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Fantasy or Real Life?

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This week we have looked at some fantasy stories. We have described some settings and characters using lots of adjectives.

In Maths, we have been learning to halve numbers up to 30 by sharing objects with our partners. We have also used Numicon and coins to help us solve some mathematical problems.

In PE, we are continuing to practise our class dance which we are looking forward to performing in our class assembly next week.

You will receive a letter this week regarding the costume your child will need for their class assembly. Please could we have these in by Tuesday.

Thank Goodness we don't have a Trunchbull!

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This week in Year 1 we have been reading Roahl Dahl's Matilda. We have been describing the characters and have been thinking about how lucky we are not to have our very own Miss Truncbull working at our school!

The children have really enjoyed the story and we are going to be writing our own stories based on the book this week. We have been trying to use the word 'like' in our writing to compare the characters to other objects. We decided Miss Trunchbull stomped like a raging bull and Miss Honey was sweet and gentle like a beautiful butterfly!

Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 1! We hope you all enjoyed a great hoiday and those of you waiting for a visit from Santa managed to make it onto the Good List!!

All the staff would like to say a really big thank-you for all the lovely cards and presents we received at Christmas we all felt very spoilt!

2014 starts with a very exciting time for Year 1 as we we begin rehearsing for our upcoming Class Assemblies. Look out for your child's words in their bags over the next week and begin learning them with slow, loud voices!!!

Party, Party,Party!

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Wow what a day!

I am sure you will agree that we were all fantastic in our production this morning. The teachers are all very proud and think all of the children are superstars.

In the afternoon we had a party and were lucky enough to have Santa come and visit us all!


It's a Puppet!!

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This week we are busy designing our own pop up puppets. We have looked at a variety of different puppet types and learnt about their use across the world. We have begun designing and making our own pop-up puppets which will show what each child wants to be when they grow up! Some very interesting choices from your children, a few Pirates, Princesses and loads of teachers!!!! Watch this space, we hope to show you a few soon!

Year 1 Update!

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This week in Maths we have enjoyed investigating how many times we could fold particular shapes in half. We have also looked at halving numbers. We found out that if we know our doubles we can use this to find half of a number.

We really enjoyed a talk from a visitor who came in to talk to us about old toys. We enjoyed looking at all the different toys she had brought in to show us and discussed how they were similar and different to the toys we have today.





Science Day

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Year 1 have enjoyed Science day this week! We had a very busy day and completed a range of investigations.

Firstly, we investigated air resistance and made our own aeroplanes. We found out that the best shape for objects and animals that need to travel quickly through air and water is to be streamlined.

We also looked at how water can change state into a solid, liquid or gas and enjoyed learning about colour and made colour spinners. In addition, we thought about friction and how friction can affect the speed at which a car travels down a ramp.

Finally, we enjoyed learning about habitats and collected items to make a suitable home for a hedgehog.

Old and New Toys

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On Monday, we met our class governors! We had lots of questions for our governors and it was interesting to find out about their role in school. Our governors worked with us in our lessons and we enjoyed showing them how super we are!

We have enjoyed looking at old and new toys this week. We have found out that most old toys were made out of wood and tin. We compared them to our toys today which are mostly made out of plastic. We preferred our teddy bears from older teddy bears as they feel a lot softer and have lots of stuffing. In the past teddy bears were made to look more like the real animal and were not as cuddly.

Did you know that some dolls were made ot of wax and china?bear

Walking, Cycling and Scooting!!

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The time has come to start adding up all the tally's you have been recording on your special Sustrans chart. Mrs Hawksworth is ready to start stamping children's charts and hand out their reward badges. Mrs Hawksworth is in the Acorns office all day on Wednesdays until 4pm. She will also be available to parents and children on Mondays and Tuesdays at the start and end of the day.

Find those charts and bring them in to reward all your great exercise!!


To Infinity and Beyond!

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This week we have found out that our topic for this term is toys. We are very excited about this topic and have enjoyed our activities so far.

We are looking at the film Toystory in our Literacy lessons to inspire us with our writing. We have enjoyed looking at the different characters and describing their personalities. We have also been looking at the different camera angles used in the film and how this can create different feelings and perceptions of setting and characters.

We are looking forward to finding out about old toys this term and how our toys are different now!

In Maths we have been working hard to understand place value. We know that 13 has 1 lot of ten and 3 units. We have been using objects to help us work out different lots of tens and ones in a number.

literacy toystory


toystory 1

Olympic Champions

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This week we have enjoyed learning all about Mo Farah for Black History Week. We were very brave and stood up in assembly to talk about what we had found out. We were very surprised to learn that he struggled to fit in at school because he didn’t speak much English and that he also supports Arsenal Football Club. (Which did not impress a few of our boys?)

We have impressed our teachers this week with our improved maths and phonic knowledge, which reflects our hard work this term.

We are now looking forward to a nice break over half term to rest our brains!

Thanks for your support

The Year 1 2437625b1

Our Beautiful World!

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To complete our RE topic this half term we have been thinking about our surroundings. During the half term we have thought about all the beautiful thinkgs in our world and how they were created. Today the children have been on a walk around the school grounds. They identified areas of the school which could be made more 'beautiful' and discussed how keeping areas around the school tidy was very important and everyone's responsibility.

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