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Reception Curriculum Information for Parents 2020-21

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We are always keen to ensure that parents know as much as possible about the learning that your child enjoys in school. We would usually hold a Curriculum Workshop in order to share an overview and information about teaching and leanring in Reception and give you an insight into the structure of the Early Years and the activities that your child participates in each day.

This year, restrictions mean that we are unable to invite parents into school to have such a workshop but I have put together a PowerPoint full of the information that would have been shared in the meeting this year.

Please follow the link below to take a look and learn a little more about life in EYFS...

Excellent Work WB 23.11.20

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This week our excellent work has been created by Erin in RDG and both Sammy and Izaan in RJS! Well done to all of you, what fabulous work you have produced!

RDG Week 12

Erin, you listened really well in your maths lessons and were confident in using what you had learnt to find one less than different numbers. You were able to complete the task and the extra challenge question that you were asked too! What a super learner! Well done!

RJS Week 12

Izaan and Sammy, you both made your teachers very proud this week by showing fantastic resilience and perseverance skills to make your winter mittens. You listened carefully and then developed your threading skills with great independence - you barely needed any help from an adult at all! Wow! Great work boys!

Excellent Work WB 16.11.20

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This week, our excellent work was created by Edie in RJS and Amelie in RDG.

RJS Week 11

Edie, you have used your creative skills to create a lovely picture from the story of Stickman. You were able to talk about the picture; who the characters were and what setting they were in. You know and understand the Stickman story really well. Brilliant!

RDG Week 11

Amelie, you too have created a super image from the story of Stickman using your creative craft skills. You have selected the shapes and materials well to build a picture of Stickman and his family next to the family tree. Well done! A super job!


Money money money

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This will be our final blog to be posted on the website as we will be changing the way in which we will share our learning activities with you over the coming weeks. Look out for the letter which will explain a little more...

Please do still visit the website weekly as we will be continuing to share the work on our excellence board this way but, for now, enjoy looking at our learning for this week. We have had lots of fun!

We have begun to explore the story of Stickman in English and have been learning to retell the story with actions. We have been doing such a good job! We know the story brilliantly already! As part of this, we have enjoyed continuous provision activities on the theme of Stickman including using construction materials to build tree houses, retelling the story with our small world tuff spot and using collage and craft skills to create images from the story. We have been developing maths skills too by measuring stick characters from the story using a range of resources and ordering sticks according to their size...

Construction  Craft stickman

Craft stickman 2  Small world

Measuring maths Ordering sticks

Our wider curriculum learning has focused on money this week. In science, we have explored the most effective ways to clean pennies and investigated which materials and techniques are best to use. We have used our art skills to create money trees using coin rubbings and have continued to work on our fine motor and cutting skills to construct coin caterpillars!

Coin cleaning Coin cleaning 2 Coin cleaning 3 Coin cleaning 4

Coin cleaning 5 Coin cleaning 6

Coin rubbing 1 Coin rubbing 2

Coin rubbing 3 Coin rubbing final

Caterpillars 2 Caterpillars 3 

Caterpillars 4 Caterpillars 5

Caterpillars 1  Caterpillars final

In PE, we warmed up using the 'Simon Says' game to both test our listening skills and to explore moving in different ways. We then have been learning the five basic rolls. We have been developing control and technique by practising each roll and performing it for our friends.

PE 1 PE 3

PE 4 PE 5

PE 6 PE 7

PE 8 PE 9

Lights, lamps and action!

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We have had another busy week in Reception in which we have been very active and creative!

In our English lessons, we have continued to learn and recite our clas poem. We have added actions to help us begin to perform it and have explored the repeated language which we spotted throughout the text.

In Maths we have been continuing to explore 'one more' and have been using practical resources and stories (such as The Gingerbread Man and The Enormous Turnip) to notice 'one more' patterns and count how many characters or objects we could see each time another was added.

Our free flow choices have linked to our learning and helped us develop our fine motor, cutting, creative and problem solving skills. These activities have included; constructing paper diwali lanterns, colouring by numbers, creative colouring, using construction materials, building 'one more' towers, matching numerals to sets of objects to be able to open locked padlocks, creating rangoli patterns using both mixed media and our Numicon shapes, creating Mendhi designs suing our ICT skills and applying our phonics skills to help us building simple words to match pictures.

