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Umberslade Farm Trip

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What a day we had!  It was our first trip at Whitehouse Common Primary school and we thought the weather would ruin our day.  But fear not, we had the most amazing time at the farm!



The lambs were great fun!  We got to feed them using the bottle.  They drank their milk so quickly the bottle almost fell out of our hands.  RG had an interesting experience when all the lambs escaped from their pen. Thankfully the teachers were on hand to put the sheep back.


feeding hens

The hens were another great part.  We learnt all about free range hens and how often they lay eggs; we even got to feed them! Many children also showed new talents in hen catching.



The tractor ride was just after lunch and because it was so big we were able to go all together!  We made lots of different animal noises as we passed by the different animals, some animals even answered us back.


feeding ducks

Who doesn't like feed the ducks?  In total there were 4 different types of ducks, but they all liked the same food.


We had a fantastic trip and can't wait for our next one!

Living Things

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We started our new topic this week: Living Things.

We went around the school and looked for living and non-living objects.  To decide if it was living or non-living we asked each other questions. Does it grow? Does it need water? Does it need food?


walk 1

walk 2


We also went to look for different living objects to use to make pictures.  can you tell what the pictures are of?

faces 1

faces 2


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We have all had a brilliant time this week in doing lots of Easter activities.  The Easter egg hunt was fantastic on the field, the Easter Bonnet Parade was a really fun and of course we can't forget the Easter cakes we made, yum yum!

But it hasn't all been about the Easter Bunny and chocolate, we have also learnt about Christians beliefs and what they believe happened at Easter time.  Click on the picture to watch a video showing how they prepare for Easter.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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In Reception this we have been looking at how we can make a positive impact on the environment. 

We have been reducing our energy use by turning the lights off when we don't need them and making sure the taps are turned off so we don't waste water. 

Reusing is a great way to make new toys.  Sock puppets and musical instruments have been fantastic entertainment, as well as reusing waste.

Finally recycling is something we do in school every day.  We know the importance of putting paper into our recycling bag when we don't need it any more.

While we have been busy working away we have been listening to a song: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, have a listen.


Joining in!

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We have seen a lot of our parents in class this week!  During our Inpsire workshop parents got to do some of the activities we enjoy in school.  A big thank you to all those who came and joined in, we know you enjoyed making bracelets and doing the yoga moves as much as the children did.

Here are some of the activities:

Cutting skills.



Fine motor.

fine motor


Hall apparatus.

Hall inspire





We were also lucky enough to have a parent paramedic come in and show us around an ambulance.  The sirens were VERY loud!


Amazing Assemblies

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We have all been working very hard in preparation for our class assemblies today.  Singing songs, learning lines and remembering when to speak have all been key things we have practise this week.

All the staff are very pleased with the children's performances and we want to say a massive thank you to all the parents for their support!

RH assembly Giant


World Book Day

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In Reception we had a fantstic day today. 

We were introduced to Paddington Bear.  We learnt all about where he came from, how he got to London, what he wears and what we likes to eat.  We all made our very own sandwiches.  Not all of us wanted to have marmalade so we also used jam and cheese spread.  They were YUMMY!!!

We also all dressed up for World Book Day.  Can you guess who were dressed up as?



RH world book day

What a great end!

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We started the last week of this half term by looking at how our sponsor money had been spent.  For our reading days on a Monday we have got lots of exciting new character related toys, books, puzzles and CDs.  Can  you see your favourite character?sponsor money reading resources

Valentine's Day was full of surprises.  Gifts were given and cards were written. We had great fun decorating our hanging hearts.

val 2

Pinkie Purple Day was a fantastic success! We learnt lots about the importance of immunising against Polo and that our donations would make a massive difference.

dressed up for purple pinky day

Thank you for your own going support and enjoy the holidays.

Space Adventures

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We started out Literacy lessons this week by looking at non-fiction books all about space.  We talked about the contents page and index.

non fiction books


For Maths this week we went outside to find the Numicon shapes that had gone missing.  We had to match the Numicon shapes with the numbers on our boards.

numicon treasure hunt

PE is one of our favourite lessons.  In recent weeks we have been growing in confidence using the large apparatus in the hall.  We can climb, crawl, roll and pull ourselves around.


The final part to our space adventure this week was making junk model transportation.  We had rockets, alien ships, trucks and many many more!  Can you guess what is in the picture?

junk modelling rocket

Reception Fun!

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We love our role play areas in Reception and these children are ready to take off in their rocket!

blast off in the role play

 In Maths this week we have been comparing the weights of different objects from around the classroom.  We had to estimate which object was going to be the lightest or heaviest.


 Up, up and away!!! We have all been making hot air balloons this week as part of our transport topic.  We designed and coloured our very own balloons and baskets.  Many of us went around filling the baskets with different items.

flying hot air balloons

 Celebrating the New Year (in Chinese.)  On Chinese New Year's Eve we got into the spirit by making lanterns, making New Year's cards AND tasting lots of different Chinese foods.  The prawn crackers were the favourite!

Chinese new year

Our Lessons

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We have been really busy this week in all of our lessons.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to find one more and one less using a numberline.

RG one more


As part of our Understanding The World lessons this week we have been focusing on floating and sinking.  We all made our very own floating origami boats.  We watched a YouTube clip to make our boats and then tested whether they floated or sank.

floating origami boats


We have also been learning about the importance of having a Growth Mind Set instead of a Fixed Mind Set.  If we have a Growth Mind Set it means we are open to learning and new experiences.  We organised different Mr and Mrs Men into the two mind sets.

RG fixed and growth


We really enjoy learning Spanish in Reception and we have a special person to help us, meet Isobella.  She helps us to learn new words and find out lots of interesting things about Spain.

spanish with Isobella RH

Measures and counting!

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As part of our new topic 'Space and Travel' we took a walk around the local area to look at the different forms of transport we have near school.  We saw lots of transportation including bikes, ambulances, buses and of course LOTS of cars.

RG walk

RH walk


Another part of our week was our Maths lessons.  We were measuring different objects using different non standard measures.

RG Maths

RH Maths

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