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DT - Making Simnel Cakes

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Year 1 have been busy baking this week. We have learnt about many symbols linked with Easter and have looked at Simnel cakes this week. We made our own simnel cupcakes by following a list of instructions. All the children played a part in creating our mixture and had a cracking time (lots of eggs to break, tee hee)!

Inspire Workshop

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This week we had lots of fun working with our family and friends for our inspire workshop. We hope you all had fun!inspire 2inspire4inspireinspire3

It's nearly Spring!

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This week we have been looking at rhyming poems. We have written some poems of our own.

These are some of our ideas.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I see?

A beautiful flower swaying next to me.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I hear?

A blackbird singing sweetly on a fence quite near.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I smell?

A pretty red rose and a beautiful bluebell.

In Maths we have been looking at fractions. We worked in groups to share objects into 2 groups to find half of a number and four groups to find a quarter of a number. Some of us worked out how to halve and quarter numbers using our number facts.

We have enjoyed listening to Mrs Hawksworth talking about plants and sketching some of the plants in Abigail’s garden.

We hope you like your birdboxes!

blog bird boxquarters

Welcome Back!

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We hope you all had a lovely half term break.

This week we have looked at some rhyming poems and have written some food poems of our own. This is one of our favourite foods poem that we wrote.

Chocolate is delicious.

Chocolate is sweet.

Although it is not very healthy,

it is perfect as a treat.

Can you think of anymore verses for this poem using different foods?

In Maths, we have been looking at number sequences by counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s. We found it a little tricky counting back in the sequence.

We are looking forward to eating pancakes next week and World Book Day. Start thinking about what topping you would like on a pancake and what costume you are going to wear on Thursday.


The Year 1 Team.

Shape, Space and Measure Week.

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This week in Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have counted the faces, edges and discussed whether a shape can roll or slide.

We learnt that we can make 3D shapes using nets. We cut out a range of different nets and made the 3D shapes. It was very tricky. Can you tell what 3D shapes we have made?



blog2   blog5

We have also been learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past. Some of us have moved onto quarter past and quarter to. We are all getting much better at telling the time.

In Literacy we have been working on our basic skills. Can you find the missing punctuation in these sentences?

please can i go outside

i like fish and chips because it is very tasty

help shouted richard

Thanks for all of your support this term. We hope you all have a lovely holiday.


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We have continued our work on fantasy stories this week by thinking about the characters in stories and how they are described. We read 'The Kiss that Missed' and thought about the silly knight in the story - sometimes authors will use the opposite of what we think a person should be to make the story interesting! 


In Maths, we learnt how to divide. We did this practically, using smarties! We now know that when we divide, we have to divide into equal groups. Equal means they all have to have the same amount.

download 1

Well done to 1JE and 1AD for their fantastic class assemblies last week! We are really looking forward to seeing 1KM's assembly on Friday 7th February at 9.15 am.

Fantasy or Real Life?

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This week we have looked at some fantasy stories. We have described some settings and characters using lots of adjectives.

In Maths, we have been learning to halve numbers up to 30 by sharing objects with our partners. We have also used Numicon and coins to help us solve some mathematical problems.

In PE, we are continuing to practise our class dance which we are looking forward to performing in our class assembly next week.

You will receive a letter this week regarding the costume your child will need for their class assembly. Please could we have these in by Tuesday.

Thank Goodness we don't have a Trunchbull!

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This week in Year 1 we have been reading Roahl Dahl's Matilda. We have been describing the characters and have been thinking about how lucky we are not to have our very own Miss Truncbull working at our school!

The children have really enjoyed the story and we are going to be writing our own stories based on the book this week. We have been trying to use the word 'like' in our writing to compare the characters to other objects. We decided Miss Trunchbull stomped like a raging bull and Miss Honey was sweet and gentle like a beautiful butterfly!

Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 1! We hope you all enjoyed a great hoiday and those of you waiting for a visit from Santa managed to make it onto the Good List!!

All the staff would like to say a really big thank-you for all the lovely cards and presents we received at Christmas we all felt very spoilt!

2014 starts with a very exciting time for Year 1 as we we begin rehearsing for our upcoming Class Assemblies. Look out for your child's words in their bags over the next week and begin learning them with slow, loud voices!!!

Party, Party,Party!

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Wow what a day!

I am sure you will agree that we were all fantastic in our production this morning. The teachers are all very proud and think all of the children are superstars.

In the afternoon we had a party and were lucky enough to have Santa come and visit us all!


It's a Puppet!!

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This week we are busy designing our own pop up puppets. We have looked at a variety of different puppet types and learnt about their use across the world. We have begun designing and making our own pop-up puppets which will show what each child wants to be when they grow up! Some very interesting choices from your children, a few Pirates, Princesses and loads of teachers!!!! Watch this space, we hope to show you a few soon!

Year 1 Update!

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This week in Maths we have enjoyed investigating how many times we could fold particular shapes in half. We have also looked at halving numbers. We found out that if we know our doubles we can use this to find half of a number.

We really enjoyed a talk from a visitor who came in to talk to us about old toys. We enjoyed looking at all the different toys she had brought in to show us and discussed how they were similar and different to the toys we have today.





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