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Leaps and Bounds

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This week both Reception classes have been showing their teachers how fantastic they are and how much they have progressed since September!

We have impressed our teachers with some super writing about superheroes and have been counting and touch counting objects, with some of us have even counting beyond 100!

We have collaged and painted some beautiful flowers and minibeasts to brighten up our outdoor area, which I'm sure you will agree are looking lovely.

We are very excited about the arrival of tadpoles into our classroom and are looking forward to watching them develop into frogs!

Thanks for your support

The Reception Team



Growing together

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This week in Reception, we have really enjoyed going outside and planting cress seeds. We were a little bit shocked to learn that we were going to be planting our seeds in cotton wool and not soil so we are waiting to see if they will grow!

We also had a fantastic time going around our school field on a leaf hunt, we were really good at observing the shape and size of the leaves.

In Maths, we have been using our outdoor area to buy items in a shop using the correct coins.

We are really proud of the children in their swimming lessons, they are all very brave and very confident.

Thanks for your continued support

The Reception Team





Living or Non-Living?

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This week in Reception we have had lots of fun learning about living and non-living things. We had a fantastic time outside using leaves, sticks, pebbles etc to produce artwork in the in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We are very creative!

In Maths, we have been sharing animals equally and have even learnt a new mathematical word ‘division’ which we have been using in our maths lessons. The teachers have also been very impressed with our doubling this week.

Once again we have been very impressed with their reading and phonic knowledge and are very proud of their progress.

The children were fantastic in swimming last week and were all very brave and extremely well behaved. We are looking forward to seeing them continue to gain their confidence and swimming ability.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that one week there will be homework provided in your child’s book and the following week will be ‘Moodle’ homework which we will have shown the children beforehand in class. Please note there are the same expectations for completing ‘Moodle’ homework as for completing homework in their books. Thank you to the 12 children that completed the ‘Moodle’ homework last week.


Midnight Superhero

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This week in Reception we have been helping Elliot save the world! We were able to answer lots of questions about the story and some of us even went outside to roleplay the story in our super outdoor area.

In Numeracy, we have enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes and especially enjoyed being out on the field using our problem solving skills in groups to make a range of shapes with our bodies, this proved trickier than we first thought. We have been painting shapes outside, building superhero towns/rockets using 3D shapes and fishing out shapes and describing them to our partner.

The children have once again worked really hard this term towards their targets, please could you acknowledge your child's achievements by signing them in the planner.

We would like to say thank you for your continued support with the new start of the day routine.

Many Thanks

The Reception Team

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

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This week in Reception we have had lots of fun helping 'George Save the World'. We have been sorting out items that can be recycled and even seen a pair of trousers that have been made out of plastic bottles!

In Maths, we have been superheroes, using our problem solving skills to find the answers to subtraction problems and ordering numbers on the playground.

In our creative lesson, we have been on a secret mission, all to be revealed on Sunday. Enjoy!

We were really pleased to see that 37 children in Reception completed their moodle homework last week, if you experience any problems please do not hesitate to come and see us.

Thanks for your support

The Reception Team

Super Schools

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This week we have been writing about lessons that we could do in a superhero school. We had some fantastic ideas including, learning how to see through walls, how to be invisible, how to jump as high as the clouds and how to melt things with our eyes. 

In Maths we have been making tally charts and pictograms to show our favourite superheroes and measuring superheroes with different objects.

We enjoyed dressing up as people in the community and talking about the jobs they do and how important they are.

Please note that from Monday the children will be entering school via the external doors (where you pick the children up from). The doors will be open from 8-40am.

Thanks for your support

The Reception Team.



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Our theme this half term is superheroes and people who help us in the community. All the staff really enjoyed looking at the children’s own designs for a superhero.

This week in Maths we have been learning how to share objects between our superheroes and ourselves.

We learnt about Pancake day and especially enjoyed eating pancakes, Mrs Clark, Mrs Harding and Mrs Hampson were very good at tossing their pancakes up to the ceiling.

Aliens Love Underpants!

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Wow what can we say! Reception were fantastic in their first class assembly. We are so proud of their confidence and enthusiasm whilst performing to the audience. Their singing, dancing and acting wouldn't have looked out of place in London West End shows! Thanks for all your support with costumes and attendance.

Following a week of assessments we are very impressed with the children's achievements. It is clear that the children are working hard both at home and at school.

Looking forward to next half term :)

The Reception Team

Rhyme Time

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This week we have been looking at rhymes. We found this very tricky at first but our teachers are amazed at how we have persevered with this and showed great resilience. We continued a rhyming string for lip, we came up with pip, slip, hip, clip, ship and flip.  

In Maths, we have really enjoyed using measuring scales to compare the weight of different objects. We worked collaboratively to weigh the objects and use the words heavier, and lighter to describe the objects.

We are really pleased with the children's understanding of key words They are becoming really confident with these.

We really enjoyed tasting Chinese food and celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out we were either born in the year of the pig or the dog.

Looking forward to seeing the giant underpants.

The Reception Team.    



Whatever next!

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Happy new year to you all, and once again thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts.

This week we have launched our role-play areas and the children have been very excited.

During Maths, we have been super at ordering and finding missing numbers on a numberline.

In Literacy we have been reading the story of 'Whatever Next' and wishing that we could also fly up to the moon on a rocket! We have also been busy sounding out words and moving sentences around so that they make sense. The teachers were impressed as they remembered where the capital letters and full stops should go.

Can you have a go at this one? 

went     to     i    the   moon  bright.

In our creative time we enjoyed mixing Primary colours and were very excited to see what new colours they had made!  

Looking forward to another great term.

The Reception team.

It's a Cracker!

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Well we have been as busy as the elves this week rehearsing our fantastic Christmas play. We are so excited for you all to come and watch on Friday and know that you won't be disappointed.

This week we shall be bringing home our own special envelope with lots of super goodies inside, such as Christmas cards, calenders and a beautiful sparkly decoration for your tree. We hope you like them!

We are so proud of both the Reception classes this term. All of you have worked really hard and should be very proud of yourselves.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and once again thank you for all your support this term.

Merry Christmas!!

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Reception Team 

KS1 Dress Rehearsal

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Yesterday, Reception classes watched KS1 perform their Christmas Show. The children enjoyed watching it and listened really well. Good luck to KS1 for when parents come to see it!


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