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Solar Eclipse

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We had such a great morning watching the solar eclipse and these are just a few

 of our pictures.





Red Nose Day

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In aid of Red Nose Day we have done lots of fun activities.

red nose day 002

Wearing a splash of red was how we raised awareness of Red Nose Day and helped raise money.

red nose biscuit

Biscuits!!!!!!! Can you see the similarities between the red nose and the biscuit?

The Last Week Of Traditional Tales

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We have really enjoyed our topic of Traditonal Tales this term and have done some fantastic activities based around them.

Please have a listen to the story of Goldilocks.


Coming Soon - Superheroes!!!!!!!



Little Red Riding Hood

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little red riding hood 1

This week our theme was Little Red Riding Hood.  We have thought about her in all our lessons.

In our Literacy lessons we have used adjectives to describe the different characters and some of us even write our own version of the story.

During our Expressive Art lesson we thought about poor old Granny being unwell so we created a get well soon basket for her.  It included lots of healthy food options, as well as a few extra treats.

New Touch Screens

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After the excitement of having the new boards fitted last Friday, this week has been so much fun playing on them.  We found out that more than one person can write on them at a time and we use our fingers, not a pen!

We are sure we have much more learning to do but have thoroughly enjoyed our first week with the new boards.




What a day!!

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We have had such an exciting day today moving around the school and playing in different rooms, it was new board day!

Friday 2

The fitting of the new boards started straight away this morning. Although the children were excited about this they were more excited about getting to play with different toys in the Home Time Club.

friday 1

Friday 3

Friday 4

Friday 5

Watch this space next week for pictures of us using our new fantastic touch screen boards.

Class Assemblies

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class assembly

What a crazy week! 

The children have been fantastic this week: learning all their lines, remembering the songs and using there loud voices.  They have all worked so hard to showcase their amazing talents during our assemblies and they all deserve a break this weekend.

We'd like to thank all parents and careers for your support leading up to the assemblies.

Traditional Tales

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This week we started our Traditional Tales topic.

We started the week by acting out The Little Red Hen. We all decided we would of helped our friend if they had asked and we have been trying hard this week to be extra nice to all our friends.

Our next story was Jack and the Beanstalk and we did some fabulous writing and labelling all about the story.

Next week we will be practising our class assemblies and reading more exciting traditional tales.

Please remember to practise lines this weekend and those very loud voices we all know that the children all have. :-)

Assemblies on Friday 23rd January:

RG 9:15

RH 2:40

Many Thanks

Reception Team

Merry Christmas!

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From all of us in Reception we want to thank you for your support this term. We hope you have a fantastic break and enjoy the time with your families.

merry christmas


Sponsored Event!

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thank you


Fantastic news! The  Autumn Walk sponsored event raised over £450 for the children in Reception. We just wanted to say a massive thank you for the money you have raised.

We will be using the money raised to purchase resources that will benefit the children.  A few of the items that we will be purchasing are reading resources for the class, activities to promote fine motor development and resources to further support practical maths in Reception.

We look forwarding to being able to share the new resources with you on our blog.



Reading Day!

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Every Friday in Reception is reading and library day.

We have got into a very good routine of emptying our reading bags, putting our books away and getting ourselves ready to start the morning.  We all get to read, either in groups or pairs, and show our fantastic sound knowledge! 

The library is a great time for quiet independent reading.  We get to choose our own books and take home.

RG reading


RH reading


Handa's Surprise

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What a surprise Handa got when she arrived at her friends village and all the fruit had gone!

This week we have been doing lots of different activities based around Handa and her basket of fruit.

These are our observational drawings of tropical fruit.  We had to think about the different colours and what we could see from our seat.

fruit 1




fruit drawing

We also made our very own African necklaces.  We looked at the different colours in Handa's and her friends clothes and incorporated them in to our own necklaces.


necklace 2

necklace 1


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