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Reception INSPIRE workshop

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A huge thank you to the parents that attended our INSPIRE workshop this morning. We all had a fantastic time looking at Physical Development and developing our fine and gross motor skills.

Mrs Edwards helped us complete lots of different fine motor activities -using playdough, making tissue flowers and picking things up carefully with tweezers.

Inspire 4   Inspire 1

Mrs Hampson helped us develop our gross motor skills outside where we enjoyed playing with the bikes and trikes, throwing and building towers.

Inspire 6   Inspire 5

We had lots of fun in the hall chimbing and using the large scale apparatus with Mrs Harding.

Inspire 3   Inspire 2

Miss Breeze took us on a journey to the Arctic through yoga moves. We all had a super morning! Information packs will be sent home to any parents that were unable to attend.

Measuring Fun!

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This week Reception have enjoyed investigating measurments. We looked at length and thought about longest and shortest and investigated who was the tallest and shortest in the class. We thought weight and compared the weight of animals from Noah's Ark and thought about which was heaviest and which was lightest.

Reception measuring 1  Reception measuring 3 
 Reception measuring 2  Reception measuring 4

We enjoyed thinking about capacity and comparing the amounts of animal food that different containers hold. If you would like to play a measuring game at home please [click here].

Chinese New Year

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This week Reception have been learning all about Chinese New Year! We enjoyed listening to the story of how the years got named after different animals and finding out about how it is celebrated. 2017 will be the year of the Rooster.

Chinese New Year 1  Chinese New Year 4 
 Chinese New Year 5  Chinese New Year 3
 Chinese New Year 6  Chinese New Year 2

You will find lots of chinese New Year activities on this week's homework.


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Our topic is 'The Weather'. As part of our topic work we have designed and made our own kites! We investigated the different parts of a kite and thought about the equipment that we would need to make one. We enjoyed making them but particularly wnjoyed flyinf them! We were very lucky because it was very windy for us on Friday afternoon.

Photo 13 01 2017 13 23 54 Custom  Photo 13 01 2017 13 24 17 Custom 
 Photo 13 01 2017 13 24 54 Custom  Photo 13 01 2017 13 25 13 Custom
 Photo 13 01 2017 13 26 04 Custom  Photo 13 01 2017 13 26 28 Custom


Photo 13 01 2017 13 37 56 Custom   Photo 13 01 2017 13 34 38 Custom
 Photo 13 01 2017 13 33 02 Custom  Photo 13 01 2017 13 32 29 Custom
 Photo 13 01 2017 13 29 07 Custom  Photo 13 01 2017 13 27 16 Custom

Helping Percy

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This week Reception have been helping Percy the Park Keeper. We completed a treasure hunt where we had to help him find all of his animal friends. Some of the animals had found very good hiding places! In Literacy we wrote about the different animals that we found and in Maths we investigated ways to represent the amount of animlas.

Photo 09 01 2017 09 36 45 Custom   Photo 09 01 2017 09 42 05 Custom
 Photo 09 01 2017 09 39 15 Custom  Photo 10 01 2017 09 15 54 Custom
 Photo 10 01 2017 09 14 07 Custom  percy3 Custom

Super Sewing

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Reception have enjoyed sewing their own puppets! We used a special plastic needle and thread to sew the two pieces of felt together. We had to carefully pull the thread through the holes, up and down in a running stitch. When we had joined the two pieces of felt together we hen decorated the puppet.

 Photo 09 12 2016 14 26 15 Custom  Photo 09 12 2016 14 26 23 Custom
Photo 09 12 2016 14 26 14 Custom   Photo 09 12 2016 14 26 20 Custom

A huge thank you to all of the parents that came into school to help.

Oaty Biscuits

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In Reception we have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We enjoyed listening to the story and learning all about how Goldilocks eats all the porridge. We enjoyed learning all about porridge and especially enjoyed baking our own oaty biscuits!

 Baking 1 Baking 2 
 Baking 3  Baking 4
 Baking 5  Baking 6
 Baking 7  Baking 8

Baking 9

Firework Fun in Reception!

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This week Reception have been learning all about bonfire Night! We enjoyed hearing about the story of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliment with gunpowder.

RHB Fireworks 1   RHB Fireworks 2
 RHB Fireworks 3  RHB Fireworks 4

We enjoyed using the iPads to create our own firework pictures.

 RHB Fireworks 1 RHB Fireworks 2 

We also enjoyed making our own chocolate sparklers! We talked about how important it is to stay safe on Bonfire Night and made our own Firework Safety posters.

RJE Bonfire 1  RJE Bonfire 2 

In Music, we enjoyed using the instruments to make firework sounds. It was very loud!

Super Spanish!

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Reception have enjoyed learning some Spanish! We enjoyed saying 'hola!' to our special Spanish friend called Isabella.

Photo 17 10 2016 13 30 06

Photo 17 10 2016 13 31 03

The Day The Crayons Quit

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This week in Reception we have been reading the story, 'The Day The Crayons Quit'. We have enjoyed investigating different colours and finding out about how we can mix primary colours to create other colours. We enjoyed going outside on an Autumn walk and seeing how many different colours we could spot.

Image result for the day the crayons quit youtube uk

Photo 28 09 2016 13 46 37 Custom   Photo 28 09 2016 13 39 51 Custom
 Photo 28 09 2016 13 48 11 Custom  Photo 28 09 2016 13 39 16 Custom

Foundation Stage Coffee Morning

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On Friday 30th September, Reception and Nursery are holding a Macmillan coffee morning in aid of Macmillan and #teamisobel. This afternoon we have been busy baking ready to sell cakes on Friday morning. It would be lovely if every child could have a visitor to come and buy their cake! Tea and coffee will be served for parents in the Acorns hall from 8.50am. This will be cleared away before 9.15am when the children will come to the hall to sell their cakes. If you are unable to attend please send a donation in with your child and they can bring a cake home. Donations of cakes will also be well received. We look forward to seeing Foundation Stage parents on Friday!

Image result for macmillan coffee morning

Photo 26 09 2016 13 22 28 Custom Photo 26 09 2016 13 22 20 Custom
Photo 26 09 2016 13 27 13 Custom Photo 26 09 2016 13 21 47 Custom



Starting Reception

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Reception children have all had a fantastic first few days in school. We have really enjoyed getting to know them! The children loved their very first school dinners and enjoyed playing in their classrooms.

Photo 09 09 2016 11 49 11 Custom  Photo 08 09 2016 14 38 42 Custom 
 Photo 08 09 2016 11 47 49 Custom  Photo 08 09 2016 10 09 19 Custom
 RJE 3  RJE 2
 RJE 4  RJE 1

We are looking forward to having all the children starting together from Tuesday. Children will need to be dropped of at the classroom gates from 8:40am and the doors will close for the start of the school day promptly at 8:50am. They will then be able to be collected from the classroom gate at 3:20pm.

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