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This week we have been reading 'Percy The Park Keeper'.

Photo 07 10 2015 11 16 47 Custom   Photo 07 10 2015 09 30 30 Custom

We enjoyed going on an Autumn walk to collect leaves so we could use them to make patterns. We thought about all the different colours we could see.

 Photo 07 10 2015 09 42 22 Custom  Photo 07 10 2015 09 39 25 Custom

We used the play dough to make homes for Percy's animal friends.

Photo 07 10 2015 10 57 11 Custom

A Busy Week

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Reception have had another busy week in school!

 Photo 01 10 2015 09 50 39 Custom  Photo 01 10 2015 09 15 12 Custom

This week in Maths we have been thinking about length and comparing long and short.

 Photo 30 09 2015 09 31 44 Custom  Photo 01 10 2015 11 01 16 Custom

We had lots of fun trying to get into height order.

Photo 30 09 2015 09 37 10 Custom 

 Photo 30 09 2015 09 53 50 Custom

We enjoyed reading 'Walking through the Jungle' and using Numicon to help us find one more.

Numicon Fun

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Can you believe that Reception have only been in school for 2 weeks? They have all settled in so well and know all the routines of the school day.

Photo 22 09 2015 09 28 29 Custom

We enjoyed our Maths work where we used the Numicon shapes to help us. Can you match the shapes to the correct numbers?

Photo 24 09 2015 09 29 30 Custom

We had a very exciting day on Thursday when we all watched a huge crane lift up one of the builder's cabins and put it on the back of a lorry to be taken away.



We also enjoyed playing with the Foundation stage bikes and trikes on the playground.

Starting School

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Reception have all completed their first full week of school! What a fun filled week it has been too :)

Photo 18 09 2015 10 28 12 Mobile   Photo 18 09 2015 10 55 13 Mobile
 Photo 18 09 2015 10 54 46 Mobile  Photo 18 09 2015 10 55 46 Mobile

Today has been a Reading day. We visited the Library and completed lots of different reading activities.

 Photo 09 09 2015 09 30 27 Mobile  Photo 09 09 2015 09 29 33 Mobile
 Photo 09 09 2015 09 45 28 Mobile  Photo 18 09 2015 10 56 04 Mobile

First day of school!

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All the Reception children had their first day of school this week! They looked super smart in their uniforms and had a fantastic day.

Photo 10 09 2015 11 39 47

Everyone enjoyed their lunch!

Photo 11 09 2015 09 46 50

We used the iPads to practise our letters and numbers.

Photo 11 09 2015 09 47 08

We enjoyed making fish and painting ourselves in our uniform.

Photo 11 09 2015 09 51 50

Try not to get the sand on the floor!

We are looking forward to seeing all the Reception children at school together on Monday morning :)

Fun Day At The Zoo!

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Here are just a few photos taken from our fantastic trip to the zoo!








rg 1


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Throughout Reception we learn to speak Spanish. Recently we have been revisiting our numbers in 10, in Spanish ofcourse.  Watch the video below and see if you can join in, you could even try and count backwards from 10 in Spanish.

Sports Day!

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What a busy day. Although the weather wasn't brilliant first thing for our Sports day we all had a great time. Take a look at some of the children in action, and see if you can spot yourself in the crowds!


rg buckets


rg hockey


rg under over


rh sports day 2015 030

rh sports day 2015 048


Sports sports and more sports!!

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With the weather been as fantastic as it has we have taken the oppurtunuity to get outside as much as possible.  We got lots of different equipment out like the balls, bats, scooters, skipping ropes to name just a few, to help develop a variety of different skills.

We have also been practising our Sports Day events so don't forget to come and watch us Friday morning on the Acorns field!


Bugs Bugs Everywhere!

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This week we have returned to our minibeast topic.  Through our Expressive Art sessions we have been working hard on creating fantastic and colour bugs.

We have been creating minibeats using lots of different media. Everyone has enjoyed painting and creating their very own style of minibeast. As well as decorating their felt minibeasts they started for homework.  The children have even started to create their own stone bugs, find out more about them during Business Enterprise Week in June.

We can't wait to show you our fantastic designs but we don't want to spoil it for you too soon.  Keep an eye on future posts to see our amazing and colour designs.

Animals and Nature

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We looked around the school for different objects in nature we could create pictures with.

Week 3 RH


We played outside!

Week 3 RH 2


We fed the hens.



We fed the goats.

RG 2


What a great week!


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living and non living things powerpoint 1 4 638

During our first week of the Summer term we looked at Living and Non-Living.  We looked at the features of living things.  All living things must have these. Can you name the features?

We went out into the school grounds and found lots of living and non-living things. 

We can't wait for the rest of the summer so we can spend more time outside.


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