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Animals of every Shape and Size!

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We were really fortunate yesterday to get the opportunity to meet lots and lots of unusual animals. The children in Year 1 were lucky enough to meet Rosie the Chilian tarantula, Faith the Skunk, Ernie the Chameleon and an amazing Kuwaiti Raccoon that ran across all of their backs!!

Well done Year 1 you were all really brave, especially those of you that held the tarantula!


Green Day Fun!

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Year 1 enjoyed a fun filled day thinking about how to care for our environment. The morning was filled with activites across Years 1 and 2 where the children were mixed up into their house teams. Each team took part in an ICT activity researching how to be 'Green', an art activity creating trees from newspaper, a series of PE games which included Farmer's market (pictured) where the children had to 'plant' seed beanbags and finally a literacy based activity with Mr Worth where the children designed their own Eco Warrior Super Heroes.

In the afternoon the children mixed with children from Key Stage 2 in a variety of Eco themed activities.


Avoncroft visit

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Despite the snow, we made it there and back! Year 1 had a fantastic day at Avoncroft Museum this week. We enjoyed learning about how to make bricks and had a go ourselves. We found out that brick moulds have 3 parts, a ‘header’, a ‘stretcher’ and a ‘frogger’.



We wrapped up warm, followed our maps and enjoyed looking around some really old buildings including a windmill, blacksmith, prefab, air raid shelter, toll house, ice house and merchant’s house. We spotted how some of the walls were made from woven sticks and lots of other interesting things!



As you can see, it was a very tiring day!!


Class Assemblies

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Hoorah! We finally got to perform for you on Friday. Year 1 really hope you enjoyed our class assemblies. I'm sure you would like to join us in saying a great big well done to the children who really made us all feel proud with their fantastic performances. Thank you so much for providing the fantastic costumes the children wore, they really did look fantastic. We thought you might want to see you children's videos again so have attached them below.


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Year 1 have been busy developing their Spanish skills. We have been focussing on learning the days of the week and have learnt a song to help us with our pronunciation!

Check out the song and learn to sing along!

Apparatus Work in Gymnastics

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The children have really enjoyed the start of their new gymnastics unit of work in PE. The children loved travelling in different ways across, over and under each of the apparatus.


Happy New Year!!!

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All staff in Year 1 would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We would also like to say a massive Thank You for all the lovely Christmas gifts we received. The children made us all feel very special indeed!


Christmas Fun and Games

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The children all enjoyed the last few weeks of the term. The children performed brilliantly in the KS1 Christmas production and all the staff were very proud of them. The children really enjoyed the class parties during the last week of term and threw some 'groovy moves' whilst playing musical statues and musical bumps.


Mr Potato!!

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The Christmas fun has well and truly begun this week with a visit from Mr Potato. The children really enjoyed taking part in magic tricks and plate spinning. Thanks to the PTA for organising it.




Puppet Investigating.

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To finish out topic on Toys we are investigating and making our own puppets. We looked at a variety of different type of puppet and paid close attention to how they were put together. We decided most of the hand puppets were stitched together and so learnt how to sew a basic running stitch. The boys were very good!!! We are now busy making our own pop-up puppets based on our PE Story The Nutcracker.


Doll Detectives

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We have been busy using all of our research skills to answer questions about dolls and how they were made. We had to answer three questions set by our teachers. The questions were:

1) What material were the first dolls made from?  
2)What material are dolls made from today?
3)What are the main differences between dolls from the past and dolls of the present?


Pudsey Day!

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We were all very excited to wear our pyjamas to school to support Children in Need. There was a great array of pj's on display including some splendid Hulk Onsee's sported by Mrs Edwards and Mrs Linley!!Pudsey_Dayhulks

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