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Having Fun!

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Reception have had another great week in school! We have looked at colour and thought about all the colours around us. We enjoyed getting all the weeds out of our raised beds and then planeted daffodil bulbs. Hopefully we will see them start to grow in the Spring. We enjoyed dancing in PE and in Maths we counted out different amounts of objects and matched them to the correct Numicon piece.

Photo 25 09 2017 10 53 53 Mobile

Photo 25 09 2017 11 02 52 Mobile

Photo 26 09 2017 14 26 27 Mobile

Photo 27 09 2017 13 47 28 Mobile

Photo 27 09 2017 13 47 38 Mobile

Photo 27 09 2017 13 53 36 Mobile

Photo 28 09 2017 11 04 29 Mobile

Photo 28 09 2017 11 13 45 Mobile

Incy Wincy Spider

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This week we have has lots of fun learning the rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider'. We enjoyed playing with our friends and are settling in to school routines. We also all got ourselves changed into our PE kits for our first PE lesson! It would be great if all children could practise getting dressed and undressed independently at home :)

Photo 21 09 2017 13 57 44 Mobile

Photo 21 09 2017 10 28 54 Mobile

Photo 21 09 2017 10 28 47 Mobile

Photo 15 09 2017 13 49 29 Mobile

Photo 15 09 2017 11 10 33 Mobile

Photo 15 09 2017 11 10 26 Mobile

Photo 15 09 2017 11 10 00 Mobile

Photo 14 09 2017 09 25 21 Mobile

Our First Week in Reception

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Redeption children have had a fantastic first week in school! We have had lots of fun playing with our new friends and getting used to our school routines. We enjoy choosing our own lunch from the dinner hall and everyone is eating plenty. Dinner menus can be found on the website under the Parents tab. We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces on Monday morning :)

Photo 14 09 2017 11 37 26 Mobile
 IMG 0408 Mobile  
 Photo 14 09 2017 11 36 42 Mobile  
 Photo 14 09 2017 11 45 54 Mobile  

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Starting School 2017

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Reception children have enjoyed their settling in days so far!

 Photo 08 09 2017 11 05 03  Photo 08 09 2017 09 59 20
 Photo 08 09 2017 13 23 55  Photo 07 09 2017 11 34 08
 Photo 08 09 2017 13 59 38  Photo 07 09 2017 09 57 45

Photo 08 09 2017 09 16 23

Photo 08 09 2017 13 59 43

We look forward to welcoming our final sets of 10 children on Monday 11th September and then all the children at the classroom doors from Tuesday 12th September onwards.

Travel Topic

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As part of our 'Travel' topic, Reception children enjoyed a trip to the beach today! We had lovely weather for our traditional seaside activities. We enjoyed having rides on a donkey and even got to sit and eat a delicious ice cream. We discussed how you might travel to different beaches and looked at beaches we have visited, around the world, on a map.

Photo 12 07 2017 10 48 12  Photo 12 07 2017 10 49 50 2 
 Photo 12 07 2017 13 57 28  Photo 12 07 2017 14 30 20
 Photo 12 07 2017 14 03 33 2  Photo 12 07 2017 10 40 12

Health Week 2017

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Reception have had a fantastic week for 'Health Week'.

RHB Health Week website 1

Mr Horne talked to us about the importance of washing our hands properly.

RHB Health Week website 1

We enjoyed making smoothies in Maths. We had to measure out different amounts to follow a recipe.

RHB Health Week website 2

We visited Harold in the Life Bus where we found out about the different parts of our body and how to be healthy.

RHB Health Week website 3

We had a 'play-trition' session where we thought about what we need to be healthy. It has been a fun filled week!

Journeys Topic

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Where has the year gone? It is our last half term in school before the summer holidays! Our topic for Summer 2 is 'Journeys'. We have been enjoying playing in our new role plays.

RJE have a Travel Agents


RHB have an Airport


We are looking forward to investigating travel and different types of vehicles.

Reception Chance to Shine

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Reception children all throuroughly enjoyed their Chance to Shine asemblies last week. Some children brought in certificates to share and enjoyed showing these to the rest of the school. All the children we able to perform their class song. All the children were confident to sit at the front of the hall and used lovely loud, clear singing voices. Well done!

RHB Chance to Shine

Living Things Summer 1

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Our new topic for Summer 1 is 'Living things'. Yesterday we enjoyed going on a walk around our school grounds to see what living things we could find. We especially enjoyed going to our pond! What living things do you think we found there?

 Living things Reception resized 3  Living things Reception resized 2
 Living things Reception resized 4  Living things Reception resized 1

[Click here] to play a game sorting the living and non-living things.

Easter Bonnet Parade

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Reception thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade! The children had lots of fun parading down the catwalk. There were some fabulous Easter bonnets -thank you for all you hard with these at home. We have enjoyed lots of Easter activities this week, especially making our own chocolate nests.

Easter Parade 1

Easter Parade 2

Easter Parade 3

Easter Parade 4

We hope you all have a fabulous holiday! Please try to complete some homework activities, from the homework sent home, for at least 15 minutes a day to help prepare your child for the Summer term.

Farm Trip 2017

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Reception had a fabulous day at Umberslade Farm on Thursday 16th March.

RHB 1   RHB 2
 RHB 3  RHB 4
 RHB 5  RHB 6

We enjoyed feeding lambs and calves, going on a tractor ride and learning about what a farmer gets from a farm. We were able to stroke the animals and found out about the things that they need.


Reception INSPIRE workshop

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A huge thank you to the parents that attended our INSPIRE workshop this morning. We all had a fantastic time looking at Physical Development and developing our fine and gross motor skills.

Mrs Edwards helped us complete lots of different fine motor activities -using playdough, making tissue flowers and picking things up carefully with tweezers.

Inspire 4   Inspire 1

Mrs Hampson helped us develop our gross motor skills outside where we enjoyed playing with the bikes and trikes, throwing and building towers.

Inspire 6   Inspire 5

We had lots of fun in the hall chimbing and using the large scale apparatus with Mrs Harding.

Inspire 3   Inspire 2

Miss Breeze took us on a journey to the Arctic through yoga moves. We all had a super morning! Information packs will be sent home to any parents that were unable to attend.

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