well into our Nursery and have had a super first few days exploring and making new friends. We have been very impressed with their enthusiasm and behaviour.

Many thanks to our parents who have supported our Induction process, ensuring that their children arrive happy and smiling. We hope that you can see that as they leave us, they are still happy and smiling...

Each week you will find out more about what your child has been doing at Nursery from this blog and see photos of them having a great time as they learn!

Friends 1 small

Friends 2 small

friends 3 small

Friends 4 small

Good bye Nursery

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Yesterday the Nursery performed their show Each Peach Pear Plum to a packed hall of mums, dads, grandparents, friends and goodness knows who else!?

The children, once again, did themselves proud... They were spectacular - everyone said so, and enjoyed the performance.

Our travelling bears are off on their holidays- guess where they are going?

Bears small

yes, they are off to sunny Spain to visit their families - don't worry Verde has not been lost... he has simply caught an earlier flight!

Perhaps they'll come and tell us about their adventures next year...

The nursery team, Mrs Parkes, Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Hampson would like to thank all of our children for being wonderful and their parents for giving us such tremendous support throughout the year. We will really miss all of you!

Have a fantastic holiday and remember to come back to see us next year so we can see if you have grown!

Butterfly Party

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This week we have celebrated our Living Things topic by releasing our butterflies in Abigail's Garden. We have watched them grow for many weeks from tiny caterpillars, to larger caterpillars, to cocoons and finally butterflies.

butterfly release 1 small

butterfly release 2 small

butterfly release 3 small

We even had a special party to say "good bye" to our beautiful butterflies!

Wonderful Wonderland!

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On Tuesday Nursery was closed while 30 children, along with an adult, accompanied Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Hampson to Wonderland in Telford for their end of year trip. The weather was very kind to them as it was sunny ALL DAY!

See how much fun they had...

Wonderland 3 small

Wonderland 2 small

Wonderland 1 small

Everyone was really well behaved (even the teachers) and everyone said that it was a lovely end to a fantastic year!

Our other very exciting news this week is that we have butterflies!! Our caterpillars all became cocoons last week and today another change has happened...

butterflies 2 small

Butterflies 1 small



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This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the life cycle of butterflies. We have enjoyed listening to and watching the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have also been watching our caterpillars very closely and have noticed that they are no longer large caterpillars but are now cocoons! We think we know what is going to happen next... We are really excited!

butterflies small

Next week we may have some more news....

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