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Phew!! What a busy few weeks!

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Year 1 have had a very busy finish to the Spring term. We have had a great time completing our 'Spring' topic and made Easter Simnel cakes and woven baskets. Some of us enjoyed another visit to Bridge school to make Easter Bonnets with our new friends and of course we all enjoyed the Easter Bonnet parade at school. During Healthy Heroes week we were put through our paces by Daniel Berry who taught the children to be 'Little Soldiers'. The children were taught to sprint train, punch and shout really loudly!

To top off our busy Half term 1EE were thrilled to find out they had won the FKS/KS1 Scoot it/ Bike it competition for the class with the most journeys to school. The class has won a special teddy mascot (now named Scooty) and each child received a slap band for their efforts. Well done 1EE!


Mad Science!

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Key Stage 1 and the Foundation stage enjoyed a Mad Science assembly this week. The  children were introduced to some amazing Science experiments and Mrs Millar got turned into a toilet paper Mummy by BABS the air cannon! Look out for a letter coming home soon about Mad Science club at school.


Year 1 Trip to Avoncroft Museum

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Year 1 children and staff enjoyed a fantastic day out at Avoncroft Museum. The children had a great time investigating the vast array of buildings at the museum and following a treasure trail around the site. Favourite buildings included the Ice house, Jail, Windmill and Church. Another highlight for the children was finding Doctor Who's TARDIS in the museums collection of telephone boxes.The children also took part in a brick building workshop where they learnt how bricks are made to be uniform and include a frog! (Ask your child all about it!!)

Sustrans Bike Workshop

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As part of our Science day work we enjoyed a visit from Sustrans. We learnt how energy is needed to turn on lights - Mrs Edmunds supplied the energy by pedalling really fast on the bike!

Science Day in Year 1

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gloop3     gloop2gloop1

Children in Year 1 had a fantastic time during Science day. They thoroughly enjoyed working with all the different teachers across the phase and having the chance to get involved with all the Science activities on offer. One of the activities on offer taught the children about the three states of matter; Solids, Liquids and Gases. The children experimented with cornflour gloop, a fantastic substance which is solid whilst moving and a liquid when still, messy but marvellous!!


Bridge School Visit

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1EE enjoyed welcoming our friends from Bridge school on Friday. Children and staff came to watch 1EE perform their class assembly based on their work from the Autumn term on Toys. 1EE enjoyed talking to the children and showing them their puppets and sewing work.

Year 1 Class Assemblies

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We have all had a fantastic time rehearsing and performing our assemblies for you. We really hope you enjoyed them on Friday. Thank you so much for all your support at home helping the children to learn their words and for providing such fantastic costumes.

Welcoming in the New Year.

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Happy New Year!

Children in Year 1 welcomed in the New Year by learning about how New Year is celebrated around the world. We focused on the celebrations in Germany. The children enjoyed playing traditional German games with Mr Worth and were taught to sing Silent Night in German. 1EE enjoyed making a traditional German gift called a Shultute. A Shultute is a traditional gift given to children on their first day of school that is filled with treats and toys.


Year 1 Christmas Performance

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We have really enjoyed our last week at school. We have completed so many different Christmas activities and have been elbows deep in glitter and sequins.Terrific! We loved our Christmas parties and showed our friends some groovy dance moves. Our teachers were so proud of our performance in our Christmas show 'It's a Baby' enjoy the photos!

Thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Year 1 Staff x. 



Science in Year 1

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We have been very busy the last few weeks becoming outstanding scientists. We have completed three different investigations on materials. Our first invesitigation helped Mrs Edmunds find the correct material to wrap a christmas parcel to send to Australia. Our second investigation was very exciting as we had to help Santa's elves find the best material to make Santa a new hat that would keep him warm and DRY! And in our last investigation we had to help Discovery Dog find the best material to wipe Nora Puppy's wee! Yes, everyone thought it was quite amusing except perhaps Discovery Dog. The photo shows a group of Year 1 children testing plastic, paper and fabric to soak up a puddle of liquid.


Pickled onions and chips!

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In September Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Horne helped Year 1 children to harvest our batch of Shallot onions. After a day of tears from Mrs Horne as she bravely peeled the onions, the children prepared the onions with pickling vinegar and put them to one side in the classrooms where they have sat safely for the past few months. Last week the children got to test the fruits of their labour by enjoying an afternoon treat of pickled onions and chips! The children enjoyed the onions (and particularly enjoyed the chips) so all the hard work was well worth it. A handful of the children's pickled onion jars will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre so keep your eyes peeled (not you Mrs Horne!!) for these sort after items.

Welcome to our Toy Museum!

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Children from Year 1 were thrilled to show Miss Sartori and children from Reception around our class Toy Museum. The children had worked in groups to set the classroom up with displays of toys from the 1960's, 1870's and modern times. Another group of children discussed how teddy bears had changed since they became popular in the Victorian times. The children's favourite display was made up of toys brought in from home as supplied by some very helpful Grandparents. The children were able to share metal rocking horses, five stones, metal cars, early plastic dolls and children's books from the 1940's.

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