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Busy week in Nursery!

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Nursery children have had a really busy week working with Elmer the elephant to learn their colours.


They have also met a new friend called Ginger who has taught them some special "Listening Rules."

Meeting Ginger small

On Friday they went to the library to change their books and share a story.

library 2 small

Thank goodness the children can have a rest over the week end...What a busy week!

Everyone is now doing their full three hour sessions and are doing really well.

Parachute Fun

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This week in Nursery we haven't let the rain spoil our fun... When we haven't been able to go outside, we have been able to use our "spare" room for some exciting songs and parachute games.

parachute sm

We have been thinking about our changing seasons and have started collecting interesting things for our Autumn Nature Table!

All the Nursery Staff are really pleased with how the children have continued to settle down. Everyone is trying really hard to be independent. Well done!

The Nursery Team 

Welcome to Nursery!

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We have had  a wonderful start to the year in Nursery. All of our children are coming into Nursery and leaving with smiles on their faces!

We have managed to play outside every day (nearly) and the children are really enjoying our new Role Play shed situated in the Nursery garden.

Inside, Nursery looks wonderful with lots of colourful pictures and paintings on the wall already.

Keep checking the blog to see our exciting activities.

The Nursery Team

What a fantastic week!

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We have been very busy this week performing our show. On Tuesday we performed to Reception and Key Stages 1 and 2. They were a brilliant audience and we think they enjoyed the show.

On Thursday we performed for the final time to our mums, dads, grandmas, grandads, aunties, uncles and loads more people who we had invited. It was brilliant (although rather hot) and everyone laughed and applauded and even cheered. It was a real celebration of our fantastic time in nursery. Mrs Parkes, Mrs Hollis and Mrs Ruffle are very proud.

Now we are getting ready to have our long summer holiday - we have already said goodbye to Mrs Parkes who won't see us again until after the holiday.

Our teachers want to say a big thank you for all the presents, cards and thanks that they have received over the past couple of days.

A Healthy Week in Nursery

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This week we have been thinking about how we can stay healthy.

We have visited the Health Caravan where we found out how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy. We met a new friend Harold the Giraffe.

In nursery we have made Ginger Bear a healthy lunchbox, bandaged our poorly teddies in the Teddy Bear Hospital, bathed the babies in the Baby Clinic and made delicious fruit kebabs!

We held our very own Sports Day and everyone raced with their friends in the sunshine. We celebrated with an ice cold lolly (thanks from the PTA) before going home for a week-end of SUN!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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We have had a wonderful time this week in Nursery going on our holidays to the seaside. We have learned all about the sights and sounds of the good old British seaside. We have enjoyed making ice-creams, packing our suitcases, painting beach huts and having our own Punch and Judy shows. We are amazed that the sun has even shone for us this week too!

Camping fun in Nursery

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Nursery have had such fun this week learning about Camping !!

We have made lists of the things we need to take on a camping adventure, sewn sleeping bags for the teddies to keep them warm and enjoyed our campsite role-play area.

We also made our own sandwiches for our camping picnic. The children were expert sandwich makers, spreading the butter and then the jam or cheese.

We had a lovely picnic with all of our friends and our sandwiches were very yummy.

Transport in the Nursery

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Our new topic this week in Nursery has been Transport.

The children have really enjoyed talking about all the different types of transport they know, from cars and trains to submarines and limousines !!  Our role-play area is now a school bus,  we have floated boats in the marina and built complicated train tracks for the trains.

We have really enjoyed the sunshine which has allowed us to be outside exploring different types of transport, looking for aeroplanes and counting and tallying cars in the car-park. ***COOL***

We have also enjoyed looking at and sorting 'old and new transport', the children thought some of the old planes and bikes were very funny ! ***SMILE***


The Caterpillar Crew ... grew up, and became beautiful Butterflies last week !!!!   We have lots of photographs to show the children and we are all very proud that we we did a great job in looking after them.

Mini beasts and under the sea !

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We have been looking at so many different animals and habitats in Nursery.  We enjoyed mini-beast hunting and making clay models of our favourites mini beasts.  They are looking really beautiful now that they have been painted, the window sills are covered in worms, ladybirds, snails and spiders !! We have also really enjoyed our under the sea focus this week, painting and collaging fish, listing creatures under the sea and practising our careful cutting and writing skills. ***exciting caterpillar news*** We now have four cocoons  !!!!!!

Sunflowers and Life-cycles in Nursery

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We have been really busy in Nursery learning all about Sunflowers and Life-cycles, it has been so exciting ! Last week we planted some Sunflowers and we have been watching and watching and .....they are growing already  We painted some beautiful Sunflower pictures like Vincent Van Gogh and made some lovely sunflowers using sunflower seeds.  They all look great on our display in our nursery Garden Centre. Linking to Sunflowers we have learnt all about Life-cycles this week.  We been looking at sunflowers and caterpillars and how they change and grow. 

BREAKING NEWS  - Our special guests 'The Caterpillar Crew' have arrived and are growing EVERYDAY, we cannot wait till their next growing cycle.


A busy week in Nursery

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This week in Nursery we have been sooooo busy after returning from our lovely Easter Break. 

We learnt all about ourselves and each other and shared some of our baby photographs - gosh how much we have grown !! Wink

We have really enjoyed our new mark-making area, we have been writing labels really well on our own and had great fun in our new Baby Clinic role-play area.

We have also been making our family trees and talking about how different we and are families are.

Lastly, we had a special visit from the Ambulance Service on Friday. We had a lovely time looking inside the ambulance and setting off the siren !!!!



People who help to keep us healthy

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In Nursery we have been learning all about who helps to keep us healthy. We looked at the important job that a Doctor does and had a lovely time looking after each other.



Then we had fun being Dentists cleaning Mr Croc's teeth....


...sorting which foods are healthy and unhealthy for our teeth....


and making the nasty yellow teeth all clean and shining bright !!


Next we learned all about an Optician and made our own glasses and ...


...used our eyes to read books about animals.


We had a fun time dancing like animals to celebrate Red Nose Day 2013 and have raised money to help others keep healthy !!








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