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Wonderful World Book Day

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We had fabulous fun for World Book Day when we enjoyed a range of activities around our chosen classic text, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

We did lots of English work based on the book which all started when a mystery visitor came to our classrooms and left them in a terrible mess! We had to use our detective skills to try and work out who might have been the culprit and we deduced that it was the tiger from the famous story. The clues helped us to link the crime scene to the story that we knew so well.

WBD Eng 1

Using the text again, we also based our maths work around this theme and continued our money work by planning a shopping list and then calculating money totals to replace the itmes which the tiger ate when he visited Sophie's house in the story.

It was a great opportunity for us to use and apply both our money and counting skills and we had a lot of fun adding up the different prices.

WBD maths 1  WBD maths 2  WBD maths 3

WBD maths 4  WBD maths 5

Finally, we also enjoyed some paired reasing with the children in Year 5. We shared the books that we love to read and talked about the characters and the stories that we particularly like. It was nice to spend time with the older children and they helped us with tricky words. Some of us even got to spend time reading with our brothers and sisters.

WBD reading  WBD reading 2  WBD reading 3

WBD reading 4  WBD reading 5

An Inspiring Morning!

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Inspire title

This morning, Year One enjoyed an Inspire workshop which was a great opportunity to share their learning and work with visiting grown ups. We demonstrated how we learn and use our phonics skills and how we use apparatus to explore and represent numbers. The grown ups enjoyed watching our phonics session and joining in with using Fred Fingers and Fred Talk to sound out and blend and they especially liked seeing our phonics celebrations!

Inspire 2019  Inspire 2019 2

Inspire 2019 3  Inspire 2019 4

Inspire 2019 5   Inspire 2019 6  Inspire 2019 11  Inspire 2019 7

Inspire 2019 9  Inspire 2019 10

It was good fun getting the adults to join us playing games, singing songs and using and applying many of the skills which we have developed this year. We are looking forward to using lots of the ideas at home with our grown ups to continue our learning even further!

World of Wonders - Junk Modelling

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This half term, we are starting our new topic of "Wonders of the World".

For our 'hook' lesson, we thought about the amazing sights that can be seen around the world and what the word 'wonder' means.

Using satelite imaging technology, we explored the modern wonders of the world and discussed their features. Inspired by what we had seen, we used our design and make skills to create our own wonders using recycled materials through junkmodelling activities.

Junk   Junk 1

Junk 3  Junk 5

Junk 7

Yoga Bugs

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As part of our work around mental health and well-being, 1AL had an introductory Yoga workshop from Yoga Bugs.

Yoga 1   Yoga 5

Yoga 2 

We learned some simple moves on the theme of the jungle and jungle animals and learned about how yoga can help us to relax, clear our minds and develop skills of focus and concentration. The moves also help us to become more flexible and supple and develop techniques to control our breathing.


Yoga 6  Yoga 7

Bhangra Fun for Year One

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At the start of this half term, Year One enjoyed a Bhangra dance workshop with a visiting expert.

Bhangra group 1

First of all, we learned all about the origins of Bhangra and what the moves of the dance represent. Next, we listened to the style of drumming to which the moves are set. We were shocked at how loud the drums were!

Bhangra Drum

Finally, we learned a sequence of moves which we practised and performed. The moves in order told the story of the Indian farmers at harvest time.

Bhangra Group2

Bhangra group 3

Bhangra group 4

Bhangra 5

Bhangra 7

We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience!

Festive Fun!

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This week, Year One have been getting into the festive spirit with lots of Christmas arts and crafts as well as performing our show, 'Christmas with the Aliens'.

Christmas aliens

We were very proud of our singing and dancing in the show and we all impressed everyone who came to see it!

We have also been busy making Christmas cards (using footprints to create our own little penguins), Christmas decorations to decorate our houses and Christmas trees and making season themed calendars to link to our science work around seasonal changes.

Calendars  Calendars 2

Calendars 3  Calendars 4  Calendars 5

Calendars 6  Decorations

Decorations 2  Decorations 3

We have had a lot of fun but are very ready for the festive break ahead!

Mrs Slassor and Miss Lindsey would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2019 bring you love, laughter and happiness!

Merry Christmas

International Learning

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This half term, Year 1 have enjoyed a number of activities as part of developing an international dimension to our learning.

We explored the languages which different children use across our school (and we learnt that there are MANY different languages which pupils at Whitehouse Common Speak!). Children visited us from different year groups and taught us some simple words in their own languages which included Spanish, Arabic and Greek. We also looked at where these countries were on a world map and we could see how far across the world they spread.

We followed this by looking at books written in different languages and using the pictures and our knowlege of the familiar stories to see if we could work out what some of the words meant. We also saw how different the alphabet can look in different languages.

Languages 1   Languages 2  Languages 3

Languages 4

We have also marked some different international days such as Walt Disney Day (when we found out where in the world different Disney characters come from), Go Carol Singing Day (where we learnt some simple carols and visited classes across the school to share our learning by singing to them!) and Maple Syrup Day.

