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All very excited about our trip to the beach today. As the weather is improving (finally!) please can you try to ensure you suncream all year 1 children before the start of the day and send them with some cream they can apply THEMSELVES before lunch. Staff are not able to apply cream but will remind children to do this. Children should also have hats, named, in school.

Here's to a great day at the seaside!

We are Paleontologists!

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This week the children have been learning about the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning and have been thinking about how fossils are found and dug up. To help the children to learn the word 'paleontologist' we are learning a song to help us, it's very catchy! If you would like to sing along too check out the song by They might be Giants called 'I am a Paleontologist' on YouTube.

Dinosaur Reports.

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The children in year one have been busy researching their favourite dinosaurs. The children have been building up a range of facts and interesting information to create their own reports. The children included headings, sub headings, captions, labels and diagrams. The reports look wonderful and a selection are soon to be displayed in the Acorns hall. Well done Year one.

Here Comes the Summer!

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The Summer term is here and we have begun our new topic 'Dinosaurs'. The children have started asking lots of questions about what dinosaurs eat, what happened to them and how we know they even existed. The children will be history detectives over the next half term and will learn how to ask the right questions, search for the answers and evaluate what they have found out. It's going to be ROARSOME!!!!!!!


Science Day Fun.

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Yesterday the children took part in a range of Practical Science activities. The children moved across all of key stage one working with each of the different teachers on a different Science experiment or task. The children made balloon rockets, created invisible ink with lemons, dramatised the Water cycle and look at habitats in our outdoor environment. The day was started with a fantastic Mad Science assembly where the children saw Flash paper, smoke Taususes and several experiments including dry ice. Zara even had a dry ice shower!


Thank you for being so Inspiring!

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What a great time we all had at the Year 1 Inspire Workshop. Thank you so much for coming in to support the children with our fun practical maths activities. We really hope you have all taken lots of great ideas away to support your children with maths at home.


Spring has Sprung!!

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We are all looking forward to the warmer weather and have been looking closely for signs of Spring. With this in mind Mrs Hawksworth visited our classrooms this week to help us plant some seeds which will hopefully be flowering when the warmer weather finally arrives.



World Book Day Fun!

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Wow!!! Have fabulous you all looked today! Thank you so much for all the effort that has been put into the children's costumes. The children have enjoyed a range of reading based activities today including our Book Swap, creating bird boxes for Baby Ozzie and paired reading with children for Year 5. What a great day! Enjoy reading your new books over the weekend!


Animals of every Shape and Size!

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We were really fortunate yesterday to get the opportunity to meet lots and lots of unusual animals. The children in Year 1 were lucky enough to meet Rosie the Chilian tarantula, Faith the Skunk, Ernie the Chameleon and an amazing Kuwaiti Raccoon that ran across all of their backs!!

Well done Year 1 you were all really brave, especially those of you that held the tarantula!


Green Day Fun!

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Year 1 enjoyed a fun filled day thinking about how to care for our environment. The morning was filled with activites across Years 1 and 2 where the children were mixed up into their house teams. Each team took part in an ICT activity researching how to be 'Green', an art activity creating trees from newspaper, a series of PE games which included Farmer's market (pictured) where the children had to 'plant' seed beanbags and finally a literacy based activity with Mr Worth where the children designed their own Eco Warrior Super Heroes.

In the afternoon the children mixed with children from Key Stage 2 in a variety of Eco themed activities.


Avoncroft visit

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Despite the snow, we made it there and back! Year 1 had a fantastic day at Avoncroft Museum this week. We enjoyed learning about how to make bricks and had a go ourselves. We found out that brick moulds have 3 parts, a ‘header’, a ‘stretcher’ and a ‘frogger’.



We wrapped up warm, followed our maps and enjoyed looking around some really old buildings including a windmill, blacksmith, prefab, air raid shelter, toll house, ice house and merchant’s house. We spotted how some of the walls were made from woven sticks and lots of other interesting things!



As you can see, it was a very tiring day!!


Class Assemblies

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Hoorah! We finally got to perform for you on Friday. Year 1 really hope you enjoyed our class assemblies. I'm sure you would like to join us in saying a great big well done to the children who really made us all feel proud with their fantastic performances. Thank you so much for providing the fantastic costumes the children wore, they really did look fantastic. We thought you might want to see you children's videos again so have attached them below.

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