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RD visit to Bridge School

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On Thursday afternoon, Mrs Allen, Mrs Rowney and six children from RD set off to visit the children of Bluebells class at Bridge School. Their school mini bus, driven by Dave, came to pick us up!


When we arrived the children were just back from their lunch so we all sat around the table to welcome each other. We sang a special song and used sign language as well.


Then it was time for the Bluebells to practise their song for their Christmas show. We sang 'Twinkle twinkle little star'.......


....and we used instruments to beat a rhythm.........


We had a fantastic time with the children of the Bluebells class and look forward to going back again soon. Thank you to Mark, Lyn and Miriam for making us so welcome.

Back at school now and reception have been very busy learning about 3D shapes, we have described them and built with them.


We are also getting ready for Christmas and so we had the really important job of writing to Santa to tell him how good we have been! We also asked for some presents for Christmas!! Then it was off to the post box to deliver the letters!


Fingers crossed everyone!!!

Beauty and the Beast

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What a week!!  We have been working so hard on our numbers, shapes and writing this week we are ready for a rest at the weekend.  Laughing

As part of our Tradition Tales topic we have started watching Beauty and the Beast.  In our  lessons next week we will be doing lots of work based on the story of Belle and the Beast, including writing, role play, art work, PSHE and work on shapes.

We look forward to sharing it all with you next week!  Laughing

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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We just had to build bridges! and we did, using various types of construction....



Talking of Bridges, RD had a visit from Mark Warren of Bridge School in Erdington to tell us all about their very special school and the children in his class. We are really excited as RD will forge links with Mr Warrens class and we will share our work, experiences and hopefully arrange visits with some of the children in the future. Here he is sharing his pictures with the class.


Reception continue to learn Spanish and this week we concentrated on numbers..


On Friday we celebrated Diwali and two of our children brought in their beautiful clothes that they wore when they celebrated with their families on Tuesday.


Some of the children decorated Rangoli patterns as part of our Diwali activities.


We also enjoyed activities for 'Children in Need' on Friday and the children came to school dressed in pyjamas or book characters.....

pudsey_sml did the staff!!



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Another traditional tale and the children really enjoyed looking at still shots from the film and talking about the feelings of the Characters and the camera angles that are used to create an effect.

We then designed a house from Cinderella to the mice to say 'thank you' for helping her.

We used big boxes........




.....and construction!


The Gingerbread Man

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You can't read this story and not make Ginger cake!!! The children all helped to mix the ingredients.


We finger painted gingerbread men..........


.........and we went on a treasure hunt to find the Gingerbread Man! (we found him, and he had stickers for everyone!!)


During PE we used the parachute to act out the story, the went 'over' the river and 'under' the bridge.


The Three Little Pigs

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The children are getting really good at acting out the Traditional Tales and they are thinking of props they could use to help with the play. These children decided to use the shed as the house of Bricks!


We have created characters from the story using paper plates!!



To finish the week Mr Wolf decided to have a party to say 'sorry' to the Three Little Pigs for scaring them and blowing their houses down!!! All the children in Reception were invited and they each iced a cake to take with them and had a little disco!





Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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After reading the story, these girls decided to make a cottage for the bears......


.......and these boys made a chair for Goldilocks to sit on (lets hope she doesn't break it!!)


In our maths lessons we have been learning how to add 1 or 2 more to a number. We started with the three bears and they invited two friends to tea, how many are at the party now? The children counted 'on' to find the answer.


The children have got changed for PE this week for the first time and were brilliant; hardly any clothes got mixed up!!!! Here they are warming up (where are your shorts Mrs Clark?!!!)


Jack and the Beanstalk

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This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We acted out the story using props; firstly masks......


....and then we used instruments to make the different sounds of the characters.


We have also been doing lots of writing as we continue to learn new letters, the sounds that they make and their correct formation.


At the start of the week, Mrs Hawksworth came to talk to us about road safety. She then took us outside to practise. The children were very sensible; they listened for traffic as they looked left, right and left again and, when it was safe to do so, walked swiftly across the road.


Well done to all the children!

The Little Red Hen and Funny Bones

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This week we have started looking at Traditional Tales and we began with 'The Little Red Hen'. The children learn actions to help retell the story, can you guess what animal they are pretending to be here?


Our next story for the week was 'Funny Bones' and these boys worked together to build the skeleton. Good team work boys!


During our maths sessions we have been looking at 2D shapes, learning their names and counting the sides and corners. These children created pictures on the floor using large sponge shapes..........


...........and these children created shape pictures with paint.


How neat is this little girls tracing of shapes, fantastic pencil control!


Our First Full Week

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The children have adapted really well and are quickly picking up the routines of the day. We have been sharing our 'All about me' books which are fantastic.


Sand is always popular..........

sand_RD_sml is the water!!


Mrs Harding enjoyed her lunch with the children this week, they thought it was very funny!!!!


Our first week

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We are so proud of all our children who have settled in to school life really well. They have been so busy at activities. These children had fun measuring out pasta!


These children did some lovely colouring


By snack time everyone is ready to eat and drink!!


Then it's time for more activities! The weather has been quite kind to us this week so the children have enjoyed being outside. Water play is always popular!!!


After a busy morning it is down to the hall for lunch; decisions, decisions!!


Well done Reception on a fantastic first week.

Fruit Kebabs

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This week we have been looking at the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar’ and during our circle time we talked about foods that were healthy and foods that are very tasty but to be healthy we should only eat them in moderation. We enjoyed making some tasty fruit kebabs which included; strawberries, pineapple and mango. One child even said “That pineapple was the best thing I have ever eaten in my whole life”.

We had a super treat on Tuesday as we went to watch the Year 6 production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It was a fantastic show and we all really enjoyed it!

We are looking forward to Sports Day on Thursday and hope that it can go ahead. Please come along and support us and keep your fingers crossed for good weather!



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