For Maple Syrup Day, we learnt where Maple Syrup comes from and how it is made and then we used some to make Christmas themed Reindeer Cupcakes. It was great fun (and we enjoyed eating them too)!

Reindeer cakes   Reindeer Cakes 2  Reindeer Cakes 3   Eating Cakes  Eating Cakes 2

Practising Puppeteering to Perfection!

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Krazy Krys

In Year One this week we were very lucky to be visited by Krazy Krys and his UV puppet show to launch our toys topic.

We watched the show which featured some great. larger than life characters and then each class enjoyed a puppet workshop to learn how to puppeteer and we even got the chance to perform to each other on the UV stage! It was really great fun!

Puppet  Pink Panther  Magician

Magician dance  Kids watching puppets

Krys talked to us about puppets of the past and how they have changed over time and he told us about how different types of puppets move and the materials that they are made from.

Krys pictures  Krys Puppet  Krazy K

As part of our puppet day, we also wrote descriptions of the characters from the show and designed our own winter and festive themed pop up puppets which we will be making in class next week.

It was an exciting and engaging start to our topic and we can't wait to find out even more about different toys and the ways that they have changed through history.

Hand puppets  Hand puppets 2

Hand puppets 3  Hand puppets 4

Puppet close up  Puppets talk  On stage puppets

100 years - Lest We Forget

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Poppy title

Last week we took part in a range of activities centred around Remembrance Day and we focused on the meaning and symbolism of the poppy.

We planted poppy seeds in the school grounds and hope that we will see them grow in the summer and spread across the school site as a part of our outdoor learning environment and as a reminder of the learning that we have done.

P1240547  P1240554

We learnt about the origin of the poppy as part of Remembrance Day, found out how poppies sold for Remebrance Day are made and watched an animation to help us understand its significance.

As part of our activities, we wrote on our simple Poppy poems and created artwork of poppies including a small installation inspired byt the display at The Tower of London in 2014.

P1240568 P1240574

P1240589  P1240585

We were very proud of the work that we produced and it helped us to reflect on a key part of the history fo our country.

Celebrating Black History Month

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This week we have completed activities as part of our learning linked to Black History Month.

We had an assembly to find out about the origins of Black History Month and then each year group focused on a figure to find out more about.

Year One learnt about Mae Jemison who is a black female astronaut - she bacame the first African-American women to travel in space. In 1992, she flew into space on the space shuttle Endeavour having been the first African-American woman to be accepted onto the NASA space training programme in 1987.

Mae Jemison

We created art work inspired by the accomplishments of Jemison and we also used our questioning skills to think about the things which we might like to ask her to find out more about her experiences in space.

We are planning to tweet Mae Jemison and are hopeful of a reply this space (no pun intended!) to see if she gets in touch!

In the mean time, take a look at our fabulous space pictures created using marbling techniques and a range of media.

BH Art 1   BH Art 2

BH Art 3  BH Art 4  BH Art 5  BH Art 6

BH Art 7

BH Art final 1  BH Art Final 2

BH Art Final 3

Competition Time in PE...

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As we have now reached the end of our half term and have been busy developing our skills in both gymnastics and games, we have all particpated in inter-house competitions to use and apply those skills.

First of all we had a gymnastics competition. We worked in our houses to develop short gymnastic sequences and performed them to each other. In our houses, we selected the best to put forward for the main competition. The representatives from each house demonstrated their skills and were markeds by our sports leaders based on balance, co-ordination, poise and performance.

Gym 1  Gym 2  Gym 3  Gym 4  Gym 5

We all supported our representatives and cheered them on as they showed what they could do. 

Gym 6

The winners of our gymnastic competition were HAWTHORN.

Next came our games competition. In this event, we all took part in a range of activities which earned points for our teams. The three activities were; kicking accuracy (aiming a ball at a goal), throwing and catching skills (earning points for successful throws and catches) and throwing accuracy (aiming bean bags at hoops).

Games 1  Games 4

Games 2  Games 3

Games 5

Everyone took part and everyone was able to earn some points towards their house total. It was a lot of fun and we all showed the excellent progress that we have made throughout the unit of work.

The winners of our games competition were ACER.

We are looking forward to getting competitive agian next half term with our two new PE units! Can our winners retain their titles or will ROWAN and ELDER be victorious next time? Watch this space ...

Talk For Writing - Enormous Turnips!

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We have been developing our English skills through enjoying our recent Talk For Writing unit using the familiar story of The Enormous Turnip.It has been great fun.

First we listened to the story and retold it with actions and by creating a story map together using key images to represent the main events and characters.

Enormous turnip

Next, we innovated the story by changing key elements and writing our own enormous vegetable stories which followed the same pattern as the original.

We have begun to learn how this process can help us to create new and original stories in a fun and interesting way and without leaving us stuck for ideas!

We are looking forward to our next opportunity to use these skills and write more inventive stories of our own. Watch this space ....


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