Construction Creative colouring

Diwali lanterns   Diwali lanterns 2


Easel colouring  Easel colouring 2  Maths number padlocksWord building  Word building 2

Maths number one more towers  Mendhi hands ICT

Maths rangoli 2 Maths rangoli 2

Rangoli  Rangoli 2 Rangoli 3  

This week we took our PE lesson outside and used a range of games equipment to explore throwing, catching, kicking and rolling as well as finding different ways to move, travel and jump! We had great fun working both by ourselves and with our friends to develop our skills.


 PE4  PE5


Out wider curriculum focus this week has been Diwali. We have learnt about the Festival of Light and begun to understand that people across the world have different traditions, celebrations, beliefs and cultures. As the festival is about light, we focused our tasks on lamps making clay diva lamps (to develop our art and modelling skills), constructing paper plate diva lamps (to develop our cutting and joining DT skills) and finding out about lava lamps in our science activity to begin to understand and investigate how they work!

Science lava lamps  Science lava lamps 2  Science lava lamps 3

Science lava lamps 5  Science lava lamps 6

Diva lamp Diva lamp 2

Diva lamp 3 Diva lamp 4

 Paper plate diva   Paper plate diva 2

Paper plate diva 3  Paper plate diva 5

Paper plate diva 4 Paper plate diva 6 Paper plate diva 7

Paper plate diva final                                                       

We have had a busy, busy week but it has been great fun!

Excellent Work WB 09.11.20

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This week, our Excellent work is brought to us by Henry W and Jessica in RJS and by Leo in RDG.

RJS Week 10

Henry, your finished Diwali lantern shows your excellent cutting skills. You controlled the scissors well to make the slit in your lantern and used good joining and finishing techniques to construct the final lantern shape. Well done!

Jessica, you used your creative skills well to make your paper plate diva lamp. You listened carefully and followed the instructions well and then chose your decorations carefully to make a beautiful final product. Well done!

RDG Week 10

Leo, you have done a great job of beginning to write simple sentences. you have used your phonics well to sound out and spell words and thought carefully about the repeated language from our class poem. Well done!

Poetry, patterns and plenty of fun!

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This week, we have begun to explore and learn our class poem, Each Peach Pear Plum. We have listened out for the rhyming words and have been joining in with parts of the poem as we begin to learn it by heart. In our continuous provision, we have had activities linked to the poem to enjoy such as; writing a list of fruits that we would choose to put in a pie, using our fine motor skills to complete a basket picture with some simple weaving and continuing to develop our number skills by counting and recording fruits that we have put in a giant pie using large tweezers!

Writing  Writing 2

Weaving  Maths counting

Maths Counting 2

We have continued to explore comparing groups in our maths lessons and develop our use of mathematical vocabulary and have extended our maths investigating and learning through our free flow activities by enjoying activities linked to shape. We have drawn 2D rocket shape pictures and created shape pictures using our 2D shape templates whilst investigating and recognising the shapes using our maths word mats.

Shape pictures  Exploring shapes

We have been very creative this week too! As part of our independent activities, we have created fork firework explosions at the easel and worked with others to make large scale firework paintings using printing techniques.

Easel firework Easel fireworks

Firework painting

In our wider curriculum learning, we have created sparkly firework art to represent our learning about Bonfire Night as a festival which is celebrated every year and have also enjoyed making edible sparklers as we investigated the properties of materials and how they change when heated or cooled.

Sparkly art Sparkly art 2

Sparkly art 3 Sparkly art 4

Sparkly art 5 Sparkly art 6

Sparkly art 7 Edible sparklers 2

Edible sparklers 3 Edible sparklers 4

Edible sparklers 5 Edible sparklers 6 Edible sparklers 7 Edible Sparklers

In our science work, we went to the forest schools area this week to investigate floating and sinking. We had to make predictions about which fruits, vegetables and objects would float or sink and then test our ideas! It was great fun being scientists again and enjoying more of our learning outdoors.

Floating and sinking  Floating and sinking 2

Excellent Work WB 02.11.20

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Our Excellent Work this week has been created by Matilda in RJS and Jessica in RDG. Weel done to both of you for some great learning and super work this week!

RJS Week 9

RJS Week 9 close up

Matilda worked very hard using her phonics to sound out the names of things that we could see in the picture during our 'I Spy' game. She has been practising her leter formation and name writing lots and the progress she has made is brilliant! Great work Matilda!

