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Well Done Dancers!!!

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Saturday morning was damp, cold and drizzily but all were warmed by the sight of our amazing children bopping and spinning with all of their might. Eight children from Year 1 and representatives from Year 3 performed three dances at the Arthur Terry Community Fayre. The children opened the morning with their dances and by the time they had finished they'd even made the sun come out. Well done to all our dancers, you did us proud!!



Barnaby has Arrived!!!

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After receiving a postcard from Barnaby this week saying he had arrived at school we were a bit surprised not to find him in the classroom! Unfortunately, Barnaby had got lost on the school grounds so it was up to the children to hunt him down. Thankfully it didn't take long to find him and Barnaby is now in class sharing lots of his travelling experiences with the children.

The children have also been working hard this week learning all about the senses and are looking forward to some hands, eyes, ears and taste bud, on investigations next week!

Welcome to Year 1!

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September has arrived and we are really excited to welcome our 3 new classes to Year 1. The children have all settled really well into their new classes and are picking routines really quickly. It's great to see the children looking so smart in their new uniform and to see them making a real effort to remember to keep their shirts tucked in, hair tied back and shoes on the right feet!

Next week we will begin our half termly topic 'Around the World with Barnaby Bear', we have already received several postcodes from Barnaby during the Summer so are really looking forward to sharing these with the children in the coming weeks.

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Royal Mail Stamp Design Competition

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Wow!! What a lot of fantastic artists we have at our school! Well done to all the children that completed an entry form for the chance to design this year's Christmas stamp. I have had the tough job of sorting through all our entries and have chosen 30 which have been sent off to the competition.

Your entries will now be judged in the regional competition (there will be 24 regional winners) with a possible £500 prize! Regional runners-up could receive £100! Fingers crossed!


What a busy few weeks!!

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Well done Year 1 what a busy few weeks we have had!! Well done to all the children from 1EE that represented our Year group dancing at the Summer Fayre (and a really big well done to Mrs Edmunds for stepping in at the last minute!!). Well done to you all for your fabulous participation during Sports Day, you were a real credit to our school. We were really proud of your efforts and the excellent sportsmanship you all showed.


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All very excited about our trip to the beach today. As the weather is improving (finally!) please can you try to ensure you suncream all year 1 children before the start of the day and send them with some cream they can apply THEMSELVES before lunch. Staff are not able to apply cream but will remind children to do this. Children should also have hats, named, in school.

Here's to a great day at the seaside!

We are Paleontologists!

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This week the children have been learning about the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning and have been thinking about how fossils are found and dug up. To help the children to learn the word 'paleontologist' we are learning a song to help us, it's very catchy! If you would like to sing along too check out the song by They might be Giants called 'I am a Paleontologist' on YouTube.

Dinosaur Reports.

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The children in year one have been busy researching their favourite dinosaurs. The children have been building up a range of facts and interesting information to create their own reports. The children included headings, sub headings, captions, labels and diagrams. The reports look wonderful and a selection are soon to be displayed in the Acorns hall. Well done Year one.

Here Comes the Summer!

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The Summer term is here and we have begun our new topic 'Dinosaurs'. The children have started asking lots of questions about what dinosaurs eat, what happened to them and how we know they even existed. The children will be history detectives over the next half term and will learn how to ask the right questions, search for the answers and evaluate what they have found out. It's going to be ROARSOME!!!!!!!


Science Day Fun.

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Yesterday the children took part in a range of Practical Science activities. The children moved across all of key stage one working with each of the different teachers on a different Science experiment or task. The children made balloon rockets, created invisible ink with lemons, dramatised the Water cycle and look at habitats in our outdoor environment. The day was started with a fantastic Mad Science assembly where the children saw Flash paper, smoke Taususes and several experiments including dry ice. Zara even had a dry ice shower!


Thank you for being so Inspiring!

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What a great time we all had at the Year 1 Inspire Workshop. Thank you so much for coming in to support the children with our fun practical maths activities. We really hope you have all taken lots of great ideas away to support your children with maths at home.


Spring has Sprung!!

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We are all looking forward to the warmer weather and have been looking closely for signs of Spring. With this in mind Mrs Hawksworth visited our classrooms this week to help us plant some seeds which will hopefully be flowering when the warmer weather finally arrives.



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