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Treats and Sweets!

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We started the week by helping the wolf organise sweets needed for his party to say sorry to the three little pigs.


reading fairy tales

We have also enjoyed sharing lots of traditional tales.


dress up

We ended our week with a treat day.  We enjoyed dressing up, playing with lots of our toys and having our pyjama party in the afternoon. 

A great end to our first half term!

Gingerbread to Pink

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gingerbread dog

As part of our Gingerbread theme this week we all became investigators to find different characters trying to eat the Gingerbread Man.



During Maths we were looking at ordering different objects.  RH ordered children into height order.



Friday was a day of Pink, all for a good cause.



To finish our Pink day we decorated our own biscuits.  We used pink icing and pink decorations.  They were VERY tasty!


Little Red Hen

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Our story this week was Little Red Hen.  We were able to link so many of activities to the story and characters.

As The Little Red Hen was trying to make bread all by herself were created our very own roll sandwiches.  We had to roll out the bread, spread a thin layer of filling and them roll it up. We all loved eating them!


During our Maths lessons we have been looking at adding two groups together.  Little Red was having a party and she wasn't sure how much bread to make so it was our job to add up all the guests.



Each week as part of our PSHE lessons we share our family box.  Each child wil have the opportunity to talk it home, fill it with all their favourite things and then share them with their family group. 


A final part of a week was doing all about 2D and 3D shapes.  Do you know what this shape it?


Going Travelling

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This week we have all been really busy travelling around.

We started our week by looking at our school grounds.  In groups we went and looked at different areas of our grounds and thought about who used them and why the area was important.

Drawing 1

We took the time to really take in our surroundings and draw pictures of the areas we looked at.  Can you tell where these pictures were taken?

drawing 2

During our PE lessons this week we returned to the jungle.  We thought about the different animals we would see and pretended to be them.  Can you guess what animals we are? A clue is they have large mouths that snap shut.

PE crocodile

We finished our week by talking about lots of different 2D shapes.  We used the large 2D shapes to make lots of different pictures.  Can you guess what it is?


Busy Busy Week!

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In Reception this week we have been really busy.

One of the activities in RH this week has been to make a clay face using lots of different medias.  Can you see the different media used?

clay face


The iPads have been one of the favourite sessions this week.  Children were able to play on their own iPad to practise their letter formations.  Some children followed a train, others had to each the food around the letter.


As part of our All About Me topic we have all helped to paint a giant face for displays in the classroom.



Other materials we used to make faces we found around the school.  We went on hunts to find leaves and sticks to create our own pictures.

leaf faces


We have all settled very well into Reception and are looking forward to the rest of the year!

Settling In Well

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In Reception we have been working hard and settling into our new school routines.


Alex RH

Miss Hopwood came and sang songs to us about different animals and told us the story of the boy who cried wolf. Can anybody remember the song and actions?



We all worked really hard on our Maths this week.  We were having to touch count different objects.  Some of us even got up to 15!!


school tour

As part of our settling in time we went on a school tour to go meet new teachers, new children and look around the Oaks building.



One of our favourite lessons this week has been our PE lesson!  We pretended we were in the jungle and had to escape lions and snakes.  Next week we will be carrying on our jungle themed PE lessons and we can't wait!

New Life in Reception

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All three reception classes have been looking after their own animals recently; RHC have had tadpoles, RD have got chick eggs and RG have got caterpillars.

WELL….things are starting to happen!!

RHC’s tadpoles have be moved down to the new pond on the Key Stage 2 field.  We have all been down to visit them recently and we can’t wait for them to become fully grown frogs.

RD is proud to announce their first chick is born!  At 8:19am today the first chick was able to peck its way out of its egg and is now taking in its surroundings.  Mrs Duckers is over the moon!!

RG no longer have 5 caterpillars but 5 cocoons!  It is now time for them to be moved into their net home, so hopefully in 2 weeks their will become the most beautiful butterflies.

It is such an exciting time in Reception!!

Indian Visitors

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In Reception this week we have been showing off our singing and dancing skills.

As part of the Indian visitors assembly, we sang songs from our class assemblies. RG sang You Are My Shineshine and RHC sang The Rainbow Song, each class did a little dance during their songs.

Although RD didn't sing a song, they had possibly the most important role. Children from RD presented our visitors with gifts from the year group. The gifts included school bags, school water bottles and uniquely designed flower pots (which were made as part of our Business Enterprise Products.)

We also had an enjoyable week practising a money skills!

As part of My Money Week and Business Enterprise we looked at giving change. We got to play shops and buy different toys from our friends in exchange for money.

We all know the importance of understanding money so this week really gave us a chance to develop our coin recognition.

1960's Day

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What a fantastic day we have had!  Our clothes ranged from flower power through to spacemen.

We learnt all about the 1960's through our Maths lesson by creating a number line of events. Here are some of the facts we learnt:

    1960 when Lego first came to Britain.

    1962 Andy Warhol exhibits "Campbell's Soup Can."  We talked about who Andy Warhol was and how he was mentioned in the recent film Men in Black 3.

    1965 is when Mary Quant featured the mini skirt in a fashion show

    1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. (Of course we already knew that fact!)

Throughout the day we listened to music from the 1960's, including Dusty Springfield, Monster Mash, Elvis Presley and the music from Hairspray the Musical.

We all think it was a great experience!

Incy Wincy Spider

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Wow what a fantastic week Reception have had!

We launched our new topic 'Mini-beasts' by going out into our beautiful grounds to search for hidden mini-beasts. The children have been very excited and surprised with all the bugs they have been able to find.

Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Lyndon kindly gave up their time to create a bug hotel with the children across the year group. Take some time with your child to have a look at our super 5* hotel, fit for royalty. (Outside RHC).

On Thursday the children embarked on their very first school trip to Umberslade Farm. We all had a super day, feeding the lambs and goats, holding rats, rabbits and chicks and even catching our very own hens! We were all very brave and well behaved and the teachers were very proud of the children for representing our school so well!

Many thanks for your continued support

Reception Team

Whole School Science Day

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Wednesday saw us in a whole school 'Mad Science' assembly. It was very exciting and there were lots of amazing experiments. We then went back to class and carried out our own experiments.

In RD the children used construction and different materials to make bridges, we had to think about what would make the bridge strong and whether it could hold a car or a person............

RG experimented with water; how to make the best bubbles and what objects would float and sink.

In RHC it was all about Colour, mixing primary colours, putting colour in the water for plants to see what happens.

We also had a visit from the Paramedics who told us all about their busy jobs and then let us sit on the Ambulance. We realised that there is nothing to be scared of, it was a bit like a Camper Van!!

Unfortunately the computer is a bit under the weather today so pictures will follow next week.

People Who Help Us

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It has been a busy week in Reception, we have had lots of visitors in to talk about their jobs and have celebrated Red Nose Day.


Kobe’s Dad came in and talked to us all about his uniform and his job as a Policeman.  We all enjoyed making lots of noise by turning the sirens and flashing lights on in the police car.


We have looked at different people that help us in our local community and have enjoyed using our role play areas to act out the jobs.  What do you think this girl is?















Mr and Mrs Dixon came in to talk about their jobs as dentists.  They told us all about the importance of looking after our teeth.




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