RDG Week 9

Jessica used some super mathematical vocabulary when she was talking about and comparing sets of objects in maths this week. She could see which groups had more or fewer and used resources and pictures to help represent the groups. Fantastic work Jessica!

Fabulous holiday homework!

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Some children in RJS made beautiful models as part of their half term homework about mini-beasts.

They loved showing them to their classmates and talking about how they had made them. What great work! Well done!

Week 8 Mini beast homework TH Week 8 Mini beast homework JT  Week 8 Mini beast homework IG

Excellent Work WB 19.10.20

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This week, the excellent work in Reception has been created by Grace (RJS) and Darcey (RDG).

RJS Week 8

Grace, you used your noticing skills and your fine motor skills brilliantly to copy an image of Little Miss Muffet. You chose appropriate colours and you stayed on task for some time to make sure that it was finished to a good standard. Well done!

RDG Week 8

Darcey, you did a super job of writing a get well card to Humpty Dumpty for your book task this week. You thought carefully about your letter formation and you used your knowledge and understading of phonics to help you sound out and spell the words. A great job!

Magnificent Mini Beasts

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This week, a lot of our learning has been centred around the theme of mini beasts. We have enjoyed continuous provision which has incorporated this theme in both our English and Maths rooms.

In English, we have been learning and reciting nursery rhymes as an introduction to poetry and rhyme (which has linked to our music learning this half term too!) and we have been drawing images from nursery rhymes at the easel, retelling familiar nursery rhymes, using our fine motor skills to create spider webs like Incy Wincy Spider might have lived in.

Easel  Easel 2  FairyTale Snap

Spider Web 1 Spider Web 2 Spider Web 3


In Maths, we have been comparing sets of numbers and exploring the vocabulary linked to this such as more, less, fewer and equal.

Ladybird Maths Maths Number

In our other free flow activities, we have enjoyed things such as investigating mini beasts with science equipment, using cutting skills to create mini beast habitats in collage, using our fine motor skills to show our recognition and understanding of number by collecting pom poms with tweezers and enjoying building with construction.

Collage pics Collage pics 2

 Mini Beasts 1  Construction

Mini beasts 2

Our wider curriculum activities this week have also focused on minibeasts with our science helping us to learn facts about spiders before investigating how spider webs work and why they are important, continuing to practise our cutting skills to create spider art and developing our fine motor skills through some food technology work to make edible caterpillars!

Spider web science Spider web science 2

Spider web science 3 Spider art

Spider art 2 Spider art 3

Spider art 4 Spider art 5

Spider art 6 Edible caterpillars Edible caterpillar 2

Edible caterpillar 3 Edible caterpillar 4

Looking at light...

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This week in school, we have continued to complete tasks and activities linked to our English text (Beauty and The Beast). We have begun to use and apply our phonics learning to identify initial sounds in words and to help us spell out some simple words. We have been working really hard on continuing to form our letters correctly too! Our teachers have been encouraging us to try writing independently so we have been playing a game of 'I Spy' using images from Disney's Beauty and the Beast to write a list of all the things that we can see.

  Independent writing 2  Independent writing

In our free flow activities, we have been very creative and have enjoyed painting, arts and crafts and small world play in which we have been encouraged to invent and tell our own fairy tales.

Painting  Beast Mask

Beast Mask 2

Mirror craft  Mirror craft 2

Small world

Although we are still practising our number and counting skills in our activities druing maths, we have focused this week on exploring grouping objects. We have had to think about ways in which to group different items and have been challenged to explain our ideas and reasoning. We have also used our computing skills to enjoy sorting games on the interactive screen.

Button sorting  Button sorting 3

Button sorting 2  Computing maths

Maths table

Our wider learning focus has been all about light this week. Our science investigation this week was called ‘Milky Northern Lights’ and we had a lot fo fun creating our own Northern Lights after learning all about the spectacular swirling colours which can be seen in the sky! We also learnt about the effect of light and why this is significant in inventions such as stained glass and kaleidoscopes. We enjoyed exploring colours and lights by making our own kaleidoscopes and stained glass butterflies.

Northern Lights  Northern Lights 2

Northern lights 3

Kaleidoscopes  Kaleidoscopes 2

Butterflies  Butterflies 2

Butterflies 3 Butterflies 4

Butterflies 5 Butterflies 8

Butterflies 6

Butterflies 7 Final Butterflies

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